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An award is an official payment for a prize or compensation offered to someone.

It is a mark of honor or recognition. So if you see yourself being given an award in the dream, it foretells that you are yearning to be part of the winning pact in society and you are doing anything humanly possible to make it happen. If you see yourself being awarded in your dream it implies that you like being associated with the winning team and that is why you keep on struggling in your life to make sure that you associate with the right people. At no given time give into negative energy.

Detailed dream interpretation:

To lose an award in a dream indicates failed people or people who are hopeless. You need to make sure that you are working well with others and thus, all the time, you are filled with positive energy. This has made you progress well in life, being able to achieve your goals without strain. You are a born winner because at no given time do you leave any negative energy to influence what you are doing or are about to do. You are always in the company of winners and that has made you be part of the winning team. You should never change your perspective on life because to say the truth, you are in the right camp and success is always yours.

If you happen to see an award being given to someone familiar to you, it means that, in your waking life, you have to search for a familiar person, who will be able to help you out of the confusion you may have been experiencing. You seem not to get anything right and the reason could be, you are associating with the wrong people in life. It is time you approached your relatives and trusted friends because it seems, these are the ones who can bail you out. Others have the positive energy which you need dearly and which, should be used to boost your life in the right direction. And once they do so, make sure you stick with the right type of people who will influence you positively. A strange person seen being awarded in your dream implies that you seem to be lost due to the way you handle your life. You seem to be doing everything wrong and that has influenced your failure in everything that you do. You will need to move away from where you currently live in order to find success in your life. You are surrounded by people who cannot be of any help to you. To see a trophy is a positive omen in a dream. It indicates other people will help you along the way. To give a pay rise in a dream indicates new possibilities. If you are given a pay rise or financial reward this can suggest a new start in life.

What does it mean to dream of receiving an award at work?

To receive an award at work in a dream can imply that you feel undervalued and you desperately want recognition for your effort. At work we sometimes go through a period of time where we are not valued. This dream means you want to feel validated and rewarded for your hard work. Perhaps you are working more than any of your colleagues. Yet, if no one appreciates your effort in the near future try to find another job.

If you’re jobless but still dream of receiving an award at a previous workplace, it can suggest that you are looking for the career of your dreams. Do you want to associate with creative people like yourself? Instead of finding a job you don’t like - search for something that matches your skills and abilities. There is a message in this dream: never settle for less.

What does it mean to dream of an award at university?

To receive an award at university denotes progress in your waking life. You may decide to educate or expand your knowledge in a certain field and this will boost your self-confidence. Such a dream can also indicate that you might accomplish something no one ever thought you’re capable of. Being awarded a prize at graduation in a dream can indicate that you will impress a lot of people. Although you expect appreciation and respect by many, only a few will notice your talent and unique abilities.

What does it mean to dream of an industrial award?

If you dreamed of an industrial award, it can indicate that you want to be acknowledged and rewarded for your effort. Do you feel undervalued at the place you work? Sometimes gaining an award at work in a dream can indicate that a new job offer is coming on your way. Your dream symbolizes your wish to become more appreciated by other people.

What does it mean to dream of an awards ceremony?

To dream of attending an awards ceremony signifies your aspirations and wildest dreams. Maybe you’re encountering unrealistic goals that you can’t accomplish at once. The advice is to prepare before you head toward a goal. Otherwise, you will end up disappointed in yourself. Try to take it easy and do not move forward too much without thinking through your goals.

What does it mean to dream of getting an award?

In general, to dream of getting an award means you’re in need of someone’s attention and you are desperately searching for happiness. After experiencing a wake-up call from life, you will realize that happiness can’t be found in things or other people. You have to search in your soul. Once you learn how to be happy on your own, without depending on other people’s feelings and actions, you will find your inner peace. You will release yourself from the need to get other people’s attention and you will focus on yourself. This will give you absolute happiness.

What does it mean to dream of winning a prize?

To win a prize in your dream denotes future luck. Your personal life will improve and your career will be booming. You will find “luck” in the most unexpected places. Your dream also implies a wish to accomplish success in every possible field. Currently, you’re not satisfied with your life and you may feel like you’re walking along the wrong path. Listen to your inner self and voice - and chose the path your heart desires. To win a prize in your dream signifies the valuable gift you’ll gain in real life. Please remember to follow your heart, instead of listening to your head.

What does it mean of being honored?

To dream of being honored indicates that you have a secret wish to be admired. You may want to be seen as the perfect example for people on how to live their life. Only people who live life by their own rules, can become an example to others. Your dream also reveals a deep fear – the fear of being forgotten. You want to leave your mark on this world. You want to be remembered. And you will be. People who are loved as much as you are can never be forgotten. Your dream reveals that you will be honored in waking life, I believe that we all want this and this dream can indicate a new start.

What does it mean for winning a lucky draw?

To win a lucky draw in your dream foretells good fortune and luck. You will have to take a certain risk and give in order to win more. A special event will teach you about the value of taking risks. The biggest risk in life is not to take any risks at all. Exit your comfort zone and dare to live your life. To win a lucky draw also represents your wish to get lucky in waking life. You often hope to meet the right person, to travel the world, and to win the lottery. You wish for many things in life, yet, you never take action to accomplish your goals. Create a detailed plan and start working on your goals.

What does it mean to win the lottery or get a financial reward in a dream?

To get an unexpected financial award or to win the lottery in your dream is a symbol of hope, good fortune, and luck. There are some aspects of your life you need to leave to fate. You can’t control everything, and you don’t even have to. Let life happen and serve you. In life we encounter stress so think about what you can handle at the moment. Remember, you’re tougher than you know and smarter than you think. Your dream also predicts a new financial situation. You will look for a quick way out but don’t worry because you’ll figure out a great plan. The financial award could just be a prize due to the fact you have to develop yourself going forward. To dream of playing the lottery or buying a lottery ticker also denotes someone’s irresponsible behavior. Try not to let fate control your life and you don’t take any actions to improve your current state. Good things won’t just fall from the sky in your lap. You will have to put your best effort to move forward. Luck is on your side. Don’t choose the easy way but the right one.

In the dream:

You are the one being awarded. Someone you know is being awarded. A strange person is being awarded. You win an award in your dream. You give an award in the dream. You see others winning awards. You gain a pay rise in the dream. You gain a cup or trophy in your dream.

Feelings associated with your dream:

Positive, success, failure, trustful, influenced and happiness.

By Florance Saul
Jun 11, 2017