Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve

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Sometimes in dreams, we see important symbols. This dream is a rare one and you may wonder about the results and spiritual meaning of this extraordinary dream of Adam and Eve. In ancient dream dictionaries, the religious symbols is really a phenomenon.

Now, after many months researching this dream I have concluded that it indicates both positive and negative omens but mostly, this is a positive dream. If you have not visited my site before then a big welcome, I am Flo, a psychic from England. For over two decades I have decoded many dreams sent in by users and spiritually gave the meaning of dreams like seeing Adam and Eve. So, let's get down to business. Of course, we must also not forget the psychological meaning of dreams of this dream. Jung wrote how archetypes are part of our dream make up. Jung believed that our dreams were associated to the psyche and the way we are influenced in life. So having a dream of Adam and Eve may be associated with the way you feel about "love." Let's not forget how they looked in the dream! if you saw them in perfect clothes the dream can be a reflection of your own relationship. Now onto the great news! The dream represents a beginning of a new era of your life, it may be a profitable business or long-lasting relationship.

Detailed description

Adam and Eve in dreams are connected to love and lust. The specific details actually mean something spiritually!

What does it mean to dream of Adam and Eve?

Let’s turn to religion in order to decode this dream. Seeing these wonderful beings in your dream from a spiritual perspective can be enlightening. Yes, I believe they can not only indicate future harmony but suggest love will cross your path.

What does Adam and Eve represent in our dreams?

Adam is the masculine side of your life. Yes, he is a man in your dream but it can denote your own inner qualities which need more development, especially from a masculine perspective. Seeing Adam is a representation of the “father figure” and indicates that nature will guide you forward. On another level, Adam brings with his awareness in life. If we look at Carl Jung’s theory he believed that dreams were associated with archetypal elements in life.

Adam represents the truth but also temptation. On a more, positive note if we analyze temptation in life, Adam can teach us how to deal with how we connect with the opposite sex. What does it mean to see Eve in a dream? Eve in a dream is connected to our feminine side in life, when she appears in dreams she is connected to innocence in life. Yes, even also makes us think about our urges sexually. Spiritually, to see both these symbols in the dream state indicates how we express yourself in waking life. Think about your own inner force. If we turn to the tarot deck Adam and Eve can be seen on the lover's card, eating an apple. I believe that Eve is connected to our desire and Adam is there to stop us acting on our impulses!

What is going to happen if you dream of Adam and Eve?

Perhaps you had a dream of being Adam and Eve? This represents you will encounter a steamy lover and they may end up being an acquaintance of yours! If you have seen them in perfect clothes under a tree this is a positive omen. In the religious context if both them are appeared naked this denotes being free from troubles in life. The appearance of them wearing clothes implies something new is going to take place in your life shortly, this could be a new job or approach to a problem. So you must be very careful with the activities of your day to day life. If you see them eating apples under a tree this denotes a good clear plan of the future. The tree is also a good sign. There is a lot of chances to become a success in your business activities if you were looking at Adam and Eve as the third person in a dream. To see them both in your home in a dream is not so good omen, it means trouble in ancient dream books. You have to be very careful in the future for outsiders may harm your business. The arrival of your house indicates the arrival of a bad time in life. Try to think about your actions in life as the family members. To see Adam and Eve making love in a dream indicates that you will encounter new people and relationships.

If Adam and Eve are looking at you in your dream it denotes someone needs attention. And you must provide the help that they need; otherwise you may suffer! Yes, I know this is not that positive, but remember to always help others and you get so much back in life.

Positive changes are afoot if you dream

If Adam is calling you from distance, while Eve looking at your direction in a dream many positive changes will occur in your life. This will be in financial and social areas. If you have dreamt of Adam and Eve reaching towards you with extended hands, you should celebrate! It symbolizes that you are going to be appreciated. Even maybe a promotion in your place of work.

You may have seen

Over the years people have emailed me many dreams regarding Adam and Eve! Here are some dreams that I have decoded for my lovely users:

  • Adam and Eve in perfect clothes.
  • They are eating an apple under a tree.
  • They are in your house sitting down.
  • They are in a sorrowful mood.
  • Adam and Eve are looking at you with extruded hands - opening love to you spiritually.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of actors

Happiness. Feelings of amazement. Excitement. Extreme tolerance, hopes of a new start, shyness, wonder about the creations.

By Flo Saul
Mar 22, 2013