What do dreams mean?

What do dreams mean?

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Auntyflo.com dream dictionary will provide a path into your unconscious mind – every dream we have has a meaning and this website will help you understand what that means to your life.

The question that we all ask ourselves when we wake up is what do dreams mean? This A-Z dream dictionary will help serve you with inner secret knowledge so that you can make better decisions in life. The answer to the question of: what do dreams mean are answered by our extensive research into dream dictionaries. We have collated over 13,000 different dream meanings over ten years. This has been a rather time consuming but satisfaction task. The results are here, on this website above, you can search using our key above, so you can truly interpret your own dream with our extensive dream dictionary. As a spiritual believer I feel that during our dreams we experience paths of other worlds within the dark night hours.

The Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud (1858-1939) opened up the doorway for the scientific study of dream meanings in his book, The Interpretation of Dreams published in 1900. Prior to this people would happily gather around and tell each other's dream, trying to understand this from a dream dictionary perspective. Freud triggered general outrage together with his questionable theory that dreams are simply wish-fulfillment rather than predictions of life. He argued in this book that dreams are based on our waking state of mind. The dream meaning can be effected by anything from arguments.

Freud thought the human mind consists of many factors. He believed in the primitive or unconscious mind, including the ego, the conscious mind which adjusts the antisocial instincts having a self-defense mechanism, and also the superego, the awareness that consequently supervises and modifies the ego. Based on Freud, the id is controlled through the pleasure principle (the need to please its needs) and also the instinct the ego finds toughest to handle may be the sexual drive first awakened in early childhood.

The id involves prominence in dreams, if this expresses in symbolic language the urges repressed if we are awake. Symbols are utilized, if these drives were expressed literally, the ego could be shocked into getting out of bed. To effectively interpret an aspiration the symbols have to be uncovered as well as their true meaning discovered. The way in which Freud recommended carrying this out would be a technique known as 'free association' or automatically indicating the reactions that immediately come to mind when certain words relevant towards the dream they fit forward. The goal would be to limit interference in the ego to uncover the dreamer's unconscious instincts.

Surprisingly it is not biologically necessary for us to sleep at night, or indeed for humans to sleep. Even people that suffer insomnia manage to get at least two hours sleep per night. When you go into a deep sleep, which is the point that vivid dreams are experienced, it is difficult to wake that person and in essence they are unresponsive. It is interesting to note that although today we are generally safe when we sleep there was a time that we and other animals are at risk from predators when we sleep. Let’s now look at some of the interesting scientific theories around sleep - starting with our body parts. So what happens when we sleep in terms of our body and how does this react? I have touched on the fact that our body does not really need any sleep in order to function - however if we don't sleep we can actually die. Every night we move every few minutes to prevent our body becoming stiff.

This then goes against the fact that we need sleep in order for our body to function. Most of our body parts, for example our heart and also our brain do not need rest. Science shows that our brain is so erratic during sleep it is as if it is detached from the body. We will review the theory around the occult world and dreams later on, but for now it is interesting to note why we sleep. The problem with brain activity scientific experiments is that they are still quite new, therefore, we are in the position where it is hard to understand and drawn conclusions. A professor at Edinghburgh university was forced too come to the conclusion that sleep causes a temporary insanity.

The other strange pattern of dreams that I have experienced is actually feeling like the dreams themselves are reality. In this website we will explore dreams and your meanings. I have an area for you to post up your dreams and allow me to answer your questions. Our dreams are a summation of what we experience in daily life and the potential of what we could become in our lives, it would be true to say that we rarely remember our dreams and are often couched in such symbols and we just dismiss what we have learnt during the night and see them as fantasies. Our emotions are sometimes compressed into the hours of sleep, which in turn produces a feeling of going to a strange land, rather much like a super computer of our brains. This is quite interesting in that he feels our dreams are all about opening up the spirit world and are focused on delivering messages from another existence? So why am I bothering to look at the history behind dreams?

Basically, I have come to the conclusion that people from the 1800’s study dreams more so that today, it was considered a pastime to try to understand what each dream means, therefore, it is important to look at the history behind what the theorists say. In addition, we can also read a number of dream dictionary accounts in ancient diaries, which may provide a clue to see if any of these dreams actually meant anything now these people have actually passed away and we have to some degree an account of their life. Throughout the dream dictionary, you will find examples from various very old dairies and I have tried to interpret the dreams accordingly. Types of dreams

What do symbols mean in dreams?

Every dream has symbols. The subconscious brain is prone to interpret symbols in symbolic form, so the meanings of these symbols can be very specific to the dreamer. A lover featured in a dream could represent emotions, psychic abilities, gestation, or the unconscious. It can also be used as a symbol of faith or personal reminders of a love you have experienced in childhood. 

Big Dreams and Small Dreams - Carl Jung

A book by a famous man called Jung shows that dreams can be segmented into two categories: big dreams and small dreams. If you practice remembering these dreams, as outlined in our meditation section then we can see quickly the significance of both the dreams. A further way of defining what our dreams can mean is to separate them into good and bad dreams – simple right? With this knowledge it is possible for you to actually change the dream which is called the RISC technique and was fist recognized in the USA as a therapy tool.

The steps for you to begin to actually change

1. Identify whilst you are dreaming that a bad dream is happening.

2. Think about the feeling that you are having whilst you are dreaming.

3. Change the dream from negative to positive. This may sometimes require you to completely wake from your sleep in order to do this.

This technique may take some time to master but it can be easily carried out. Often based on theories we change our attitude every six to eight weeks, so our psychological make up changes at this time. It is important to understand how this actually affects our dreams going forward. During this time frame our mind better deals with any problems or issues.

By Florance Saul
May 31, 2013