Dream meaning vomit

Vomit In Dreams Meaning

Dreaming of vomit is a grotesque dream that usually shows dissatisfaction with life in general and that you are trying to remove negativity.

This dream implies overindulgence in life. Consider how you have been overexerting yourself in your waking life and what your psyche is trying to say that you have been taking on. Dreaming of vomiting could in some rare occasions mean that you’re feeling nauseous in your sleep, it could be a bug. If not, then spiritually speaking this dream indicates that you must remove something in life. Seeing yourself vomit in a dream simply means you’re trying to remove unwanted energies and difficulties. Seeing other people sick can imply unwanted feelings. The vomiting also implies that you "can’t stomach situation" in waking life. If the vomiting relates to eating something in the dream this can suggest that you need to look at your nutrition. There are many different types of vomiting dreams which I will cover. To make this super easy I have outlined detailed dreams of being sick below. Please scroll down to find your dream.

What is the main dream meaning of vomit?

Dreaming of vomit can be a disturbing and disgusting dream so no wonder you are here! When you are the one vomiting in a dream this can indicate purging unwanted energies in your own life and usually will be associated with an emotional time and going through difficulties. When you vomit because of an excess, such as binge drinking or eating too much food, consider areas in your life where you are being over-satiated. These dreams can indicate an abundance, but having too much of a good thing. Restrictions and taking it easy is a good idea in your life at this time. Vomiting weird objects can be clues to coming events in your life. Throwing up valuables like jewels, pearls, or coins indicates a windfall coming your way. When you vomit silver this is said to be a sign of pregnancy for yourself or someone around you. Vomiting cloth such as silk scarves or endless string coming from your mouth is an omen about a secret coming back to haunt you. When you vomit pits of fruit such as cherries or seeds like watermelon or apples, this shows guilt about things that you have done – usually a reflection of treating others or the world poorly. Seeing vomit in a dream, such as a dirty bathroom or on the floor is indicative of extreme taboo tendencies of a sexual nature that disgust and entertain you. The vomit, especially if you cannot look away from it or are so repulsed is a sign of being disgusted with yourself.

What does cleaning up vomit mean in a dream?

Cleaning up vomit that is not your own shows that you are a caring person that will help take care of others but you need to be wary of being taken advantage of – especially if you are cleaning up after a party or because of someone else’s over indulgences. Seldom do we understand the significance of our vomiting dreams. We either think too much about them or disregard them. The dreams that involve vomit are the language of the subconscious part of our minds, the inner depths of our thoughts, and they're capable of conveying more than what meets the eye!

What does dreaming of vomit mean in dream psychology?

If I turn to the psychological meaning of vomiting in a dream I will apply the theories of both Carl Jung and Freud. So what did these famous dream psychologists say about the dream of vomit? Firstly, Sigmund Freud in the 1930s pointed out a connection in every single dream with details in waking life. Applying this theory to your vomit dream indicates that experiences you have encountered while awake will affect your dream. Freud believed that every dream is deep-rooted in our subconscious mind. Applying this to vomit, this is quite a revolutionary idea that for some reason in daily life your worries and troubles are expressed as vomit. Freud studied what is known as “modes of thought” and looked at how our dreams can affect our manner and conduct in waking life, Freud believed that all our secret thoughts hidden away came to the surface and the conclusion in a dream state. Put simply, it could be that you saw television programme where somebody was being sick or vomiting. This influence, in turn, resulted in your dream.

This, external influences may cause your dream. Obviously, there is a spiritual dream meaning of vomit. If we look at further at the famous work of Carl Jung, (another famous dream psychologist) he believed that everything we have is energetic and our dreams are archetypical symbols. In fact, he had a theory that each dream is simply a message from our unconscious minds and that symbols in the dream such as vomit are an archetype. So what is an archetype? Basically, Carl Jung based his whole work on the fact dreams are archetypes. These are images of our dreams and the patterns that we develop while in our dream state. So, to conclude the theory says that you yourself “caused” this dream or it was from a deep routed image from daily life. I can now move onto the spiritual meaning!

What is the spiritual meaning of vomiting?

Spiritually, vomiting can be a symbol worrying, even embarrassing experience in real life. The sources I have used for this dream are outlined below (ancient books from private libraries in England) Now, spiritually seeing vomit can mean worry and possible difficult times. In the dream, state vomiting can take many different forms, likewise in real life. It is large, due to (based on interpretations of ancient dream books) that vomiting is connected to the association of control. This is due to the fact that when one vomits we do not have the control in life.

If you see a child or baby vomiting in a dream this can be associated with getting away from a difficult situation and childhood memories. The requirement to move away from a poor relationship or difficult job is important, therefore, facing the world in a more positive light. Now, for women, dreams of vomiting spiritually can involve a problem with a close relative - this could be a conflict. It can suggest that in life obstacles will be overcome but there will be some unsuccessful.

Generally, this dream spiritually can be connected to letting go, control, trouble in life and if blood is in the vomit it is associated with problems. The vomit can also be connected to memories of years gone by and the need to release old memories in life. In ancient books (1930’s) dreaming of vomit was generally associated with being poor, or a disease. It was also connected to gossip. While writing this, there are many vast amounts of meanings. Analysing around thirty dream books stated that having a dream of vomit was connected to: conflict, worry, bad luck, childhood memories, and joy. So somewhat confusing! The Egyptians and the Greeks believed dreams had a “spiritual meaning.” There is a frequent misconception that the study of interpretation of dreams is a recent one and therefore, it is impossible to ascribe significance to the vomit featured in the dream.

A dream can be defined as the language employed by the “spirit guide” to communicate with humanity. You may dream of a toilet filled with vomit and this is all about control, therefore every dream has a significant message from the celestial forces. Throughout time, many theories have cropped up that analyze both the physiological and psychological aspects of our behavior in waking life. By analyzing your dream we will aim to translate the vision into something meaningful. When you read a few of the theories on specific dream meanings outlined below - you'd understand the validity of your dream and how you can use them to improve your life.

What does it mean to be vomiting on walls, buildings, home or in the toilet in a dream?

Buildings are emblematic of our own bodies and our state mind. The dream suggests our present status. To see vomit on the walls in a dream may also signify exhilaration or sexual excitement. In terms of dreaming of vomit on toilet, walls represent our psychological, psychological, state of mind and spiritual well being. Alternately, vomit in the home in a dream can also suggest one's social standing. To vomit at work in a dream or at school suggests you will be guiding others. Have you been struggling lately?

What does it mean to see children vomiting in a dream?

To dream of your son or daughter vomiting in a dream signifies a desire to go back to your childhood memories and heal, it can also signify an aspect of your own hidden qualities. To dream of children vomiting indicates a fresh beginning or something brand new entering into your life, especially connected to work. An unknown child vomiting indicates that something will finally “click” in life. Ancient dream dictionaries define this dream is a signal of fertility, lack of freedom, or even misunderstanding.

What does vomiting animals mean in a dream?

Normally this can signify the subconscious thoughts and our feelings towards a pet or animal that is close to us. To dream of sick animals could mean freedom, strength, and renewal. If you are vomiting animals or reptiles - such as snakes can suggest hopes and targets. Additionally, this can mean joy, happiness, and a favorable outlook. To see a dog vomiting in the dream is connected to the relationship with a friend. You need to look at other aspects of the dream.

What does a dream of vomiting white stuff mean?

Firstly, vomiting white foam or anything that is “white” is a positive dream. It is concerned with joy and peace in life. White is associated with many positive attributes. White vomit in a dream symbolizes contemplation and elegance, which are both essential qualities that the dreamer will possess. White resembles a transcendent synthesis of resistance and the dreamer will have peace and relaxation in the future. In real life white vomit is connected to an “empty stomach” it is associated with acid and is also known as white mucus.

What is the significance of the color of vomit in the dream?

If in your dream the sick was reddish in color then this can suggest violence. To dream of green vomit can suggest feeling out of control in life. Black and orange colored vomit are also associations of one being vulnerable in life. A yellow (yellowish) color vomit in a dream indicates you will be “captured” into a project, or drama in the life of others. Blue vomit in a dream indicates contemplation, intellect or feeling guilty or innocence.

What does a dream of vomiting blood mean?

Seeing blood in vomit indicates you're feeling particularly vulnerable right now. Blood in vomit can suggest worry. Blood in the dream state deals with the fundamentals of psychological troubles. To see speckles of blood in vomit during the dream represents our mind reaching an equilibrium. To clean up vomit that includes blood indicates activity, new starts, knowledge, and control in life. Ancient dream dictionaries denote that this dream may also be indicative of wellness and health-related. It can suggest possible difficulties or illness, especially if the vomit is completely red.

What does a dream of a baby vomiting on you in a dream?

We all love babies! Babies in dreams often connect to something “new” in life or are associated with how we love people we care about. Sometimes, babies in dreams can indicate your own start in life and how vulnerable you are. Babies generally vomit when feeding. If the baby had illnesses in the dream and was being sick this could be somewhat disconcerting to you personally and be frightening in the dream. You may have experienced baby vomit all over you in the dream. So what does baby vomit usually mean in a dream? If your own baby is being sick in the dream this suggests a new start. Baby vomit in dreams may be connected to feeding issues, like overfeeding, if this is the case in the dream it suggests feeling a weight is on you right now. We often have such dreams when we need to understand more about ourselves!

What does vomiting food in a dream mean?

Ok, sometimes in dreams we dream of vomiting food. Likewise, in real life we dream of vomiting the contents of our meal or whatever is in our stomach in that precise moment in time...I know not nice! To dream of vomiting fruit suggests a new start is on the horizon, to vomit vegetables in a dream signifies that other people will offer advice going forward. The vegetables are a symbolic sign of growth.

What does dreaming of cleaning vomit mean?

As I have already outlined vomit is not the most appealing dream to have. In many ancient dream dictionaries cleaning vomit is a positive sign from what I have read. This dream indicates that you are going to “do well” in the future. This wealth will derive from hard work and if you successfully clean the vomit it implies that you hold hidden talents. If you are cleaning up another person's vomit in a dream this can suggest that through your hard work you will make many gains. If you dream of cleaning up your own vomit then this can imply that your goals will be accomplished but in time. Do not try to rush into projects all making key decisions in life.

What does a dream of vomiting mucus mean?

To see violent vomiting in a dream of a greenish liquid or mucus this can indicate a toxic situation in life. To experience spasms in the dream or soreness in one's stomach foretells a battle with control. Any slight discharge of mucus seen in a dream reveals a conflict and green mucus can be associated with the need of grounding. The green mucus could be bile and if this is seen in a dream can suggest an incomplete situation. Slimy vomit in a dream can suggest feeling vulnerable in life - the good news is that this slime can also signify renewal and strength especially in connection with a work situation.

What does seeing yourself vomiting in the dream signify?

To dream of a vomiting attack, where you cannot stop vomiting in a dream is associated with a constant craving of achieving more in life. It can suggest a transition period in life. There are many positive elements that have been associated with such a dream in old dusty dream dictionaries to see yourself vomiting suggests: good luck, control, and happiness. You may want to think about a situation where you will encounter a U-turn in thinking, this will suggest that you will have the same arrangement but may find difficulty making a decision. Your vision and ambition indicate that you can do more in life and your commitment will be challenged.

For the dream to also be connected with feeling thirsty after vomiting indicates you will deliver on your commitments. To suffer from vomit and diarrhea in a dream, this indicates negative aspects of life will diminish. Every time you think about others try to focus on how you can move in life. If you dream on convulsions this suggests possible formulas to problems. It means you will be connected to someone that will help you. Many people with this dream may see a change in the mood of others. You will see a focus on one's rights and want to progress in life.

What does it mean seeing someone vomiting in a dream?

Seeing someone you do not know vomiting in a dream can be rather worrying, it usually means that you want to eliminate a problem in life. To see a group of people vomiting is connected to our own unwanted feelings and ideas, and that means you need to review and remove them. Additionally, a dream of seeing vomit everywhere in a dream can signify that you will reject other people's beliefs and feelings. You might face a situation when you need to modify your approach in life. Remember, perseverance and patience. According to ancient dream interpretations, to see a girl vomit can suggest a gynecological problem or possibly a sexual problem. This is an old-fashioned interpretation.

What does it mean to dream of a toilet filled with vomit in a dream?

Urgh... is the first words that come to mind of dreaming of a toilet overfilled with vomit. Dreaming of your own vomit in a toilet indicates that someone in your life will need help. It may signify that you are finding it difficult to communicate. The toilet is a symbolic sign that you are feeling the unwanted energy and cause you to feel slight depression.

What does it mean to try to stop yourself vomiting in a dream?

Dreaming of your own vomit indicates that you are not in control. To not be able to stop vomiting implies that someone in your life will make an error. Additionally, if you tried to stop vomiting in the dream but could not then this error will affect you. Be cautious going forward. There's an additional explanation for this dream and that is a worry if you dream of vomiting on other people, and not being able to stop the sickness! Someone is vomiting in the dream: If someone else is vomiting, it may indicate that this person will offend you. To dream of someone being drunk and vomiting in the dream then this can imply that you will be accused of something. There might be plenty of false friends around you, which means you ought to be careful.

What does vomiting metals in a dream mean?

Sometimes, we have the strangest dreams and you could be vomiting gold, bronze or silver. So what does this mean? Vomiting coins (gold or silver) indicates money. To vomit silver items or objects is connected to fertility. Ancient dream dictionaries outlined that silver was connected to “the birth” this could be actually having a baby or alternatively giving birth in real life.

What does it mean to smell vomit in your dream?

The smell of vomit is quite distinctive. Sometimes when we sleep we can experience an abnormal smell and this is due to our hidden sensors known as our smell aura. Smell auras are set off in specific parts of our brain, namely our temporal lobe. This dream alludes to an obvious interpretation that you may be facing a situation that is a smelly one, figuratively speaking. The dream in my view is a possible insight into a real life problem -- which will take some time to work out to uncover the best solution. I feel that this is a very useful dream as the smell aura has been switched on - during the dream is quite interesting. Smelling the vomit in the dream is notably rather unpleasant, and according to Sigmund Freud (the famous dream psychologist from the 1930s) any unpleasant smell is connected to a potentially problematic situation that will soon come to the surface. The good news is that this is a warning dream and sends the message that you must be prepared to clean up a situation around you, more often than not this will be a situation that will not be your making.

What does vomiting diamonds or precious stones mean?

To vomit anything of value such as gold rings, jewels, diamonds can sometimes in dreams dream vomiting food. Likewise, in real life, we dream of permitting or precious stones or vomiting jewels. To vomit anything of value is associated with some good news that is about to come your way. If you are vomiting rings this suggests possible relationships in life are going to be somewhat challenging. If however, you dream of vomiting stones which include diamonds or any type of precious stones this suggests that a gift will be given to you. Users during the last ten years have sent me the following dreams and here are the spiritual meanings:

  • Got drunk in a dream and vomited indicates a mission in life.
  • Threw up from feeling sick can mean that you want to be challenged in life.
  • Had food poisoning and was sick in the dream predicts a new relationship which will cause you problems.
  • Had someone puke on you, yes, I know not nice! Spiritually this dream can mean issues and problems with someone at work.
  • Saw someone vomit and therefore vomited from the sight, smell, or sound.
  • Smelled the smell of vomit this means looking out for yourself and not others.
  • Visited a disgusting bathroom in a dream full of vomit this is actually is associated with the need to concentrate on your own endeavors.
  • Were served food that looked like vomit signifies that you need to be selfish for your own good.
  • Wanted to vomit can indicate that you are going to indulge in social activities.
  • Played a prank with fake vomit this suggests that you’re looking for a win-win situation.
  • Were bulimic can be associated with being rather a hostile environment and life.
  • Had a friend that was bulimic and was concerned for their health or well-being.
  • Dream of vomiting white stuff can denote possible conflicts between two people.
  • Dream of vomiting blood indicates you need to take care of yourself!
  • Dream of a baby vomiting on your clothes can indicate a new start.
  • Dream of vomiting mucus means other people will turn to you for advice.
  • Seeing yourself vomiting in the dream is a warning to stop spending.
  • Seeing someone vomiting in a dream means to worry about other.
  • Vomiting blood in a dream can suggest health concerns.
  • Cleaning vomit in a dream indicates "cleaning your life up!"
  • A toilet filled with vomit in a dream means total relaxation is required.
  • Vomit everywhere in a dream can predict spiritually you need to focus on "you" time.
  • Nonstop vomiting in a dream indicates minor illness. Plus, wealth!
  • Vomiting bugs in a dream can suggest news.
  • Vomiting snakes in a dream indicate a lack of control.
  • Trying to stop yourself vomiting in a dream means a tough stage in life.

Positive changes are afoot if:

  • Held someone’s hair back or helped them when they vomited.
  • Cleaned up vomit.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life:

  • Being a doormat or being taken advantage of.
  • Cleaning up after another person’s mess.
  • Overindulging.
  • Having eating problems.
  • Being unable to face your problems – intense guilt.
  • Being over satiated with pleasure in your life.
  • Having too much of a good thing.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of vomit:

Sick. Sad. Scared. Upset. Ill. Embarrassed. Gross. Helpless. Helpful. Pain. Sickness. Unhappy. Worried.

Thank you for reading this page on my website, my name is Flo and I've been studying dreams from both a spiritual and psychological perspective for the past 20 or so years. I know this might be a very concerning dream, it obviously was significant enough for you to look at the meaning. I'm sorry you've had this dream. Many of my dreams have ended up coming true, which is what brought me on the path of dream analysis.

Key sources used to write the dream meaning of vomit:

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By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012