Top Hat

Top Hat

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Man can have gainful insights by giving attention to their dreams.

The essence of dreams can best be felt when you have interpreted and analyzed based on who you really are. This way can also make you feel the message that it brings. Knowing oneself is an important key towards having a good future. Dreams may seem routinely observed in human life but if given importance you can reap benefits from your dreams. They are reflective of your present life and possible consequence of impending decision thus if you will only listen to dreams message, you will be given the opportunity to choose rightful and wise decision that can lead you towards successfully achieving goals.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen top hat.
  • Wore a top hat.
  • Losing a top hat.
  • Giving away a top hat.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • With confidence wearing a top hat.
  • Seen a top hat.
  • Emerges in a crowd emphasizing the top hat.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dream on hat represent your role in the society. This includes the role you play as expected by the people around you or could probably mean the role that you desire to portray in life. Interpretation of dreams on hat may vary depending on the headgear worn such as a top hat, which also has a connotation for wealth and high societal profile.

To dream that you saw a top hat means your present role in waking life is full of pretension. Intentionally or not, there are reasons for pretentious life. You may be doing it to save yourself from too much trouble or for other probable reason. Whichever way, it is important for man that he or she is at peace if not truly and genuinely experiencing happy life.

Wearing a top hat with exuding confidence in a dream symbolizes your role in the society. It also signifies an opportunity for command and power. You may be a person who is highly capable to acquire authority among others. Remember to nurture your relationship with other people especially those around you for they are contributing much to your success. This kind of circumstance can be the dream message when emerging in a crowd with your top hat. No successful man ventured in the world of victory by himself alone. There are always personalities who made it possible for you to succeed.

To dream that you lose a top hat in your dream forewarns failure in your endeavour. However, this may not be true in your real life but always consider the possibility of losing your possession and position. This dream does not want to scare you but actually, it represents your fear of losing them. Avoiding such unfortunate incidents may be possible if you will focus on assigned task and fulfil your roles accordingly.

Dream of giving away top hat means to allow other people take your stand. Making others feel the way you do does not necessarily mean losing your place. You may be confident enough that even without carrying a trophy or any symbol of your triumph, others could still recognize your achievements. There is no need to brag about the accomplishments you have made for the word of mouth will spread the good news.

Feelings that you may have encountered during dream of top hat

Confident, competitive, proud, successful, happy, contented, fulfilled, pretentious.

By Florance Saul
Mar 23, 2013