Roach / Cockroach

Roach / Cockroach

Dreaming of cockroaches and what it means

To see roaches in your dream can be scary to say the least.

As the cockroach is flattened and oval in shape it is connected spiritually to rebirth. This is because the Latin term of “ovum” which means an egg. As a spiritual omen, the cockroach can be a sign of rebirth, longevity, and tenacity. When you see a cockroach in your sleep, try to ignore your own fear or queasiness and realize that they are a symbol of resilience in life – you will make it through a tough situation. If you don’t know me already, I’m Flo and I will provide you with a better understanding of your dream. There are six families of cockroach and sometimes it’s hard to identify which one appeared in your dream. Polyamide, cryptocerdidae , nocticolidae , balattidae , balberidae and blattellidae. Yes, complex words took me a while to type - but it is important to have a detailed understanding of what this little creature means in your dream, I will break down your dream from both a spiritual and psychological perspective unlike other dream dictionaries, I have been learning about dreams for 20 years. The first thing I will say is that, roaches in dreams are also connected to clearing and cleaning in life.

What is the dream psychology of a cockroach dream?

After much research, the meaning of a cockroach in regard to dream psychology can be broken down into various sections, which I have detailed below. They generally hide in dark places and are metaphorically speaking can be a danger to your spiritual well-being. So here goes:

  • Resilience: As I mentioned in the opening paragraph cockroaches can indicate in dreams that you are resilient in your life or in response to problems that occur. This symbol can indicate that you are trying to heal from trauma or you are reconnecting with yourself and others. Did you know that cockroaches can live through just about anything – even a thermonuclear war! Some scientists tested nuclear radiation on a group of cockroaches which resulted in around 10% being able to survive some hard exposure. So, a world abandoned by humans the cockroach may out live us. The original idea of this came from “The cockroach papers” A compendium of History and Lore” and this research led to me believe that the cockroach could outlive anything due to their simple makeup. We would probably die from a dose of 1000 rads but that pesky little cockroach can withstand at least ten times that much. So, spiritually this is just in connection with the fact that you can withstand anything! To see more than one cockroach in a dream is a sign that you must persevere with difficult experiences and there will be occasions which may change your perspective. The cockroach symbolism in a dream indicates guidance and support is needed. Of course, your own “resilience” in a given situation. It is important to also say that there could be a part of your life that you wish to “exterminate” just like how we want to kill a cockroach. Cockroaches have been on this earth for millions of years. In fact, almost 300! They are a common insect and have an amazing hardiest compare to other creatures. I know its gross but the American cockroach lived for 5 seconds when put in the microwave (study by Perry, 1986) and the German cockroach lasted for 10 seconds. So, to conclude, the longevity of a cockroach indicates that they have a hidden spiritual trait of being able to “overcome” anything in life.
  • Hidden thoughts: Cockroaches are great at hiding. They can live in the smallest crack in the darkest part of the house. They are also nocturnal so only normally come out at night. This is why, you will only see a small number of them around while others are hiding somewhere in the house. They are nocturnal and always run when exposed to light. They are good at detecting even the smallest movement which will cause them to run for cover. Therefore, the rebirth maybe hidden. A new start but you do not realize. Sometimes negative situations in life are the result of
  • Cleaning your thoughts: As cockroaches are considered unsanitary they have been known to represent self-cleansing, renewal, and rejuvenation of your spiritual, emotional and psychological well-being. After such a dream you will need to focus on a re-examination of your life and clean out your clutter. If you are planning something important and then you dream of a cockroach, it is a positive sign which indicates you will start celebrating soon. It could be a wedding, constructing a new home, changing jobs, or relocating.
  • Rebirth: The cockroach as a large, oval body which is shield-like. Grouped with a long antenna. Due to the oval shape as mentioned in the opening paragraph, they are connected to rebirth due to the Latin translation of oval into an egg. I don’t want to freak you out but the female cockroach does not need a male to reproduce. There was a study by the biology department of the University of Massachusetts and the American cockroach can reproduce parthenogenetic eggs when there are no males. This is a scary thought right. Female cockroaches running the world! So, due to these reasons, the dream can indicate a massive “change” in your life and if you are female then you will be independent. If you are a male and you dream of cockroaches then this can suggest that in time you will rely on a strong female. I will now move onto the spiritual meaning of the cockroach.

What is the general meaning of seeing a cockroach in a dream?

This little creature has been on the earth during the time of dinosaurs, they run around and scurry into dark corners. In dreams, they often appear when you are working through issues with friends and loved ones these are reflections of guilt because of your own focus on concentrating on stamina and hardship. Cockroaches are the symbol of tenacity. Dreaming of many roaches or being overrun by cockroaches is a negative dream indicating that you do not have the strength to keep your promises or know that you are letting people down. A few roaches in a dream or a big roach is just fine – because they show that you can beat the odds and even if you have taken on a lot, you will adapt and be okay. Consider in your own life, how you are overreaching, or if you are taking on too much and realize that right now. If you have already made commitments, then you need to stick to them and be creative and adaptive in your surroundings. The worst situations will pass and you will be left standing – you can make it through a difficult time in your life but you have to take it one day at a time. Unless the roach is eating you out of house and home or causing illness, a cockroach can be a sign of longevity and tenacity. When you see a roach in a dream try to ignore your own fear or queasiness and realize that they are a symbol of you getting through a tough situation and that your own inner perseverance will pay off in the end. I have covered many different dreams below, it is long but just scroll down to find out what that pesky roach means!

Normally, seeing a cockroach scattering across the floor in a dream as I have already mentioned signifies your hard work will pay off in the end. We don’t think twice about cockroaches unless of course, they pop up in our dreams! Most of us believe that the cockroach is a revolting little thing that scatters about looking for leftover food. We must admire the resiliency of a cockroach. The good news is that cockroaches are positive signs when seen in a dream. To dream of a cockroach in your bed indicates that someone is going to challenge your comfort zone. As our bed in life indicates our focus on comfort the cockroach is a symbol of feeling alientated about something in life.

Cockroaches can make you ill and some people are highly allergic to them. If you have a negative reaction physically, to a roach in a dream, then this can indicate a health issue that is linked to sanitation or personal care. Consider how you are being taken care of. Do you have reliable outlets or time for your basic needs? This can also be a reminder to simply take better care of yourself. Having a fear of roaches is normal in the waking world but in the dream, world cockroaches can’t hurt you. You are, after all, dreaming. Your fear is unfounded and this indicates that you are holding yourself back by fear in your waking world. When you see a dead cockroach or kill a roach, think about ways in your waking world where your own lust for life has died. Are you feeling melancholy or unmotivated to go on in your life? Do you simply not know what to do next? Being indecisive is alright if you allow yourself the time to find a solution, however, make sure you are not blocking out opportunities for reward and growth.

What is the spiritual meaning of cockroaches?

Cockroaches in Chinese numerology appear between the dates of 25th of January and the 31st, which numerically represents the number three. This is because 2+5=7 and 3+1=4 then 4-7=3. Also the amount of days in between is 6 and if we break this down further to 3+3=6. Therefore, 6 is the other spiritual number. The main cockroach number is number three. The number is connected to trinity and manifestation in life. Grouped with the fact the cockroach is connected to resilience it can essentially with our natural flow of how we can visualize what we want and manifest our desires. The number three is also connected to being rather free-spirited and the cockroach often moves around in the dark and they only need water to exist. Water spiritually is associated with our emotions. The number three is a sign that you are protected by a spirit. In Greek mythology, Pythagoras described the number three as a “three lined triangle” which is connected to a possible love triangle. So what I am trying to say is that you will be experiencing a relationship breakdown or alternatively a career move that involves three people. Threes are associated with making some difficult decisions in life. The cockroach itself is connected to whether we notice “what” our unconscious mind is telling us. Are you fully aware? Everyone knows that cockroaches are disgusting because they carry E-coli and other nasty bugs - but apart from that, you might not know much them.

What do reoccurring dreams of cockroaches mean?

As I mentioned in the above paragraphs this pesky bug often scurries around the floor and in a dream but this can signify some difficult thoughts in life, they are dirty little creatures - and these little crawlers can often be associated with our inner consciousness. If you dream of cockroaches frequently, this can encompass in waking life the need to recognize that change is needed. Remember the cockroach will disappear as soon as they appear! To keep having a dream of a cockroach can also mean a challenge is in front of you in life. As I have already covered the symbol is connected to healing and also cleaning away the old to make way for the new. You need to communicate your real needs in life and the most important thing is to focus on who you are.

What did the dream of a cockroach signify in the 1930s?

Some ancient dream books can seem, in my view rather far-fetched in our modern world. When researching the spiritual meaning of seeing a cockroach it is important to really “understand” this dream from all angles. When you see a cockroach in your dream, it denotes that, you are going to encounter an important person in society or one who is wealthy – so lucky you! To try to kill a cockroach in a dream in olden dream books state that if you play your cards right then there could be an opportunity to benefit from others in life. Alternatively, the dream could be a sign that you are going to hit the jackpot through the lottery, a number game, bingo or gain an appreciation at work for a job well done. This could result in a pay rise. To see many cockroaches in a house is a suggestion you will acquire property or be in a position to buy expensive furniture or home from earnings which you just got.

What does a black cockroach mean in your dream?

A black cockroach in a dream can indicate the following: secrets, worry, contentment with money and shiftiness. The black cockroach is known officially as the “oriental cockroach.” They are a large shiny black cockroach - and we have often seen these in films and in fairytales. When I think of a cockroach these often spring to my mind. These cockroaches grow to around 1.2 inches long and they are not able to fly. The scientific name of this roach is called the oriental cockroach. So what is the spiritual meaning of seeing this chunky black cockroach in your dream? This particular cockroach, unlike others, this roach cannot fly, thus, they signify that you are feeling a “roadblock” in life. This dream is telling you that you do not need to think too much about what is happening in your life right now but think of things standing in your way. The oriental cockroach can often give out various bacteria, they can cause vomiting and fever as well as diarrhea so basically the spiritual block can also be illness or someone standing in your way. Obviously, every cockroach is somewhat dirty but the black cockroach is particularly dangerous due to the fact that they are so large. Killing black cockroaches in a dream can often suggest the end of dark times. There may be some thoughts that you have had that has caused depression. Being attacked by a black cockroach in a dream can signify you will take on a new project that will clear the roadblocks in life.

What does it mean to dream of cockroaches in a house?

If you dream that a house or a residence is invaded with cockroaches and you find it impossible to stay there in your dream then this relates to your home. As these little bugs are such a nuisance, the dream is an indicator that you are not feeling that sense of harmony at home. Maybe your house feels full of clutter? Do you have too much stuff? It could be that you hold items which you haven’t disposed of, due to your attachment to them or for personal reasons. Sometimes we all need to declutter and work through heaps of items which are making it impossible for you to do a thorough cleaning. Is your kitchen full of unused pots and utensils? With messy sights of half-opened flour. Go to your bedroom - it also tells a story; closet crumpled with mismatched pairs of shoes, empty perfume? hairsprays and lotion bottles. So the dream is telling you that it is time for you to do a thorough clean-up to clear the spiritual energy.

What does it mean to dream of killing a cockroach?

Spiritually, in dreams killing a cockroach is about war, defeat, happiness, and longevity. Cockroaches are famous for the difficulty that arises when they are eliminated, a really gross fact is that they can scuttle around for a week without their head! Or survive a month without any food. The fact is that the crushing does not (even though a popular belief) result in the cockroach laying eggs. This is due to the fact that the eggs are unlikely to survive the crunch. However, the squashed roach will mean that another cockroach will feed on the remains. The gross thing is that up to 1000 roaches can live in a home. A dream that a cockroach is killed can indicate a need for you to clean up your life. To crush a cockroach with your shoe or to hit the roach using a slipper can mean there is something which is going to happen that will be the beginning of positive things coming your way. Lucky you! At the moment, there are a number of areas in your life that need attention. It may be hard for you to understand how to ensure success in future.

What does it mean to dream a swarm of cockroaches?

Seeing a swarm of cockroaches under your feet “crawling” denotes that, you are engrossed with fear of losing what you have been working hard to achieve. It can mean you are worried about your wealth and material possessions. Yes, there are so many hardships we go through and the pain we feel sometimes every now and then. The swarm of cockroaches indicate the possibility of losing something important – this is what is bothering you. The cockroaches are representing the negative thoughts that are feeling. In ancient dream books, the dream about a swarm of cockroaches is a sign that you are not a reckless spender.

What does it mean to dream of a cockroach that is red?

Benevolence in your life is represented in a dream where you see a red-colored cockroach. There is a possibility that you are going to receive money, which will be in the form of a gift from someone whom you know or from a stranger whom you least expect. Whatever the case, you are going to feel grateful and at the same time, lucky about the generosity. The money will be directly proportionate to the number of red cockroaches you see in your dream.

What does dreaming of cockroaches attacking you mean?

A dream whereby you are attacked by a cockroach is an indicator of injustice. It can indicate that you are going to experience worry in your life very soon – sorry that does not sound positive but the cockroach also suggests transformation. A senior person is going to cause your untimely dismissal or will give you a harmful threat, as long as you don’t adhere to what they are telling you, even if it is contrary to what you believe in.

What is the spiritual meaning of seeing a cockroach on its back?

To see a cockroach flipping on its back is a positive sign. It is normally successful in regaining its balance and can suggest that you will have a highly complex situation on your hands shortly. A cockroach sometimes dies on its back and if the cockroach in the dream has died then this dream can indicate that there will be a long journey in life.

What does it mean to dream of seeing cockroaches scattering in all directions?

If you see cockroaches scattering all over the floor in all directions indicates that it is time to reorganize your life. Ancient dream books state that dubious dealings, bad habits, suspicious activities and questionable transactions should come to an end. The dream is a warning that you are being caught up in your own feelings.

What does it mean to see an infestation of cockroaches in a dream?

If you dream that your house has been infested with cockroaches, it means that you need to clean your life. As cockroaches are nocturnal and live in the dark they often flatten themselves to get into the smallest crack and hideaway. Normally, such an infestation comes with seeing dead cockroaches on the floor or noticing a few scurrying about. In your dream, if you may have seen many cockroaches fill your house then it is time for a change. The cockroach cannot hurt you and it is a sign you need to clean-up your life, otherwise, problems will multiply just like the untreated cockroach infestation. A dream of an unclean and a messy house that includes cockroaches is a symbol of relocating, getting divorced, or financial constraints. It is time to take a break and give your life a thorough check to avoid the issues above.

Dreaming of seeing a white cockroach?

Spiritually, this dream means that nothing is always black and white. There is a focus on being more motivated and creating a habit of positive thinking. A dream where you see a white cockroach attacking you implies that you need to be aware of the possibility of someone’s betrayal or insincerity. It could a trusted business associate, a friend, a loved one, or a close family member. Since you had already entrusted this someone with secrets about yourself, it could become difficult for you to forgive them. So basically a white cockroach that is on the attack in a dream indicates lost trust.

What does dreaming of seeing a dead cockroach mean?

When you dream of seeing a dead cockroach it denotes a desire, wish, or an aspiration which you have harbored for a long time. Maybe you have hoped that a project could be successful; a relationship will work out or a business venture will become fruitful. The “dead” cockroach in a dream indicates that things are likely to be difficult going forward. What you need to do is try not to lose your sense of humor and try not to lose the absurdity. You need to do things you have always done. Normally, a dead cockroach can imply that things may seem impossible but there is no reason you should not enjoy this part of your life. You could have invested a lot of money and energy in a project and found it difficult to crawl back. A dead cockroach implies that things have turned upside down and all your faith, hope, pride, and self-worth has been challenged. From a dream psychology perspective, the dead cockroach is a symbol of cleansing your mind. We all know that our reality in the waking world is personal, this can be easily manipulated based on your own thoughts. If you are tense or worried, there is an urge to take a short time away and say to yourself that you will not worry. The dead cockroach can indicate in your own thoughts things will start to become clearer going forward.

What does it mean to see a large cockroach attacking you?

A giant cockroach attacking you in the dream is a sign that you have been overdoing things recently. The largest of the cockroaches are known as the Madagascar hissing cockroach which is around 7cm in length. Of course, it can be somewhat “unsettling” in the dream if you notice that a cockroach is the same size as you – if not bigger. If this is the case the dream has two meanings. Firstly, that the meanings above should be more of a warning to your everyday life. Let me use a metaphor. If you were building a box from wood and you could comfortably use nails to fasten the sides you would choose sturdier screws even though it will take longer. So what I am saying is that you will go that “extra mile” rather than simply use nails. You want to achieve in life. The large cockroach in a dream indicates that you need to think about others more and approach a project with care. The dream is just to remind you that, you have the habit of overdoing things so try to focus on relaxing in life. What is meant to be will be! To see a cockroach bigger than yourself in a dream indicates that cleanliness will be of vital importance going forward.

What does it mean to dream of being forced to eat cockroaches?

If you dream that you are forced to eat a cockroach or it crawls on your food the dream is about your diet. In dream books eating cockroaches indicates the fact you need to watch your food intake. As we all know the cockroach is a omnivorous scavenger and will eat anything. They do however like to eat starches, meat and sweets and venture out in the dark. Have you been eating too much secretly? This dream can also indicate the need to clear out your possessions. Perhaps donate them to a noble cause like a charity or children’s home.

What does it mean to see cockroaches laying their eggs?

Oh, my! The cockroach makes egg cases that are known as oothecae. And, these little cases can contain a dozen eggs. This is the reason why when we kill a cockroach in real life then this can result in them coming back! To see yourself looking at the eggs can suggest that you are seeing something in the dark but a new start is on the horizon. This is because the normal roach hates light. Any dreams that feature insects laying eggs is a sign of “rebirth.” As mentioned before the shape of the cockroach is oval which indicates rebirth.

What does it mean to see a cockroach inside your body?

Oh dear… this is uncomfortable writing! To see a cockroach in a dream wriggle inside your body is a sign that, you are letting uncertainty and doubt hold you back in life. Though you are pessimistic at times this dream suggests that you have gone through difficult times in the recent past. This is not reason enough to lose hope in life. If cockroaches are laying their eggs under your skin is indicative of you becoming a victim of a serious disagreement due to financial or domestic issues. It is a dispute which could be a warning that you are going to strain your relationship. To see them inside your body is connected to someone who will challenge you. This is because a roach will not think twice about eating another roach.

What does it mean to turn into a cockroach in your dream?

Dreaming of turning into a cockroach is indicative of you currently have too much on your plate. This dream denotes that, you might be busy in life with studies, family or working too hard, thus, no time for a private life. Having a “lack of time” can suggest that you need to take time out. Seeing yourself in the form of a cockroach foretells of how inadequate you feel due to the absence of people in your life. It is important after experiencing such a dream, to try and find time out of your busy schedule, to embrace social life. This is what will make you feel valued or recognized by those around you.

What does it mean to dream of having sex and seeing cockroaches?

This dream has two prominent symbols which are cockroaches and sex. When you dream of having sex in the car; it means that there is an event which will happen in your life that you are not ready to face. Cockroaches are symbols of harmful habits, suspicious transactions, or dangerous behavior and thus, seeing them in this dream could imply that you are going to an excessive and abusive lifestyle. Both symbols indicate that something is not right, the dream is due to your conscious warning you to stay away from trouble.

What does seeing cockroaches on the carpet, hard surface, or wall mean in a dream?

If you dream of cockroaches on a carpet is your subconscious mind fearing of losing your comforts: maybe material possessions or wealth. Since the scene in this dream is normally in a house, it could be that a business project that you encountered is not going to work due to financial constraints. A cockroach climbing the walls in your dream can in my view suggest that someone will approach you with a proposition. If you are watching a single roach this can indicate difficult times ahead. To see multiple roaches on a wall in a dream is a warning to look after yourself.

What does seeing cockroaches left on food in your dream mean?

The leftover food in your dream symbolizes concerns and issues which you are encountering. Seeing cockroaches feasting on food denotes that you keep thinking about the negatives in life. Fear of the unknown is connected to our own actions and can be a bad habit. If the cockroach was crawling on food it is a symbol that a choice needs to be made and embrace the unknown.

What does it mean to see cockroaches in the kitchen in your dream?

A kitchen full of cockroaches can denote that you might be experiencing a domestic problem which is focused on either domestic or financial affair. The kitchen is obviously where we eat and can indicate that you are carrying a burden that can at times sap your inner strength. The cockroach is normally found in the kitchen and as the cockroach is often extremely nutritional in value can suggest that you need to look in your kitchen cupboards. This is a symbol of a new start in eating habits.

What does it mean to dream of seeing cockroaches in the mouth?

The cockroach can carry almost 33 different bacteria that includes polio virus, salmonella, staphylococcus and other really nasty diseases. Like the fly the cockroach vomits on food and this is where the danger lies. Thus, seeing a cockroach in or near the mouth in a dream can indicate that there may be some communication issues at play. A cockroach seen in your own mouth means that you should prepare for a minor conflict or communication problems. I’m sorry to say there is a possibility that you are going to find problems shortly due to circumstances beyond your control.

What does it mean to see a cockroach in the vagina or penis in your dream?

Seeing a cockroach in your dream in your vagina or on your penis can denote something has disappeared in your life. This could be an aspiration, a wish or desire or a problem due to losing hope. If by any chance you see the dead cockroach in a vagina, it could relate to an intimacy issue. The vagina according to Sigmund Freud is associated with obsessiveness in life. The masculine traits of such a dream indicate the yin which is the shape of the vagina and the yang which is the procreation in life. In dreams, to see a vagina indicates that we need to absorb everything but on a level, we are comfortable with. For a man to see a cockroach in or near the penis indicates he is unable to open up due to a personal issue. It may become harder to socialize and find the right partner. It can also signify a romantic relationship will develop into marriage.

What does it mean to see cockroaches coming out of a hole in your dream?

The cockroach lives in the smallest darkest cracks, scuttling along the floor. This is an interesting dream. To see a cockroach coming out from a hole or crack indicates something is hidden away. Cockroaches can live anywhere, under floorboards, in food packaging or pantry areas. Did you know that some cockroaches have even traveled the world by living in ships? It is not uncommon to dream of one poking out of a crevice in the darkness. The dark hole seen in a dream indicates a messy and chaotic lifestyle – that makes you feel inclined to assess your own responsibilities. When you see a cockroach coming out of a hole it is a sign you are thinking about your future. Maybe you are encountering visions of the past? It could be that you are seeing conflicts with your family and this is affecting the foundation that you have created. Another key message of this dream is: instead of waiting for others to act, after such a dream, you should try to salvage a situation if it goes wrong.

What does seeing a cockroach pooping in your dream signify?

Poop is considered as a symbol of cleaning up your life. Therefore to dream of cockroaches and feces denotes prosperity, wealth, and financial security. A dream where you see a cockroach pooping means that you are going to meet with a gracious and powerful individual who will take care of you together with your family. Your financial burden is going to be lifted up even though it is not clear what these individuals will want from you.

Dreaming of a person turning into cockroaches?

As symbols, cockroaches can represent dirt and undesirable qualities. To see your family members turning into cockroaches, it signifies negative energies which could be affecting relationships in life. On a positive, a cockroach represents resilience and longevity. In this dream scenario, this could mean that you are going to be strengthened as a family after facing a period of challenges which will make you to bond with each other and appreciate one another. To see a person change into a cockroach indicates that you need to think of good ideas to overcome problems.

What does it mean to dream of eating a cockroach?

A dream of seeing yourself eating a cockroach can indicate that reckless behavior and questionable decisions will take effect. This has led to consequences which are causing problems for you at the moment. You could have picked up some unhealthy habits which are worrying you. When you eat a cockroach in a dream it can relate to an afterthought, which represents cleaning up from difficult times in life. It could be that you are close to thinking about what you want from life.

What does it mean to dream of seeing cockroaches on your lower body in a dream?

Any dream where you see cockroaches crawling on your body is a warning. It could denote that, you are going to be involved in an accident or a danger of sorts. So if you see several cockroaches crawling on your lower body, it signifies that you are involved in self-destructive activities and vices which are unhealthy. It could be addictive tendencies which are crowding your reasoning capacity and thus causing more bodily harm both psychologically and physically.

What does seeing a cockroach in your food in your dream mean?

A dream of seeing a cockroach appear in or on top your food is an indicator that there is people who believe they are close to you. Maybe someone is planning to bring you down or they are not happy regarding your current achievement. In fact, it is common to dream of cockroaches on your food when you are worrying about something in life or a situation needs “cleaning” up! The dream is a warning that you are better off without certain stresses in your life because the more you continue to think about your problems the greater the risk of your health. What does it mean to see a large cockroach on a chocolate cake? This dream was sent in for me to interpret by a user. When you dream of cake, it denotes a romantic situation. If the cake is decorated, it means that you have loving feelings which are positive toward your current partner. If the cake is not baked right, then it denotes that, there are things that do not seem to work out in your life. The image of a cockroach on a cake can suggest someone is stressing you out. If you are unable to catch the cockroach this dream denotes that, there are issues of inequality in a current relationship. It could be that there are some feelings of inadequacies from your partner regarding your accomplishments. Are you trying hard enough to achieve? To summarize, this dream is a warning for improvement in your communication with a friend, family member or partner.

What does it mean to dream of exterminating cockroaches?

If you dream of attempting to exterminate cockroaches, then this denotes that you are trying to remove something in your life. If the cockroach is increasing in numbers this indicates that you will be given extra responsibilities and duties in life – simply due to a change of event. To see a bug exterminator in a dream indicates there will be a change to your place of work, project or business. It could indicate that someone is leaving or that possibly more work to be assigned to you. In a business context the dream of exterminating cockroaches can suggest that a partner may wish to leave you - and you are forced put more money into something which you have initially budgeted for. The dream should serve as a warning that if given any extra duties or responsibilities at work following such a dream - you should welcome it positively and develop your career or business.

What does catching a cockroach in your dream signify?

Seeing yourself catching a cockroach in your dream is an indication that, you are losing grip on things. Often this dream occurs when we are used to doing things in a particular way, and any change in routine will alter the balance and ruin the possibilities in life. This is a dream which denotes that you are over-anxious about something happening that is going to disrupt your daily routine which you consider to be smooth. Your worry is keeping you on your toes and mostly, will prevent anything negative from happening.

What does dreaming of a cockroach falling on you mean?

If a cockroach falls on your head in the dream it is an indication that, what you have wished for is about to happen and come true, according to old gypsy dream books this is a positive omen. It can suggest that due to a problem you were about to give up in life but in time things will work out in the end. On a more negative front, this dream could signify that you are going to receive news which you would have wished for and that in life things will seem settled. There is also a need to clear away the old to make way for positive times.

What does a flying cockroach in your dream?

A flying cockroach in your dream is a sign that, there is someone who is going to come into your life and create a serious competition in your business, at work, or in your current relationship. It is a dream where you should be cautious so that whoever enters your life try to treat them as competition or caution. Make sure that you are ahead of others - in everything you do. Flying cockroaches in dreams indicate that you should not get too close for comfort.

What does seeing loads of cockroaches in your dream mean?

When you see multiple cockroaches in your dream this is a good sign as it implies that you are going to be wealthy. This dream can indicate a good salary which will enable you to take care of yourself and your family. Most cockroaches live with up to 1000 other cockroaches, thus they come as a group, it could signify that you will receive unexpected visitors. If you feel bothered by the cockroaches during your sleep - it could be a dream which is trying to reveal to you your tendency to accumulate things which are not important to you. Many of the cockroach dreams, in my experience, mean you need to clear out your stuff. Every dream has a varied meaning depending on how it appears in your mind.

What does it mean to dream of seeing a cockroach in a restaurant?

To dream of seeing cockroaches in a food outlet such as a restaurant indicates that you will receive surprises, news, and happiness which will include pleasant events thus, there is not a reason to worry yourself in life. When you see cockroaches in your dream, it denotes self-cleansing, renewal, and rejuvenation of your emotional, psychological, or spiritual well-being. After such a dream, you will need to reevaluate your life.

What does it mean to dream of a cockroach on a dead body?

A dream about a cockroach on a dead body denotes that you are likely to meet with someone prominent and affluent. This will be someone who commands power in your environment or in your community. To see the cockroach crawling on the dead body in a dream can suggest that you may meet a lowlife, just the way the cockroach is normally viewed. The truth be told, if you humble yourself and act more down to earth, you are likely to advance in a goal in life, and in the process, you will stand to gain.

Is it lucky to see a cockroach in a dream?

On a positive note, there have been many accounts that a cockroach could mean that you are going to win a jackpot or win a game of numbers. You could receive a bonus or a salary increase after having a cockroach dream. There is a likelihood that you are going to gain a monetary incentive from work or be the owner of a new property. The same dream could also signify that you are going to furnish your home with new furniture and expensive home appliances.

What are the facts about roaches?

After having a dream about a roach you may wish to understand a little more about them. Did you know there are over 4600 species of cockroach? They are normally associated with grime and in most cases, they eat leftover food. They are extremely resilient and even if there was a nuclear bomb thrown at them they will survive. Many different diseases are spread by insects, thus if you see them in real life, you need to do anything possible to eliminate them.

You will find them searching for dirty and dark places and at the same time, places with a lot of food in order to settle. It is through such that they know that they have acquired both a place to stay and eat. And this is why, when you see them in hotel rooms and kitchens, and the chances are, the hotel is not clean. If you spot them in your home, then just know that you need to do a thorough cleaning and seal up small cracks. They are capable of running very fast, with a speed of 3 miles an hour as the officially recorded time and this is why they are able to spread germs very fast through homes. They are able to travel on whatever the surface; flat surface, walls, and even slippery surface. Cockroaches are able to fly and even flatten their bodies to squeeze through small cracks and this is how they manage to stay out of human sight. Gross right!

It is hard for a cockroach to be drowned and this is why when you catch them and flush them down the toilet, they won’t die. The roach can hold its breath for almost 40 minutes within which it can crawl to its safety. The roach has been around for quite a long time since the dinosaur age - according to ancient fossils, they are predicted to have been on earth 300 million years ago! Yes, a long time. Meaning, for all these years, it has been hard to wipe them from the surface of the earth. This makes them one of the most adaptable little critters that you will ever encounter.

Why have cockroaches survived for long?

It is due to the fact that, they can feed on almost anything. But their favorite food includes starches, meat, and sweets. They are not picky thus when their favorite meal is not around, they find themselves eating on anything for survival and this is why they are still around. They can feed on books, grease, wallpaper paste, hair, glue, leather and soap just to mention but a few of the weird things which can pass for food for the roaches. They prefer temperatures between 25 to 30 degrees Celsius and that is the reason they are mostly found in warm areas like homes and buildings.

A home that has cracks and gaps is also a preference for cockroaches due to them being thigmotropic. This means that they like it when something solid touches their bodies, especially on both sides. Crevices and little cracks give them the comfort and they can get into the smallest corners. Many people minimize or eliminate cockroaches by covering up all the spaces and cracks in the home. Without water, a cockroach can only survive for one to two weeks, but without food, the cockroach can live for months. This means that cockroaches need water and regard this as a necessity. Small leaks, condensation on pipes, and even moist sponges can enable a cockroach to live for a long time. There have been reports that if you see a cockroach, rest assured that, there are several in the vicinity. They live as a group of up to 1000 and have a way of leaving a trail that will let their friends track or visit them. When they poop, they emit chemicals which allow others to know where they are. They like forming groups and going where others are and organizing the searches amongst themselves. When they come across a good food source, they will automatically send signals to other roaches to come and join them. According to records, the highest cockroach infested home is said to have more than 20,000 of them.

Over 4000 species of cockroaches are on the earth and they are found in all the continents of the world except in Antarctica. If you are in the United States of America, you should be happy because, only 70 species of cockroaches are recorded - and there are only 5 out of the 70 species, which can be found in your home. The other cockroach species will be found in swamps, forests, grasslands, underground, and caves. Cockroaches can stay without food and not starve meaning, they can live without food for a month. Due to the fact that they are cold-blooded, they are able to control their metabolism to the lowest possible level in order to survive without food for a long time. The young roach grows up fast. They begin their life as eggs wrapped in a thick protective case which is normally referred to as ootheca, carried by the female cockroach until they are due to be born. The German cockroach, which is the common species in the USA can hold 40 eggs in its ootheca, taking them around for 100 days to become an adult roach.

What are the facts about killing a cockroach?

Without a head, a cockroach can still survive for at least one week and at most, two weeks. This is due to the fact that, not all their functions are controlled by the brain. The command center of the cockroaches is located in its middle part, the thorax. What causes them to die after those few days is because, the roach be unable to take in water or moisture and thus, die of thirst.

What diseases are carried by cockroaches?

Apart from cockroaches being a nuisance, they are also carriers of diseases. Some of the diseases transmitted by this insect include, but is not limited to diarrhea, food poisoning, respiratory illnesses, tuberculosis, parasitic worms, typhoid, dysentery, and other types of human pathogens. They are also known to spread over 33 bacteria which include Salmonella and E. coli. How do they carry the disease? They carry them on their legs and bodies, then go ahead and deposit them on utensils and food when they forage. Their GI tracts are also carriers of diseases. Due to the fact that they can eat anything, they are likely to eat on a dead mouse and pass a disease through the droppings left on their trail as they travel. Without being sexually active, cockroaches do increase their population by producing more young ones as they don’t have to mate to do so. For female cockroaches, all they need to do is mate once and they will store the sperm and use it when food is plentiful to reproduce. There are species of female cockroaches who store sperms to last them an entire lifetime. Well I hope you enjoyed this dream meaning and don’t forget to check out my other areas on my website for more interesting information. Flo x

In this dream, you may have

  • Stepped on a roach.
  • Had a home or building overrun by roaches.
  • Been afraid of a cockroach.
  • Seen an abnormally large cockroach.
  • Eaten a roach.
  • Found a roach in your ear means someone will talk to you.
  • Had roaches climbing out of your body.
  • Gotten sick from a roach or many roaches.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You are a roach and find a way to survive.
  • You talk to a roach.
  • You smoke a roach.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a cockroach

Fear. Disgust. Worry. Concern. Unsafe. Dirty. Gross. Contaminated. Unhealthy. Scared.

By Flo Saul
Oct 16, 2012