Dreaming of being Chased By Needles

Dreaming of being Chased By Needles

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To dream you are being chased by needles indicates you are running away from unresolved problems.

Generally, needles represent vulnerability and complicated circumstances which you aren’t allowing yourself to fully understand. In your real life, needles are used for precautions and for curing things your body cannot control itself, this is why dreaming about them means you feel out of control and unaware of how to find resolutions. You may dream of needles just before, or just after you are in a clinical environment. Often, when you think of things, or see things during the daytime, they will find a way to creep into your dreams. If you have a fear of needles and/or hospitals, then this could even be what you are trying to run away from.

The needle is a very masculine metaphor and can sometimes seem quite phallic in your interpretation. If you consider the shape of the needle or qualities it possesses, this may enlighten you to know what issues you are faced with.If you are about to have intercourse with a male whom you feel uncertain of, then running away from a needle suggests there is a psychological blockage which you need to figure out before you can successfully feel happy about what is to come. If you are in a relationship with a male and find yourself running away from needles, this can suggest you are not entirely happy and need to confront your mutual issues to help vanquish them and move on.

It is not uncommon that if you are being chased by a person with a needle which is connected to you feeling emotionally weak in real life. The person chasing you may not be the person who is making you feel weak, but they will usually represent an obvious quality about what you are running away from. For example, if you see a parent chasing you, parents are stereo typically thought of as people set rules, or make restrictions for you - this could mean that you are actually having problems with your relationship, as you may feel your partner is controlling you unnecessarily.

There are several religious connotations to dreaming about needles, mostly related to wrongfully idolizing people who surround you, which goes against the second commandment. If you feel this way, it probably denotes to you not idolizing others completely, but rather seeing traits in others you wish you had. If you are not a religious person then dreaming about a needle chasing you could mean you are running away from a part of yourself in which you are feeling self-conscious about, in this instance, it will generally have been caused by a masculine figure in your life.

If you have been chased by the needle, and then it has gone on to stab you, this can be an extremely unsettling experience to overcome. Generally, it means you have been recently scarred by someones has words or actions, and are now carrying a burden on yourself because of it. If you are not already aware of what that might have been, try and evaluate your dream: Who was it who stabbed you? How do you feel about that person? What does that person represent you? What did the needle look like? Does its color represent anything for you? - to overcome the issues of being chased or stabbed by needles, you really need to understand what problems you are running away from, stop running, and confront them. Only after this will you feel the weight of the burden lifted. To be chased by a murderer with a needle indicates a difficult time ahead.

Feelings associated with needles in your dream:

Running away from difficulties in life, new starts, being worried about others and a new start.

Your dream:

  • Chased by one needle.
  • Chased by a doctor with a needle.
  • Chased by lots of needles.
  • Chased by a killer with a needle.
  • Chased by family members with needles.


  • You have vanquished the needle.
  • You break the needle.
  • You throw the needle away.

By Florance Saul
May 14, 2017