Earth and Earthquake

Earth and Earthquake

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

The earth is one of the most common dream symbols.

The earth is with us daily and in the dream state we often take it for granted. We just assume that the dream is “normal” when we see the earth - and many of us do not specifically look up the symbol. In fact, most people dream of the earth every night. We may see just a few trees or even a few buildings. The earth itself is connected to our own inner spiritual being. Put simply, the earth in dreams is connected to our own consciousness and the awareness of the earth as a whole planet in a dream is really a part of the interconnected web of life. We are all adapting daily to grow and shift our own collective. As we change, so does the earth. Think of your dream as a seed in the earth. When we are touched by nature, we become profound and unified in life. The earth is connected to growth if you could see the actual soil.

In older dream books the earth indicates: new beginnings, actions, growth and success. To see yourself walking across landscapes or on muddy fields indicates that you will undertake a transformation. Think of the earth as bringing evolution. Just like the elements of life: air is connected to breathing, water to our survival and the earth to transform and connect to the spiritual soul. The earth is filled by love and respect and is our life’s blood. Each breath that we take depends on the earth.

If you see anything broken or damaged in the dream then this dream can also signify that you are going to have an argument with somebody close. The attitudes and relationships around you may be breaking up a new some concern.

The meaning of this dream is that it represents a spiritual upheaval in your life.You may have a dream about the planet Earth above or that you looked down upon the earth in your dream. This dream may also involve the creation of the Earth.

In your dream you may have

  • See the earths core and networks of the Earth.
  • Seen the Earth from the sky.
  • Seen planets in the sky.
  • Be in or found buried in the earth.
  • Seeing the Earth from a bird's eye view.
  • Witnessed a natural disaster such as an earthquake.
  • Visualized the planet Earth or the social order within our world.

Good things await you if:

  • The dream was positive and you enjoyed your time on Earth - or that you were involved in the creation.
  • The disaster such as the earthquake was overcome and resulted in a happy event.

Earth Dream interpretation:

To dream of the earths crust signifies the support that you have around you and the attitudes and relationships which are required to support you in your life. If you dreamt that you had a birds eye view of the Earth then this indicates that you are making use of all the great opportunities available to you at the moment. In addition, this dream meaning can be focused upon how we are viewed by others in our journey of lif. Have you upset anyone recently? This dream is a direct implication that you need to consider other people around you before embarking on a change in your life. If you dreamt of the round planet Earth then this indicates you are searching to some kind of social acceptance.If you dreamt that you are flying around the Earth then this indicates the you are looking for something that is going to nurture your subconscious mind.

Perhaps you're looking towards a new life or a new beginning.

Equally, the Earth is often seen as a symbol for natural support. If you are trapped in the Earth or you buried in any way then this indicates that you have set goals to high which tend to over one you in waking life. The ancient dream meaning of an earthquake indicates business failure.

Is seeing the earth good or bad in dreams?

It is good in my opinion. In dreams seeing the earth indicates your whole being. In occult books the earth represents “you.” There are two ways of analyzing this particular dream. Firstly, the Earth is represented as soil or secondly, the planet earth. The earth is obviously made up of various elements (from a geographical point of view.) In our dreams seeing the earth spinning can represent past and future possibilities. Think about the earth as being a comfort symbol in your dream.

What does it mean to dream of seeing the earth in the sky?

Seeing the earth in the sky during a dream is quite common. On a basic level, it means that we are reviewing our life. Fear of change, fearing we don’t have enough money and worry are some negative thoughts that block us in life. Seeing the earth in the sky can mean that you need to think about your inner desire. Try to find out what is stopping you from progressing. What is blocking you? In many respects, we do not need to keep focused on past mistakes but look at our aspirations. It does not matter about failure is the message of this dream.

What does a globe mean in a dream?

Seeing a globe dream indicates you have a great desire to use your abilities to achieve public recognition. Dreaming about a globe suggest is important news on the horizon. Looking at these meanings combined, a click round globe in my opinion often involves important news that could possibly make you famous. we often set a chain of events in life. The energy that we send is also received. Therefore expressing goodwill will attract happiness and goodwill. I'm a true believe that we create the world around us and seeing the globe in a dream and suggest the world is our oyster. Change is happening and this can include sharing and collaboration with others.

What does it mean to dream of planets in the sky?

Some users have emailed me about seeing a number of planets in the sky during their dreams. Alternatively having a dream of the universe. Dream about seeing planets is not always favorable sign it can mean that you may be feeling irritable and that you need to relax for a while. On a more positive note, planets can also represent a new set of values based on appreciation. It is crucial that relaxation is sought in order to understand that we are guided by wisdom, intuition and integrity.

Seeing planets can also mean a journey of internal connection, for some people this is a natural part of life but for others it may seem like “crisis” as changes will happen. This is why I have mentioned that this symbol maybe an unfavorable dream.

The most important aspect of this dream is that we leave behind our difficulties and negative patterns and embrace new changes. My question here to you right now is why wait for a crisis? If you are committed to your spiritual journey and you are open to new possibilities seeing planets in the sky during a dream mean all the opportunities are truly yours. Each person has a power to change. The color of the planet is important so see the next dream question below.

What does it mean to be an astronomer in a dream?

If you dream that you are looking at planets through a telescope it is often associated to the different projects you have in life. If the planet is gold there will be happiness and contentment. If the planet is black it can show that you have changes coming. A red planet indicates love and passion.

What does it mean to be the last person on the earth?

I remember not long ago having a dream that I was the last person on earth and I could not find anybody else. Being the last person on earth can symbolize both good and bad luck. It can suggest that you are worried that something you are involved in will go wrong and that you want to be alone. This is also warning dream according to older dream dictionaries. Being the last person on earth means that you need to be careful with members of your family to ensure that they do not cause any distress.

What does it mean for meteor hitting the earth in dreams?

Surprisingly, this is usually a good omen to appear in dreams. It represents the arrival of news and communication, perhaps in the form of a letter or email. There will be an important change in your place of work. If the earth was damaged due to the meteor then this can suggest that there will be problems you will overcome anything. Small objects often collide with our planet and seeing an asteroid in a dream can mean that projects will go according to plan.

What does it mean to dream of soil?

I do feel that soil in dreams represent our own growth in life. Soil is brown which indicates grounding. In spiritual terms grounding is when you imagine yourself as a tree and your feet are roots. This indicates it is time to focus on yourself and clear all negative energies. Soil symbolizes birth, growth, and fertility. Remember also that most of our foods grow from soil. It’s the mother of all humans. And not just humans but all other living creatures. To dream of seeing soil represents a potential to grow, fertility and caring. If you dreamed of eating soil in your dream, this is an omen of new beginnings. New excitements and happiness is ahead of you. To dream of fields indicates you will be so proud of your achievements.

In occult terms seeing soil is the symbol of foundation and stability. If you dreamed of dark rich soil in a dream, it foretells success. It doesn’t matter if you were trying to achieve a career goal or prove something to yourself, success is inevitable. Seeing other people sowing soil indicates a pure heart and great passion. In summary, seeing soil in dreams signifies personal growth and development.

What does it mean to see the earth in your dream?

If you visualize the Earth from space it can suggest that you have the whole world in front of you. To see the landscape developing or growing from the earth such as trees, plants or flowers can suggest in dreams that you feel rather creative. If the Earth is unusual, suffering or adverse in any way this can suggest that you have buried difficulties from a psychological point of view.

Seeing the round earth in dreams:

To see the round earth in your dream state is positive. It symbolizes your strength and fertility. This dream implies that you are walking in the right direction in life. According to dream books (older ones), seeing a round earth in your dream means that you’ll have luck in the following few months. All troubles and issues will go away.

Seeing the round earth isn’t a common dream symbol. However, it has an important meaning. It signifies knowledge, wisdom, and mystery. It appears in your dream to remind you of your roots.

What does it mean to dream of seeing the earth in the sky?

Seeing the earth in the sky during a dream is quite common. On a basic level it means that you are reviewing your life. Fear of change, worrying we don’t have enough money and anxiety are some negative thoughts that block us in life. Seeing the earth in the sky in your sleep - can mean that you need to think about your hearts desire. Try to find out what is stopping you from progressing. What is blocking you? In many respects we do not need to keep focused on past mistakes but look at our aspirations. It does not matter about failure is the message of this dream, set goals for the future.

What does it mean to see the earth explode?

Negatively, if you saw earth the earth explode in a dream, it might foretell a disaster, especially if you were scared or it was just a weird dream. Your dream is trying to warn you of possible misunderstandings. However, if you express how you feel to others (in waking life) and you talk openly, you’ll avoid the fight or misunderstanding.

What does it mean to dream of dark matter?

Before I talk about the actual meaning of dark matter in dreams, I want to explain what dark matter is. So, for those of you who don’t know, dark matter represents a term for theoretical matter that researchers weren’t able to locate in space. They say that 27% space is dark matter and this exists because of the gravitational effects on other visible matters in space. But scientists can’t observe it since they are unable to emit energy or light. Space is made of baryonic matter consisting of protons, electrons, and neutrons. If you have studied space then you will know that dark matter could be made of both non-baryonic and baryonic matter. In spiritual terms, dark matter is quite mysterious. And not just in reality but dreams too. So, if you dreamed of dark matter, it symbolizes your curiosity. It could mean you are finding yourself questioning the purpose of life, the Universe and everything that remains unknown. It also reveals your courage to explore the unknown.

Life itself is a miracle and a mystery and it’ll always stay that way. If someone discovered what dark matter is, he/she will reveal the force that moves our planet. To dream darkness, means that you’re eager to learn new things and explore the world. It signifies your open mind.

What does it mean to dream the earth is flat?

Flat earth isn’t a common symbol in dreams. However, just like dark matter, it has a specific meaning. If you dreamed of the earth being flat this represents your curiosity. To dream of the earth itself symbolizes an open and curious mind of the dreamer. However, to see the earth being flat in your dreams is a sign that you’re thinking clearly. It can mean that you are independent and open to new experiences. However, your loved ones are your weakness. The earth is our mother. And to dream of her has a general symbolism associated with fertility and luck.

What does it mean to dream of a meteor hitting earth?

If you dreamed of an asteroid, meteor, comet or shooting star hitting the earth in your dream, it suggests that you’re worried about things that will probably never going to happen. We all do this! It also symbolizes your physical and emotional burdens. If you want to feel free, you have to break the chains. Think independently. Make your own decisions. Alternatively, your dream foretells brainstorming of new thoughts and fresh ideas. Negatively, your dream represents something that will break your heart. However, it will be for your own good.

When dreaming of a meteor hitting the earth, you should ask yourself some questions in order to interpret your dream better. This dream might predict an unpleasant event or something that will occur in life. However, it also signifies potential catastrophe, inner change, transformation, and the realization of your plans.

When encountering this type of dream, ask yourself these few questions: “what does the earth mean to my life.”, “Have my feelings about someone or something radically changed?”, “Am I expecting some big changes in my life soon?”, “ Did I experienced something bad yesterday that may have caused this dream?”, “Did I experience something strange on the day that I had this bad dream?”

What does it mean to dream of seeing the earth from space?

In different cultures, the earth has a different symbolism and meaning in our dreams. However, in most cultures, it’s associated with wisdom, life and has greatness. To dream of the earth has an important meaning, especially if you’re seeing the earth from space in your dream. It symbolizes success and happiness in both personal and professional field.

What does it mean to dream of planet hitting earth?

If you dreamed of another planet hitting earth, it might foretell an event that will make a huge impact on your life. However, it might also reflect your fear of something that will probably never happen. Positively, it predicts a new job opportunity.

What does it mean to dream of earth moving?

We all dream of wierd things. To dream of the earth moving is one of those strange dreams that we can’t figure out what it means. If you had this dream, don’t panic because I’ve done my research (in ancient dream books) and discovered that this dream has a positive meaning. If you see the earth move from above, it means that you are feeling complete. Maybe you’ve been working on something that makes you happy. And you may wish for success. Don’t worry because your dream foretells that you’ll gain success. However, if the earth was moving YOU in your dream, it can suggest that you’re living in your own world. And if the earth was shaking, it denotes a lack of stability and happiness in life. If the earth was calm, it symbolizes your inner peace. If it was rotating or moving rapidly, it symbolizes a challenging month coming your way. However, don’t worry because you will overcome any challenges that will come your way.

What does it mean for aliens to come to earth in a dream?

To see an alien or a UFO in a dream has several meanings. For example, seeing an alien in your dream might represent growing your spirituality and wisdom. Perhaps you’re curious by nature? You want to learn as much as you can about the Universe? Seeing aliens in your dream might reflect your creativity, imagination, and ideas. It might also represent an unknown aspect of your personality. However, it all depends on how you felt during your dream state. If you felt comfortable, relaxed or excited, it means that you’re ready to explore/accept your personality. If you felt scared, it represents the life crisis you’re currently going through. Seeing aliens can also foretell the birth of emotions that are hard to explain.

If you saw an alien spaceship in the dream, it’s a warning sign. You should pay more attention to your words and how you behave in the presence of people you don’t know.

What does it mean to dream of a comet hitting earth?

If you saw a comet hitting the earth in your dream, it foretells an important event that will take place in your life. Maybe you’ll meet someone new and exciting. However, don’t trust everyone who enters your life before they earn your trust. Alternatively, to see a comet hitting the earth signifies your worrying about things that don’t really matter.

What does it mean to dream of the earth and sky?

To see both the earth and the sky in your dream symbolizes double blessing. Expect a happy event or someone new entering your life. Alternatively, you’re about to make a big decision and you feel insecure. Make the right call by listening to your heart and gut.

What does it mean to dream of moon hitting earth?

The moon is a wonderful symbol in dreams, it can denote happiness, comfort, confusion, beauty, calmness, intuition, luck, and mystery. But if you saw the moon hitting the earth in your dreams, it suggests that you may lose hope but things will work out well in the end. Alternatively, it signifies your psychic abilities and strength.

In conclusion, we are all shaping the earth and our own future. There is a new awareness around our global responsibilities in life and a new sense of belonging in the world. For example, we are moving towards sustainable industries that think about nature. The earth is discussed and presented many times in daily life and the “external” discussions about the earth can affect our dreams. Everything you do daily makes a difference and this. I think is the true meaning of the dream. Maybe it is time for you to make a change and follow your intuition!

Earthquake dream interpretation:

If you dreamt of an earthquake then this indicates the feelings of your inner security around you, have you been feeling emotional instability in response to an difficult friendship around you? Other people must learn to do the same follow your lead.

Feelings you may have encountered in this dream:

Earth's highlights - the Earth's crust. Love. Social order. The need comfort. Instances. Emotional support. Eagerness to go back to Earth. Inspiration and strength from visualizing the Earth. The feeling of searching for your home on earth and the destructive elements may appear. Not being able to understand time and date. Destructive earthquakes. Eagerness to return back to Earth.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012