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Earth and Earthquake

Earth and Earthquake.

If you see anything broken or damaged due to the earthquake then this dream can also signify that you are going to have an argument with somebody close. The attitudes and relationships around you may be breaking up a new some concern.

The meaning of this dream is that it represents a spiritual upheaval in your life.You may have a dream about the planet Earth above or that you looked down upon the earth in your dream. This dream may also involve the creation of the Earth.



In your dream you may have...


  • See the earths core and networks of the Earth.

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  • Be in or found buried in the earth.

  • Seeing the Earth from a bird's eye view.

  • Witnessed a natural disaster such as an earthquake.

  • Visualized the planet Earth or the social order within our world.



Good things await you if...


  • The dream was positive and you enjoyed your time on Earth - or that you were involved in the creation.

  • The disaster such as the earthquake was overcome and resulted in a happy event.




Dream interpretation...


To dream of the earths crust signifies the support that you have around you and the attitudes and relationships which are required to support you in your life. If you dreamt that you had a birds eye view of the Earth then this indicates that you are making use of all the great opportunities available to you at the moment. In addition, this dream meaning can be focused upon how we are viewed by others in our journey of lif. Have you upset anyone recently? This dream is a direct implication that you need to consider other people around you before embarking on a change in your life.



If you dreamt of the round planet Earth then this indicates you are searching to some kind of social acceptance.


If you dreamt that you are flying around the Earth then this indicates the you are looking for something that is going to nurture your subconscious mind.


Perhaps you're looking towards a new life or a new beginning.



Equally, the Earth is often seen as a symbol for natural support.




 If you are trapped in the Earth or you buried in any way then this indicates that you have set goals to high which tend to over one you in waking life. The ancient dream meaning of an earthquake indicates business failure.




Earthquake dream interpretation...


If you dreamt of an earthquake then this indicates the feelings of your inner security around you, have you been feeling emotional instability in response to an difficult friendship around you?


Other people must learn to do the same follow your lead. 


Feelings you may have encountered in this dream...


Earth's highlights - the Earth's crust. Love. Social order. The need comfort. Instances. Emotional support. Eagerness to go back to Earth. Inspiration and strength from visualising the Earth. The feeling of searching for your home on earth and the destructive elements may appear. Not being able to understand time and date. Destructive earthquakes. Eagerness to return back to Earth.



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