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An artery in dreams is connected to your emotional side of life.

There is a focus on opposites. If the artery is cut in your dream then this indicates happiness and contentment with friends. Arteries are muscular walled tubes that help in circulating oxygenated blood from the heart to various parts of the body.

When you dream of arteries it can suggest how well you carry yourself and your ability to approach difficulties in life. If the arteries in your dream are clogged, it can denote that, there is aspects of your life that are preventing your expression or progress. To see your own arteries severed in your dream can suggest that you still have a lot of things to learn in life.

To dream of arteries suggests vulnerability because, when your arteries are injured in the dream the chances of you dying in the dream are high. Your dream might be associated with feeling vulnerable in life. Do you feel hopelessness at times? Do you feel that you have a clear purpose in life? If you see someone else’s artery cut it could be a warning that you might need to watch your health.

Swollen arteries on a person's arm denote meeting someone new in your life, a person, who will play a significant role in your future and they will end up becoming closer to you. Don't worry as they are trustworthy.

A cut artery in ancient dream dictionaries is symbolic of being involved in an accident. There is something worrying that is about to happen in your life or to someone close to you. Look out for possible signs which could trigger such an event happening. To be in a hospital in your dream after cutting your wrists indicates that you need to be careful of friends.

Dreaming of a situation whereby you are using a tourniquet on an artery can imply that you are in a position to leave a difficult situation in waking life. If you see an animal who has a cut artery cut then this indicates gain due to creativity.

To see blood flowing through arteries in your body can foretell that one of your close relatives will have problems. A neck artery featured in the dream suggests that you will encounter minor money problems in the near future.

In this dream

  • You cut your arteries.
  • You cut your wrists and see your arteries.
  • You see other people’s arteries.
  • You see arteries when working or being in a hospital.
  • You have an operation on your heart.
  • You see a surgeon cut an artery in a hospital.
  • You dream of the arteries of the heart.

Detailed dream interpretation

Cutting your arteries in the dream is a sign that, there is a situation in your life that requires maximum attention. In most cases, the situation is not physical, but an emotional trauma which will lead to an emotional problem in life. Do you lack the motivation of purpose? Do you lack joy in life? If you feel you have no sense of purpose this dream is common. But if the artery is bleeding and you put something to stop the bleeding, it is symbolic that, in real life, you have the potential of reaching success as long as you react to situations quickly. Your skills are unique, thus making it possible for you to perform unusual tasks. You will become a leader amongst your friends and colleagues.

Dreaming that you cut your wrists and could see your arteries is an indication that, you are almost close to a solution of a problem that has been disturbing you.

If you happen to see other people’s arteries in your dream, it implies that you are going to find a trustworthy person whom you will bond well with. Your relationship will be built on trust, thus you will have no need to worry or to be suspicious in life.

If you see arteries while working or being in a hospital, is a good sign because it denotes that, you will gain a promotion at a place of work. A celebration is predicted and others will be happy for you. It is a dream which should result in working extra hard to gain rewards.

A dream of having heart surgery denotes the rebuilding of your self-esteem. To see yourself in the hospital suggests you need to improve your self-image. If during your waking life you are considering heart surgery then it is a dream that is just symbolic to your waking life situation. It should not be taken as anything but your mind thinking about what is happening in waking life.

Most of the time, a dream of heart surgery is related to deliberate changes in your beliefs and personality.  You might be attempting to redefine yourself. On a negative note, it can mean that you are busy trying to impress other people or you don't like another person who is in your life.

Seeing a surgeon cut an artery in a hospital can be an indication that, you are trying to open yourself up or you are undergoing emotional healing. There is a need to cut out something from your life. Alternatively, it can mean that you are feeling an influence of someone in authority over you which is swaying you to act or behave differently. It could also mean that there are noticeable or dramatic changes in your life; where you used to have problems, they are being eliminated or confronted. You could be having a feeling of a serious intervention over a problem.

If you dream of the arteries of the heart then this signifies: truth, love, courage, and romance. It represents how you are currently dealing with your feelings and expressing your emotions. It could also denote that, you need to get to the core of a matter affecting you before you proceed. If the arteries of the heart are bleeding or aching, it represents despair, desperation, sympathy, and extreme sadness; you don't have love or support in a particular situation in your life.

Feelings associated with the dream

Want. Love. Hatred. Desperation. Despair. Abandoned. Sick. Secure. Strong. Intimidated. Sympathetic. Successful. Courageous. Trustworthy. Love

By Florance Saul
Jul 2, 2017