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One of the greatest things about dreaming of puppies is that this is considered a positive omen. Puppies are adorable but they also require lots of work. Think about house training, hyperactive behavior, the need for nurture and of course they are like little babies. Getting a puppy in a dream can indicate the stages you go through in life.

I recently had a dream about a black dog giving birth to white puppies and I was almost bouncing off the walls with glee when I woke up. This then led me (as a medium) to review the dream of puppies from a spiritual context. In a dream, a puppy is a symbol of growing up and learning lessons in life.

This dream is a representation of your own protection of somebody that you care greatly about. I believe that the puppies are “symbolism” of somebody in your life who was strong and sincere. Dog dreams are a representation of loyalty and devotion and are often associated with our connection for others.

Now, dream interpretation can be somewhat subjective, the symbolism is seen in dreams can interconnect and be representative of our daily life. If we turn to psychology, Sigmund Freud who was a famous dream psychologist in the 1930's believed that “dogs” indicate our own friendships and loyalty towards others.

If the puppy was aggressive then this can signify somebody that is disloyal. On the other hand, if the puppy is in a pack and this can indicate you are trying to search for your place in life.

Puppies are representative of our own nurture qualities. The actual breed of the puppies is equally important. Users that have contacted me about this dream generally dream of the golden retriever puppy. I guess because we see this puppy on TV and it is quite a common puppy image. This is quite a common dream the color gold is considered one of the utmost positive omens. So good for you! Dreaming of a golden retriever puppy symbolizes happiness and contentment. If you do not know the breed of puppy then the color can be used to understand more about its context, which I will discuss later on.

Is this dream good or bad?

There are many things in your dream that require interpretation and the “context of the dream” is super important. It is hard for me to say if this dream is bad and good. A great way to uncover this is if you are feeling positive or negative when you wake up. For example, if you were snuggling up to the puppy or the puppy was super cute then the dream is generally positive. On the other side of the spectrum - if the puppy was on the streets in distress then this dream means a negative period in life in regards to your home or finances, but you can overcome this with pure determination and careful spending. The dream could be a message!

Positive dream:

If the puppy was happily bouncing about then this dream can indicate a positive period in life. If you are considering getting a puppy (in real life) it is not uncommon to dream of them and the dream could just be a transition of what is happening in your life.

Remember, that puppies are super adorable. Puppies stand as a symbol of happiness, contentment, talents, abilities, loyalty, and friendship. As you can assume, dreaming about puppies holds a positive meaning. However, just like any other dream, it also has a negative meaning too.

Negative dream:

On a negative note, dreaming about puppies might symbolize the negativity you hold for people who act recklessly.

If you found an abandoned puppy in your dream and decided to adopt it and take care of it this dream may symbolize two things. 1) You’re unhappy about something that you can’t influence. 2) you need to spend more quality time with people who make you happy instead of spending time with people who don’t deserve your time and attention. The puppy can be a representation of toxic relationship.

If you saw hurt, sick or dead puppies in your dream, it’s not the most positive dream. However, it doesn’t signify something bad. On the contrary, it symbolizes your attitude and personality. You’re an amazing person who’s emotional and real and because of that, you’re not favorite among people. Try to hang out with people who share your vision and don’t make you feel like being honest, kind and open-minded is a bad and negative thing.

Dreams about finding puppies

If you found a puppy in a dream it can indicate that you need to think about how those people you care about. Having a puppy in real life is great omen - but this means that you need to think about how you can pick yourself up.

Dreams of a brown puppy

Dreaming about brown puppies is all about feeling grounded. Brown is a spiritual color of development and grounding (like the roots of the tree). The color brown is also connected to ideas and dreams. A brown or tan colored puppy in your dream might indicate a stable relationship and rewards. A close friend of yours might have your back and you don’t even know it! Also, you might get rewarded for something that you’ve done at work.

Dreams of a white/golden puppy

Seeing a white or golden puppy in dreams may symbolize the strong relationship you have with the people you love like your relatives, best friends or partner. Light colored puppies reveal an unbreakable connection that you have with these people in waking life. However, they might also remind you to spend more quality time together with your family. It could be that you are so occupied by your success that you’ve neglected your friends? Think about that for instance!

If you dreamed about light colored puppies, it denotes an aspect of your life that’s currently under development. You’re probably expecting something to go smooth and perfect and make you feel good about yourself. Are you thinking about your childhood dreams or goals?

Dreams of a black puppy

Dreaming about a black puppy does not have a negative interpretation unless you’re feeling poorly or something doesn’t feel right in your life at the moment. A black puppy symbolizes the best qualities you hold in dark times. If you saw one black puppy in your dream, it means that you’re trying to achieve a dream or something special using old-fashioned means. But in order to achieve success, you have to make better plans. But most importantly, you must want it with all your heart.

Alternatively, black puppies in dreams might symbolize your sexuality. It can mean you are having a strange desire that you’re just too afraid to accomplish.

Dreams of a newborn puppy

Newborn puppies in your dream might also suggest that you should take your time to create and improve plans if you want success. And the number of puppies you see may denote the number of days, months or years you need to accomplish a certain goal that you have on mind.

Dreams of a puppy meaning and interpretation

To dream about puppies in my view denotes a strong feeling will come over you and the “puppy” per se symbolizes a powerful relationship you have with someone in waking life. If you’re feeling emotional, dreaming about a puppy often occurs. When you dream about these cuddly animals, ask yourself: “What has touched my heart recently and why?” Are you acting protective of something or someone at the moment? Are you falling in love with someone? If the answer to all these questions is YES, it might result in a dream about puppies.

Dogs Mean Loyalty

Dogs are connected to friends and being “loyal.” Dreaming about puppies might represent your loyalty towards someone or something in your waking life. Also, if you have made an investment recently and you’re waiting for positive results, this dream reveals “fruition.” And, your latest investment will pay off.

What can I learn from this dream?

Ok, this dream might symbolize your own personal development. The dream could also be a “sign” someone is trying to encourage you to continue to “work on yourself.” I know that in life we don’t always think about ourselves. A puppy could be a symbol of the “best version of yourself.”

If the puppies in your dream were a strange color, your dream indicates happy family moments. Brown is the color of the soil, nature, and warmth. But it’s also the color of the family.

So, if you’re dreaming about something as adorable as brown puppies, you’ll experience absolute happiness. Maybe you will deepen the relationship with a close family member.

If you were training a puppy in your dream, it’s a positive sign. It denotes your kindness and generosity. You’re always ready to help a friend or someone in need. So, your dream represents your honest wish to teach others what you know and share your knowledge.

If you were taking care of puppies in your dream, it symbolizes your responsibility and availability. You’re always there to offer help, support and honest advice with people in need. Alternatively, you lack a bigger responsibility in life. Don’t be afraid to make a change in your life and risk something you already have to get something you dream of.

If you dreamed about grooming puppies, it reveals a positive attitude. You enjoy showing off.

Other meanings of puppies in dreams

There are a few other interpretations worth mentioning. Buying a puppy in your dream might signify your carefree and playful personality. Luck follows you around. And it will stick by your side for a while. Also, your dream might represent the development of honest friendships.

Playing with puppies in your dream means that you will probably receive love or present from someone you love. Your dream foretells an amazing surprise according to old dream lore. Playing with puppies in your dream may also represent your wish to have your own child.

Seeing sleeping puppies in your dream reveals your wish for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with other people. You’re an amazing and thoughtful person who’s always taking care of other people, even the ones who don’t deserve it, hoping that they will change.

If you see a lot of puppies in one place in your dream foretells a lot of meetings with a person who’s younger than you. However, even though this individual doesn’t have your age, they share your vision. You will hang out with this open-minded person and you will create amazing stuff together. Alternatively, you’re worried about the younger people in your life. Maybe you feel responsible for a young person?

If you saw puppies running or going for a walk it denotes an old love. Maybe someone you lost will come back into your life. But think twice about giving them a second chance and question their intention. Alternatively, your dream indicates an interesting, young person who wants your attention. It’s someone you already know and trying to avoid. However, you’re going to fall for this person and have the time of your life. It may develop into a relationship.

If puppies were barking in your dream this indicates a sign from above, it foreshadows conflicts and fights. To see hurt, skinny or dirty puppies in a dream denotes that you will experience misfortune but this will be short-lived. And, you will get back on your feet fast. To see a puppy sleeping in a dream represents ideas, carefree personality and true relationships.

In summary, puppies appear in your dreams to remind you to use your intuition, share your knowledge and help those in need. My final message regarding this dream is to never hesitate to spend some extra time planning your goals.

By Flo Saul
Mar 22, 2019