Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

To dream of a tail is a warning that a situation you may face or is connected to your own sexual pleasure.

A tail can be elevated or lowered which means it can relate to sexual pleasure in dreams. Seeing a bushy tail relates to problems you may face in life.

The tensions you feel from your work, your friends or family could symbolize that you grew a tail. Nonetheless, it may furthermore link to several animals. Dogs and cats as an example raise their particular tail when they are happy or for intercourse. However, many animals such as the lion or horse raise their tail whenever they are trying to prepare for a fight. Thus, this means that you should focus on how other people view you.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen a curly tail.
  • Seen a tail on an animal.
  • Grew a tail in your dream.
  • Stood on a tail in your dream.
  • Seen people who grew a tail.
  • Seen a cat's tail.
  • Seen a dog's tail.
  • Cut off a tail.

Positive changes are a foot if

  • You grew a tail.
  • You could see a tail on an animal.

Detailed dream interpretation

The tail may also represent how you feel about others. To wag a tail that you have grown means that you need to understand your instinctive urges or perhaps other peoples. To have a dream of a curly tail means that things in life are going to go around in circles. A horses tail featured in a dream means that you need a holiday, go out in the sunshine!

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a tail

Fear, anger, wanting to help someone, relief that someone is safe or saved.

By Flo Saul
Jan 20, 2013