Dreams About Running

Dreams About Running

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Dreams about running represent escaping reality and there are many meanings attached to running during your sleep.

Running enables our blood to pump through our bodies, air that fills our lungs and enables us in real life to be whole again - in waking life. Running in dreams can often be associated with nightmares I am afraid, if you are running away from something terrible such as a killer or monster this can imply worries and anxiety in life. This dream (if a nightmare) indicates a passage of strength that you need to continue. The dream itself is connected to the following: trying to get away from a problem, personal growth, challenges and joys in life. Running is hard and can indicate that you need to focus on a goal in life. Besides, spiritually, running indicates that you need to understand your goals and personal focus on life.

The most obvious meaning of this dream is that you are trying to escape reality. I have written about running in another dream meaning but here I am going to specifically focus on "dreams about running" in general and what they actually mean. The dream meaning of running is associated with “trying to escape from something in life.” To see yourself running away is all about chasing a goal or running from something in life. My first experience of a running dream was when I was chasing my cat in a dream. The distance that you ran during the dream can indicate the challenge you are facing and that you will face a challenge soon. Being lost and running can indicate that you cannot find your way in life. To run for fitness or to lose weight in a dream is associated with your psychical ineptness and that you may be under stress at the moment and you need to charge your own batteries. I'm Flo and I will help you decode this dream - so scroll down.

What does dreaming about running alone means?

To dream of running alone reveals how you feel about your life and the path you’re taking to progress. Often dreaming of running on your own can indicate feeling “completely alone” like you always have to fight hard to get what you want. I am sorry, this is not a more positive meaning. Escaping by running away symbolizes problems in life, and that you are trying to get away. Seeing yourself running on a road can mean that nothing seems to come easy for you. But it’s not a bad thing. In fact, it’s great you’re not getting anything the easy way. This way you learn to appreciate things more. Running keeps us in good shape in the dream state and in reality. Running up mountains, down hills and over roads in a dream can indicate that you will take on new challenges that may need your mental fortitude.

What does it mean to dream about running with other people?

To dream of running with other people or in a group represents your competitive spirit and your constant need to prove yourself to people. This is a sign to stop exhausting yourself to prove you’re a tough and capable person. Everyone knows what you are capable of if you are running happily in the dream. Group running in a dream, say around a track is interesting as it means that no matter what will happen you will succeed. Competing in a marathon indicates that in time things will get better in life. To race on a racing track indicates that in time things will be better in life.

What does dreaming of running without little effort denote?

To dream of running without little effort denotes your strong spirit and persistence. You never give up on the things you love because you’re aware that everything you dream of could be yours. If you practice the law of attraction this dream is common. But don’t keep all your knowledge to yourself. Share it. Running across a beach indicates long-wanted dreams will finally come true. To glide across the track or sidewalk can imply a new approach to life's problems.

What does dreaming of running slow or fast represent?

To dream of running fast represents your life journey. Everything’s happening so fast. In fact, you’re the one rushing to accomplish all at once. Take a small break. Running slow or just jogging slowly can indicate a need to "slow down" to understand things better.

What does dreaming of running towards something mean?

To dream of running towards something reveals your current mental and emotional state. You’re headed toward something in waking life. You’ve become obsessed with achieving some goals that you forgot how it is to enjoy the moment. Relax a bit and just go with the flow for a while. You need a recharge. Your creativity needs renewal.

What does dreaming of running away from something foretells?

To dream of running away from something predicts an unexpected event coming. Or someone new walking into your life and applying some unexpected changes. This could imply that you will be shocked and try to run away from whatever’s going to happen. But everything you’re about to experience will be for your own good. Meaning, you should embrace whatever’s coming instead of freaking out. Alternatively, your dream reveals the guilt you’re feeling. You want to run away from yourself, but no one has managed to do that so far. It’s best if you forgive yourself and just let go. The best is yet to come.

What does dreaming of running away from a dangerous animal means?

To dream of running away from a dangerous animal reveals how you see someone in your waking life. Or how you perceive a certain event – like a dangerous animal trying to eat you alive. Whatever it is, you need to put an end to it because even if you feel hopeless and not able to confront, you are much stronger than you believe. Alternatively, your dream might indicate some problems at work. Are you arguing with your boss often? Or disagree with some of your co-workers? If yes, the animal in your dream is portraying your work problems. You should think about what you want to really do in life.

What does dreaming of being unable to run symbolize?

To dream of being unable to run symbolizes how you actually feel in waking life. If you cannot run in a dream it can mean that you are disappointed in life because of a couple of unexpected failures. So what if you failed? Haven’t you heard that failure is an important part of victory? And guess what? It’s not just important but crucial for your future success. The more you fail, the stronger you get, and the sweeter your victory will be. Alternatively, your dream might portray your love life. Are you feeling unable to proceed with your relationship?

What does dreaming of a ghost running from you signify?

Some people have contacted me about seeing a ghost running after them! To dream of a ghost running from you signifies your fear of the unknown. To dream of running away from a ghost or spirit can indicate that you worry too much about everything. And most of the things you worry about never happen. Have you ever considered walking into the unknown without any hesitation and see where it takes you? Break free from your own limitations and mental barriers.

What does dreaming of running away from a snake mean?

To dream of running away from a snake has a transparent interpretation in that it means you are trying to hide from the truth. Why would you dream about running away from a snake? What is it that you don’t like about the snake? Are you feeling guilty of something? Snakes in dreams represent deceit, this dream can mean you are trying to run away from someone who may be dishonest!

What does dreaming of running from a killer indicate?

To dream of running from a killer indicates a danger in waking life. You’re already aware of what’s coming, but you’re not much aware of the danger that comes along with the challenge. Alternatively, your dream denotes a dangerous situation in which you’re going to use your skills and abilities to protect yourself and your family.

What does dreaming of running from your loved one means?

To dream of running from your loved one means you’re having something that you need to get off your chest. Instead, you decide to run away from what you’re feeling and ignore your intuition. Running away from a problem doesn’t help you solve it.

What does dreaming of running long distance foreshadow?

To dream of running long distance foreshadows your ambition and motivation to deal with whatever it takes to accomplish your life goals. Buckle up. It’s going to be a long trip until you get where you want to be. And remember that often the journey is more important than the destination. Alternatively, your dream state reveals your tiredness.

What does dreaming about not being able to move while you are trying to run says?

Not being able to move while trying to run in your dream denotes some obstacles on your way to your dreams in waking life. Instead of panicking, make a concise plan to overcome these obstacles. Your efforts will pay off. You will get a positive outcome.

What does dreaming of running until completely exhausted represent?

To dream of running until your completely exhausted denotes your efforts to keep your life from falling apart. Have you ever considered letting all go and see what’s the worst thing that can happen? This can also mean that you can overcome anything. Alternatively, your dream reflects a hard-working nature.

What does dreaming about someone running away from danger means?

To dream of someone running away from danger means you will come to a crossroad where you will have to decide if you’re going to help someone even if it puts you in danger. Or you will walk away and close your eyes to a cry for help.

What does dreaming about watching a running competition symbolize?

To dream of watching a running competition or participating in competitive running symbolizes wealth, success and work progress. Dreaming about a running competition means you’re confident that your rivals work too hard to overcome your success. You know they will never reach for your position and it reflects in your dream. Your dream signifies your self-esteem.

What does dreaming about a lot of people running in front of you signify?

To dream of a lot of people running in front of you symbolizes your fear of being left aside or ending up alone. Your dream also reflects your opinion of you. Do you view yourself as a failure and you always feel like others are better than you? This dream can mean you should altar your way of thinking and change peoples attitude toward you. This dream can mean taking on a more positive mindset.

What does dreaming about not being able to stop running indicate?

To dream of not being able to stop running indicates tiredness, hidden emotions, great ambition and unrealized dreams. You are not one’s rushing you except for yourself. Take a deep breath and relax over a cocktail. Otherwise, your mind will be too exhausted to follow your motivation.

What does dreaming about running against someone means?

To dream about running against someone means you will take risks in the near future. These risks will either make your life better or break your spirit. Either way, they will change your life. Alternatively, your dream state reflects your competitive spirit. You like to prove yourself all the time.

What does dreaming of running away from some danger mean?

To dream of running away from danger means you’re afraid of eventual failure in real life I am sorry to say. This dream also means there is a possible chance of victory. The dream means that you should look at all situations – even if you feel insecure about the outcome. Alternatively, your dream indicates a real danger coming on your way.

What does dreaming of running towards some people represent?

To dream of running towards some people represents your dependence of someone you care about in waking life. Learn to love solitude. Also, running towards people you know is a great dream to have it can suggest a new start in life.

What does it mean to dream about running endlessly?

To dream about running endlessly denotes your point of view maybe stuck. When I mention stuck I am referring to not being able to see things for what they are. You see life as an endless run for example, that’s bringing you nothing else but tiredness and disappointment. I know we feel like giving up sometimes but this dream means you need to keep going. This dream also represents your work effort. Do you feel like you work your ass off? If you do work hard then soon, it will all pay off. Alternatively, if you’re dealing with depression and need to heal then running long distances in your dream is not uncommon.

What does dreaming about running away means?

One of the most popular dreams ever, running away often means we have some hidden anxieties. To dream about running away implies to your suppressed emotions. How you feel, reflects on the outside. And even if you think no one notices that fake smile of yours, they actually do. The spiritual message regarding running away in dreams indicates: do not give up. Alternatively, this dream denotes a toxic relationship in your life.

What does dreaming of someone running away from you means?

Sometimes it is not uncommon to dream of someone you know running away from you. I had this dream a few times when I dreamed of my friend running from me. To dream of someone running away from your reveals your fear of the person will influence your life you in waking life. It can imply that you have faced a number of disappointments. While we sleep our mind is sometimes focused on worries in life. This is a message to try to learn how to deal with problems and accept what you can’t change. This is a sign to stop worrying.

What does dreaming of running after someone and catching him or her means?

To dream of running after someone and actually catching them suggests you are determined enough to keep fighting for what you want in life. The spiritual message here is to not give up on your dreams. Alternatively, if you’re having communication issues with a person you’re trying to avoid then this dream is common. However, you’re doing the wrong thing. Face your problems instead of hiding them under the carpet.

What does dreaming of running into someone signify?

Bumping into someone or running into something in a dream signifies your desperate need to run for help to an honest, reliable person in waking life. Sometimes in life we dream of the perfect ending and the happily ever after. This dream can also mean you are trying to find of real friends.

What does dreaming of running fast downstairs symbolize?

This is quite interesting, stairs are spiritually connected to our inner goals. When you run up this is positive, however running down is negative. To dream of running fast downstairs reflects the emotional setbacks you’re facing. It also denotes a current situation you’re struggling with. Try not to believe that you will fail. I like this following saying: remember that to enjoy the rainbow and sun again, you have to feel the rain too.

What does dreaming of running fast upstairs represent?

To dream of running fast upstairs denotes ones fast movement through life. If you are rushing to accomplish your higher life goals then this means you can sometimes miss the most important things. Also, your dream state indicates climbing a higher level of self-awareness.

In summary, running away from something in a dream can apply your own fears and you are trying to escape responsibilities or that you are feeling worried and anxious about certain area in your life. If you successfully run away from whatever is chasing you in a dream this can imply happiness and contentment. If you’re unable to run in a dream this is associated with a change in life.

By Florance Saul
Jun 17, 2018