Waking you up in a dream

Waking you up in a dream

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Did you dream someone woke you up in the dream state?

Awakening is to arouse from sleep, which causes you to stop sleeping. If you happen to see someone being awakened or you are awakened in your sleep, it is a good sign because it symbolizes freedom and escape. When you find yourself in a dream where someone is wakening you up this may result in confusion - are you still asleep or not? To be woken by your mother in the dream state symbolizes over-reliance on someone or something. Such dreams come with one taking charge of whatever it is that they are offered to accomplish. You will embark on tasks that have been assigned in your life, which will automatically result in positive situations.

Detailed dream interpretation

If in the dream you are awakened it denotes that success will be yours. New opportunities are opening before you and you need these to make sure that get the most from life. If you experienced a spiritual awakening in your dream this implies that you identify new challenges in life. Your hard work will enable you to achieve success. This is a new beginning for you and all those around you will notice the change in you and appreciate it. You are going to be an asset to your friends and relatives as they will benefit from your experience in life. To see other people awakened in your dream indicates that you are at a disadvantage in life.

Perhaps you have a feeling that you can achieve much more in life. If you are awakened by an animal or creature this indicates other people feel you’re neglecting their needs. If you experience false awakening in your dream then this suggests that opportunities around you will be limited. There may be some people that you do not trust. If you are awakened by kidnapper this suggests that you will be supported by somebody close to you. If you’re worried about awakening somebody in a dream such as a murderer or animal this indicates that you do not feel settled in your current home environment.

If you feel that you are worried that giants will awaken in your dream it can suggest that you are not settled in what you are currently doing in life. A situation where you see aliens that are sleeping and you are worried about awakening them, it implies that you are presented with many opportunities in your life, but you have a feeling that, they are too big for you to handle. To wake up in your dream but still be in the dream state is often associated with false awakening so please see this link for more information.

In this dream, you may have

  • Suddenly been awakened in the dream.
  • Experienced a spiritual awakening.
  • Seen others be awakened.
  • Experienced a false awakening.
  • Worried that people will awake in a dream. (such as murder, kidnapper or a monster)
  • Seen giants sleeping - you are worried about awakening them.

Feelings Associated with the Dream

Isolated. Neglected. Unsuccessful. Risky

By Florance Saul
Jun 19, 2017