Friends dream dictionary

What does it mean when you dream about your friend?

In the Persian tradition, a friend in dreams announces spiritual problems, grief, and sorrow. Westerners believe that if you dream of a friend, there may be some conflict with this person in the future. 

What does it mean when you dream about your friend?

The dream is positive if you receive a friend in your house, and it suggests good relationships with others. Friends in dreams can be omens of your past. Our dreams can contain messages about others: maybe in ways, we could help them or warnings to stay away from them! If you dream suddenly that a friend from school is in trouble, contact him or her the following day it may mean they are in trouble in waking life. Sometimes, the unconscious mind can pick up subtle messages that our conscious minds might miss.

Our dreams can connect us to deeper levels of our psyche, such as archetypal energies or deeper spiritual layers. These are what Jung called "big dreams". These dreams can bring us into touch with our inner guides or inner gurus. Or, at a more basic level, they may give one a clue for what we are looking for - solitude or more contact with our friend for example.

If you see friends in your dream, this indicates that you need to better relate to people around you. If you know the identity of the friend in your dream, you need to be able to look at the relationship with that person in order to find ways to improve it. If you see yourself as a child playing with old friends, this generally suggests that you started questioning your identity.

Even though our dreams are a personal conversation with our unconscious, there are commonalities in the images we experience. Jung called this the collective unconscious. The collective image bank contains archetypes. An archetype, as you'll recall, is a common pattern of experience that is shared by all people. It can appear in many forms, including as a symbol or image, a pattern or feeling, as well as an idea, person, or even an idea.

Archetypes are useful because they communicate ideas that others can understand. These archetypes can help us to build a structure or based on the experiences of those who have been there before. These can be helpful in helping us discover the meaning of our dreams. 

A friend is someone who you depend on. When we go through spiritual growth, they may appear in our dreams. The friend could indicate that you need to retreat' * for a while and be alone away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This friend as a symbol may be telling you to listen and follow your intuition - it is a message to you. Maybe you listen too much to the negative side of others and ignore your own instincts. You can see the friend in many forms: as on their own, as a monk, nun, or as a friendly dog in a dream. A similar archetypal figure, the guru, may be seen in dreams when we need to focus on ourselves for a while.

What is the general dream meaning of a friend?

A friend in your dream generally indicates a visit. Having a friend means a promising future. If in your dream you are traveling with a friend, this suggests separation. Hugging a friend means there may be some good news. Having fun with a friend in your dream is a sign of gain. Lying to a friend is an omen of hate towards somebody. Recognizing a friend in a dream symbolizes a mistake of yours that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Being proud of a friend symbolizes dashed hopes. Visiting a friend in a dream shows that you need patience in order to be promoted in your work.

If in your dream you are spending time with your friends, this means that you will undergo financial growth and you will be healthy. But dreaming of a friend can also be a bad omen. It can refer to something that may upset or sadden you. A sick friend means that you will avoid danger. Fighting with friends in dreams signifies good news from a real friend.

A faraway friend appearing in your dream is a sign that he or she is sick or is in trouble. If the friend is calm and content, the dream tells you to expect news from this person any time soon. Dreaming of a female friend suggests your reciprocal feelings in friendship, but also in love. An old friend that you have not seen for a long time is a sign that you will soon meet with friends from your past, but not necessarily with the one you dreamed about. If in your dream your friends are happy, the good news is ahead, and you could soon meet a person you love.

An upset friend in your dream is a herald of illness and suffering. A friend looking like an animal means that, because of some enemies, you will separate from close people. A friend wearing red clothes means worry and anxiety for your relatives. A friend seen at a high altitude tells that you will have lots of things to solve if you want to prove that you are correct. A friend seen at a low altitude means you will neglect your friends and relatives because you are charmed by your success.

If you dream you are departing from a friend’s house, it is a sign that the cause of some quarrels will lead to dubious pleasures. Shaking hands with a friend means you will part with somebody, or you will lose that friend.

What does it mean to dream of your best friend?

You may find the relationship with this friend is deeper than any other and that you dream of your friend. Some friendships just deteriorate or you just lose contact, but to dream of a best friend can indicate that you are both closely linked spiritually. Seeing your best friend in your dream is a sign that you are valuing the relationship, depending on the context of the dream. In our dream state, we often process relationships with others. You may find that your friendship is maybe lopsided, or that you accept the friendship is tight the dream is about the level of comfort that you feel and the trust in the friendship. If there has been an extended absence in the friendship then this dream tends to take place. At the end of the day if you have not heard your friend's friendly voice then this could simply be a dream whereby you need to be in touch with that friend. In friendship, we need to love the other person, not in the form of romance, if love fails or a friendship fails then this is about developing the kind of friendship to build on. 

What does it mean if you dream of a friend turned enemy?

Did you fight with your friend in a dream? Maybe the ex-friend is an assertive, aggressive character who can be very difficult to control in the dream. The ex-friend is skilled, confident, brave, and efficient. What do you think about this figure? Is it a reminder of someone you know or a warning to you to be assertive and not just passive? Are you fighting with someone or do you find the figure threatening and hostile?

What does a childhood friend mean in a dream?

Our childhood friends are very important to us in waking life. Even if you do not connect with the current friend (on a daily basis) then if they visit you in a dream state it could suggest that you may have a serious need for the kind of relationship you had during your childhood years. The dream is lucky if the childhood friend was somebody that you wanted to see. An old dream dictionary book that I have from the 1950s states that a dream of a childhood friend indicates profitable new associations.

If you dream of your childhood friends at school and this can suggest peace and comfort in your daily life. Hopefully future is as promised if you are dreaming of a childhood best friend. Often we sometimes reconnect with our past when we are feeling worried about the future. What are you worrying about? The dream can also indicate that you may meet new and interesting people if you dream of connecting with your childhood friend and in the dream, you had a fun time.

What does dreaming about a lost friend?

In life we sometimes lose connection with people, this is just something that normally happens to us all. It can cause heartache if a friend decides that they no longer want to be part of your life. To dream of a long-lost friend whereby there was no conflict can indicate happy and productive living. It is a sign of new responsibilities and relationships are coming your way. If the long-lost friend is featured positively in the dream then this is a sign that you will enjoy the company of others. To dream of a friend you have fallen out with can indicate that you are trying to heal from the relationship. Maybe they said "sorry" in the dream or that things were back to how they were before. What are you missing from your life that this friend bought you into your life? Is it security, happiness? The dream has come for a reason. 

What does the dream of a friend who has died mean?

Dreaming of a deceased friend or somebody that has passed over is generally an indication that you are feeling the energy and the memories of your friend. If the passing was recent and it's not uncommon to dream of those that have passed over. The dream can mean that you are reconnecting with the spirit of your friend.

What does it mean to dream about a friend who does not know you exist?

The dream often indicates an old friend is in trouble of some sort if you dream of your friend not knowing who you are. A dream in which it upset you that the friend did not know of your existence can be an indication that receiving a message from this friend will happen in the near future. Suffice to say you will properly receive some good news from this friend. It is often not recommended that we are ostracised in life, and this can have a direct impact on our psychic well-being. If your friend has been ignoring you recently that the impact of this can vary from person to person you may benefit from some additional support. Coping and recovering from the experience of breaking up with a friend in real life can take time to heal.

What is the biblical meaning of dreaming of a friendship?

The bible tells us to naturally "love the Lord thy God with all your heart" and to love your neighbor as you would love yourself" the biblical meaning of dreaming of a friend and that you need to think about how you can improve the relationship. Dreams often reflect our inner world. They are a representation of the psychic space we inhabit in our inner world. Write down the details of your friend in your dreams, what was they doing and what can you learn from this dream. How can you treat people better?

What does it mean to dream of a former friend?

To dream of a former friend represents your direct association with the relationship in waking life. The former friend could be there is a way for you to repair the damage in your relationship. There is a reason why this was a former friend. If you just lost touch with a friend and it could mean that you may need to rekindle the relationship. The dream is also a warning against having any conflict with relatives, and you need to be certain of change for the better in all your friendships going forward.

What does it mean to dream of a dying friend?

Dreaming of somebody dying is never an easy dream to handle. Through no fault of your own try to make sure that you do not get into trouble with other people if you had a dream of a dying friend. In the same token, dying injuries represent transformation and it could mean that your relationship with this friend will take a new turn and foretell happiness go forward.

Everything normally has a beginning and an end and if you dream of dying a friend it can point towards a new start in the relationship this is generally a positive omen. I do refer to the spiritual reading when I say this.

If you are a man you dream of as a dying friend it can often represent that you are feeling nervous in your social relationships, and you might be confronted with a momentous decision when it comes to your relationships in waking life. If you are a female you're dreaming of a dying friend then it can mean transformation, pleasant and successful predictions going forward. Perhaps this is a new clean slate and it foretells that you will be prepared in relationships going forward. The actual way the friend dies in a dream is also important to consider.

What does it mean to dream of sleeping with a friend?

To dream of sleeping with a friend or having a "relationship" when you don't have this type of relationship in waking life can be quite shocking the dream. We've got to remember that our friends are quite close to us in the dream, therefore to dream that you are sleeping with a friend can suggest that this is a repressed desire for either of you. Our unconscious mind picks out some very interesting things - when it comes to dreams.

Therefore sleeping with a friend in a dream can indicate that you might feel you want to connect with them more. I also must say that this dream is a connection of love. Touch itself is a reaffirmation of your love for another person. Love can come in all different shapes and sizes. Everything is probally okay in your relationship and this dream does represent that you have deep feelings for your friend. Next time you are with your friend look at the body language as this suggests whether you trust your friend or not perhaps one of you doesn't feel friendship is strong enough to allow the other one to truly express their emotions. If there is intimacy during the dream then this can indicate that you are trying to communicate with your friend on some level.

What does it mean to dream of a friend crying?

If you dream about a friend who is crying and this can indicate that there are suppressed emotions between you and your friend. Perhaps a friend is not happy with you at the moment, alternatively, you had conflict and argument. Often, if things between you and your friend are on good terms it can indicate that there is some pent-up energy that needs to be released. Think about the friendship that you have and do you value this friendship? Our dreams can come in many shapes and sizes, and the different symbols can mean different things. Are you happy with this friendship at the moment? How do you feel about the friendship? The spiritual message of a dream of seeing a friend upset or crying indicates that you need to accept willingly to encircle yourself with people who care for you.

What does it mean to dream about your ex or partner sleeping with your friend?

This is quite an interesting dream, I will say that perhaps you have picked up subconsciously on some energy between your friend and your partner (boyfriend or girlfriend) Friends do run off with each other's partners, I'm not saying that this is reality but just to be aware that it could be that you have picked up on some sort of energy going forward. If either of you or your partner have fallen out with each other or there is no longer loving the relationship then it's quite common that one partner may try to escape.

The first rule if losing a partner to a friend is important to you then we need to look at the biblical meaning of the dream. God said "husbands love your wife" and this is normally a rule for a marriage that is successful. On another note, it can also indicate not to take each other for granted. Obviously, in relationships, we pay less attention to each other and this is just a natural occurrence. All the romantic things in life start to be removed, so the dream is to evaluate if the relationship is still what you want it to be? If not, change things.

What does it mean to dream of falling out with a friend?

Dreaming of falling out with a friend can indicate that you may find conflicts in the future. The dream itself predicts experiences with friendships and emotions often in dreams if we are being attacked by a friend or whether there is any violence involved this can signal it is important to consider there will be a change coming. To dream that you fall out with your friend is a positive omen, but I must say, it is important to look at the relationship and the willingness of your friend going forward. Do you still want to be friends with this person in your waking life? most friends often need to talk through problems in life and direct that bond towards you.

What does it mean to dream of a friend's house?

Dreaming of being at a friend's house is about your relationship. Which type of house does your friend have? (Who do you think they are as a person?) Is it large or small? How do you feel comfortable in the dream? Are you warm or cold in the house? Is it welcoming and inviting? Do you find yourself more reserved than you are able to get along with others? Dreams often reflect our inner world. Houses of friends in dreams are a representation of the psychic space we inhabit in our inner world and the relationship we have with them. Perhaps the roof has fallen off your friend's house. Are you feeling insecure or vulnerable? Perhaps water is slowly rising to flood their living room. Do you feel deeply suppressed emotions that threaten to engulf you? The house in your dream of your friend represents you and your relationship. That is why the dream can reveal surprising aspects about your current relationship with your friend. 

What is the summary meaning of a dream about a friend?

How does the situation that you dream about relate to your current friendship? You might see yourself going back to school in your dream, or you could be in a relationship with a friend. This dream may be part of your grieving and healing process or for you to take note of the friendship.

The dreaming of the is maybe an indication that there are unresolved issues still lurking in your psyche, in connection with this friend. These types of dreams are very interesting. This could indicate that there is an underlying issue you aren't addressing regarding your friend. It may be that your unconscious is trying to communicate with you. Surprisingly, recurring friends in dreams can sometimes predict the future. God bless. Flo x

What are the older meanings of a dream of a friend mean?

  • Seen an old friend - memories are coming back to you in life.
  • Seen a new friend - you will meet new people.
  • Seen a male or female friend - aspects of the friendship need review.
  • Had a friend in your house - that you are feeling comfortable in the friendship.
  • Made a friend or been joined by a friend - a positive dream indicates you like the relationship.
  • Recognized a friend - seeing a friend (and it was a happy dream) is a positive omen.
  • Been proud of your friend - this is a dream that means you will be proud going forward.
  • Hugged a friend - loving friendship that you have in life.
  • Traveled with a friend - you will go to new heights.
  • Had fun with a friend - good social times are ahead. 
  • Lied to a friend - you are lying to yourself. 
  • Visited a friend - great social visits are ahead. 
  • Fought with a friend - there is something wrong with a relationship in waking life.
  • Paid attention to a sick friend - you will soon see a change in someone.
  • Shook hands with a friend - things will get better in life.
  • Parted with a friend - transformation,

What positive things in the dream of a friend mean this is a good dream?

  • You invite the friend over to your house.
  • You dream of a pleasant experience with a friend.
  • You have a funny experience with a friend in your dream.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of friends

Happy. Joyful. Busy. Sad. Confused. Bitter. Upset.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012