Dreams About Your Deceased Child

Deceased child dream meaning

Spiritual Dream Meanings Of Being Visited

Dreaming of your deceased child can be extremely heart-wrenching, the first question that comes to mind is if the deceased child is trying to communicate through the spirit world? I will address this later in this dream meaning. The loss of a child is one of the most painful things anyone can suffer, even if that child is an adult. It is difficult for yourself as the automatic assumption is that children should outlive their parents. This dream may open your eyes to how you are currently managing the grief of such a traumatic event in your life. 

Dream psychologists and dreaming of a deceased child

In chapter 7 of the book “the interpretation of dreams” written in the 1900s by Sigmund Freud, Freud mentioned a dream about the context of a woman who lost a child then had a dream of her visitation. In this particular proclaimed chapter - the dream conclusion was focused on her dealing with her grief. Freud delved into the psychological aspects of having such a dream, Sigmund Freud believed the dream of her deceased child was a direct result of the dreamer dealing with loss and bridging the gap between life and death. However, the question which is on one's mind when experiencing such dreams is this a visitation dream. Was it a means for your child to communicate with you? 

Dreams of the deceased child when they are still living

I thought I ought to redress this because i'm assuming that you had a dream about your child who was passed, to dream that your child has deceased however they are still living is a dream that is very much focused on an element of anxiety in your current life. In a strange way, this dream can also signify that you are encountering a milestone with the child. Often, as children develop they go through different phases, even as teenagers. When our children reach a certain point in time things change. We constantly compare them to other children to make sure that they are reaching their full potential. To dream of a deceased child is quite a traumatic experience, it is one of parents' greatest fears. I have written a more detailed dream meaning about a child dying in a dream which you can find by clicking here.

Why did you have a dream of your deceased child?

Visitation dreams of our child can have a striking emotional response, if you have recently lost a child and your son or daughter has returned to you during your sleep then this is quite a rare dream. What makes these dreams memorable is that they feel real and create electrifying feelings that carry over to our waking lives. 

In some dreams of a deceased child, one can actually feel the touch or emotions of the child. You may be skeptical in regard to supernatural phenomena, although you might be left wondering if this is really a spiritual encounter whereby the visit is in fact a uniquely realistic form of communication from the spirit. 

Unfortunately, our subconscious mind reminds us of our terrible loss once again. In Freudian terms, it is easy to just describe such a dream as “wishful thinking” or “grief induced” however often these dreams can seem as if the child is visibly alive and present. Visitation dreams of a deceased child do not necessarily define death but provide the connection that we need at the end of the road. There is a huge array of accounts of people who have experienced being visited by a deceased child, the question that we must naturally ask is if this is more of a human brain manifestation or does it involve actual spiritual encounters with the soul of our child.

Is the dream of a deceased child a spiritual encounter?

If we look at tribal communities of Australia and Africa the native people of North and South America have always believed that we retain a spiritual connection with those that have passed. Although, the cultures of tribes and the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, China, and India regarded the primary means of maintaining a relationship with a deceased person through our dreams. Death is all part of life and was accepted in ancient Egypt. When people (including children) were about to cross over they received a set of spells and incarnations. We now know from historic writings that this refers to the “Egyptian book of the dead.” Spells were intended to help the soul move across and guide people to the passage of the next life. Turning to Buddhism it is often assumed that every living creature or soul is released into enlightenment. This is to help us deal and escape the painful cycle of losing our most treasured possession, our loved one.

The other thing that we must consider is only a small percentage of people and actually self-aware within the dream state. The psychological researchers into dreams are often divided about whether the dreams are about our brains and mind functioning alternatively from a more spiritual force. Some people regularly experience lucid dreams and this, in turn, gives us many sources of spiritual discovery. 

To have an incredibly powerful dream about your deceased child can transform your understanding and provide reassurance that the spirit and soul is safe. 

Although the dream itself may appear to be strange, alternatively from a more reassuring perspective we must be aware that there is a close connection between death, dreaming, and sleep. Often by moving through the doorway of our subconscious mind the realms of spiritual mystery where souls take wonderful journeys of discovery provide us with a source of insight into our own individual hopes, beliefs, feelings, and desires around having to deal with such trauma of death in our waking lives. The first piece of advice that I'm going to give (if you've had a dream about a deceased child) is to not be puzzled or mystified. Consider the dream itself in terms of the full arc of your grief. 

Often our dreams mirror the experiences that we have in waking life even though they do appear to be of meaningful reality. Dreams relating to a deceased child or a visitation dream can often appear to be rather bizarre, however, they are sources of personal insight and comfort. When we talk about dreams the question is always posed as to why they're so hard to understand. Other times there is the question that we can become baffled or even frustrated at understanding the dream world. The dream of the deceased child bridges both life-and-death experiences.

Did my deceased child actually visit me in my dream?

The most commonly encountered spirits mediums connect with are those of ancestors or highly elevated masters known as demigods. In your dream, it could have been clear that your deceased child was being looked after by an ancestor, angels, a higher spirit of somebody that you know. We encounter past life journeys in this world and when we pass our previous connections can look after us as we cross over.

When we look into our waking life we often want to prove, beyond a shadow of the doubt that something in our life has occurred. The visitation dream of your deceased child may be evidence to suggest that there is in fact a life after death. Obviously, it's impossible for anybody to conclusively prove that heaven itself is a real place. This is because when it comes to spiritual matters there is no definite proof. Although, there has been some compelling evidence in the past. 

There have been many witness statements about how we can communicate with relatives that have deceased, especially through mediumship where messages are often communicated. Personally, I do believe the afterlife is real. The afterlife can send us messages or use gentle signs to reassure us of their presence and guide us. I personally believe that things do not end when we physically die. Our soul lives on because the very core of our existence in life is not from a physical perspective but more of a spiritual one. Personally, I formed an intensive and powerful bond with my spiritual guides and they have helped me create this website. 

Florence was my great aunt who communicated with spirits while I was growing up. I'm very lucky to have been born into a family of spiritualists, in my reality, the afterlife does exist. The reason why I'm mentioning this is that I wanted to guide you to the openness that the dream of your deceased child, however painful and emotionally difficult it is to deal with today, please have comfort that they are still with you. Having read hundreds of different afterlife stories over the years I have learned that spirits can communicate with this in very different ways. It could just be through a song on the radio, a feather falling from the sky alternatively through our dreams. We all have self-doubts, fears, and worries about the loss of a loved cherished one and yes, it is possible that this dream is just a reflection of our subconscious mind. Even though the dream might have seemed emotionally heart-wrenching, rest assured that you've been blessed with the rare ability to actually see or hear your deceased child in the dream. Feeling that presence and the shift of energy while you sleep means, to me personally the encounter was to let you know of afterlife existence.

The biblical interpretation of a dream about a deceased child

If we look at the biblical meaning of seeing your deceased child in a dream, we can conclude that the Bible generally does not support dream interpretation of the afterlife as such. If there is a message that needs to be drawn from having a dream of a deceased child, then we can be assured that God's spirit enters into all our lives. 

Conclusion of a dream about a deceased child

In conclusion, It is an encouraging sign to see your deceased child in a dream, in the view that it is comforting to know they are still with you. Try not to close your mind at the possibility this was a spiritual encounter - just start asking yourself what if, what if we do not die, what if there is another world, what if there was an afterlife.  It's your choice to believe or do not if his dream was in fact a visitation from your deceased child. Modern science itself is always looking to discover or to explore cases that embrace the possibility that there is an afterlife. There could be many reasons for this dream such as healing or gaining a deeper understanding of the sacred mystery of life. 

Think of your dreams as a potential doorway or passageway into another understanding world. In my opinion, there are countless people from all different types of lives where they have witnessed the afterlife being real, and suggested evidence that our departed ones are often waiting for us when we cross over once we have accomplished what we need to achieve in this life-time. I hope this dream meaning has given you some comfort and I wish you all the blessings x

By Florance Saul
May 5, 2021