Fish Dream Meaning Pregnancy

Fish meaning pregnancy

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There is an old wives tale which originates from Wales in the United Kingdom during 1676, dreams about fish are supposed to predict pregnancy.

Now I am not sure how far you believe in this! I know when I was expecting I kept dreaming of fish, especially in the first trimester. There are so many different hidden messages behind fish dreams and sometimes it is hard to understand what they are trying to tell us! If you keep dreaming of fish on a regular basis then according to folklore it does mean that you could be expecting a baby. If you want to get pregnant then dreams fish are really positive. In life were all impatient you might have had a fulfilling career that you are now ready to begin a family. You could be slightly older and don’t have time to waste. If you’re waiting for that second line to appear on the pregnancy test then dreaming of fish is a great omen, spiritually!

If you are experiencing a whole vast amount of growth, understanding, and progress in your life and for dreams often occur. I do believe that fish dreams are also associated with growth, engaging in a relationship and creating children. In general, the dream symbol of a fish (in older dream books) is connected to impending affairs, destiny, happiness, rebirth, nuisance, or acquisition and thus, a dream about fishing will depend on the details of your dream. If you are fishing in clean water then this is positive which represents a new baby, hidden achievements and discoveries. If you are in business and past the age of childbearing it is an indicator that you are going to be promoted or get better deals in the business.

Trying to become pregnant can be stressful and emotional time because having a baby can be completely out of control. So many things that can occur in order to increase the odds of pregnancy, maybe you are looking at times of the month and also plotting your own fertility. Sometimes dreams of fish can occur due to the anxiety suffered when trying to become pregnant. Taking a supplement of 1,000 milligrams of fish oil every day, for example, can help, and maybe this is why you are having a dream.

If I am over 35 does dreaming of fish mean I will have a baby?

There is a common statistic that woman over the age of 35 only has only a 66% chance of getting pregnant, this is from reports developed in the 17th century France. There is quite high fertility for older women and if you want to get pregnant then this dream can mean that it might just happen!

Does wild fishing mean pregnancy in dreams?

Yes, wild fishing also represents the omen that you may have a baby or get pregnant. Fishing is a profession for some people and its success at times is dependent on luck. So when you encounter this dream about going out fishing, there is a possibility that, whatever project you are working on, this is surely going to be successful. If you actually “catch” the fish then this denotes things in life will work out well! Seeing yourself catching a vast amount of fish denotes that someone close to you may fall pregnant.

What does it mean to dream of fishing when you are already expecting?

If you are having a baby then dreaming of fish is common. When you dream about fishing, it denotes that you are facing emotions which you have been repressing for a very long time and can predict a new baby. Alternatively, it could be that you have not been looking for the right relationship in the recent past. On the other hand, the dream is a sign that, your day to day needs are being met due to your ability to obtain enough resources.

What does it mean to dream of failing to catch a fish?

A dream where you fail to catch fish means that you are likely going to miss out on an opportunity. It does not matter how much effort you put into a project, it simply is not going to bear fruits for a while. This dream does not mean that you will become pregnant necessarily. I do feel that catching a fish is like understanding if you will have a baby in the near future. So if you catch a fish easily then it means a baby is likely.

Can fish dreams predict the gender of your baby?

You may remain disappointed I am sorry to say! Dreaming of fish cannot predict the gender of your child. However, there was a superstition in England during the 1930s that if you eat fish during the early stages of pregnancy you are sure to have a boy. At the end of the day, we always need to focus on ourselves. Alternatively, the dream could imply that you are focused on your subconscious and if that is the case, you will need to pay close attention to the type of fish you see in the dream.

What does it mean to dream of seeing a fish in the water while you are fishing?

For weeks I kept dreaming of a fish tank before I actually realized I was expecting. A dream where you are fishing, and you see a fish in the water denotes that, you could have a little boy at some point in your life! In older dream books this dream can mean being wealthy and creating your own fortune. There is a message here to put more effort into your own goals. Seeing sparkling fish or different colored fish - while fishing in your dream indicates that your own goals will eventually pay off.

What does it mean to dream of a fishing rod?

A fishing rod in a dream represents a tool to reach your subconscious. Being a phallic symbol, the rod could be somewhat surprising and at the same time fascinating, but in this case, the rod itself can be referred to as passive instead of aggressive. I will say that you may will need the cooperation of something or someone else to achieve. In general, if you would like a baby this dream can indicate the traits of masculinity or trying your luck in a new business venture.

I do feel that dreaming of seeing dead fish can mean a new business or rebirth, it indicates that you require patience to see a new profit-making business. This dream is all about luck being on your side. Alternatively, the dream could imply that you are currently ready to confront emotions and issues which you have been suppressing for quite some time now.

What does it mean to dream of holding a fish net?

When you have a dream of holding a fish net in your hands, then it is a positive meaning as compared to the one where you see others holding a fish net. It means that you are going to be a recipient of pleasures and good things. It might be as a result of something good which you just did in the recent past, and now it is time to be rewarded.

What does it mean to dream of fish hooks?

Fish hooks in dreams denote that you are worth glory and honor. When you see yourself fishing using a fish hook, it means that love is in the air and this could lead to a baby! I have seen that this dream indicates that you are going to embark on a new and wonderful love affair. Seeing a fish hook stuck in your body (I know not nice!), it is a warning that deceitful friends surround you. Thus, you need to be careful in all your undertakings. And in the case of your dream, it is someone else who is holding the fish hooks; it is symbolic of happiness and joy and pleasant times in your life.

What does it mean to dream of a fisherman?

A dream where you are a fisherman (if you are not one in real life) catching fish is a lucky sign. In ancient lore, it means receiving appraisals and compliments due to hard work. Seeing a vast amount of fishermen going out to sea in your dream is a sign of growth - especially in business. To be crab fishing or that this is risky in some way indicates a new possibility. If you are a fisherman and you are catching dead fish in a dream, it is a sign that there is someone in your waking life who is trying to harm you which could be in the form of a conspiracy or an injury.

Being a fisherman in your dream using a fishing rod, it implies that, you are going to see profits shortly. If you are using a fish net, then it means you will be lucky. According to the article about fishing dreams by the London press, this dream denotes contentment but with time.

What does it mean to dream of swarms of fishers at one place?

To see a whole array of fish in your dream could at times indicate a positive friendship in your waking life. The dream can indicate new, happy friendships. Alternatively, the dream could denote that, you are going to meet someone new, who will become a close friend.

What does it mean to dream about eating fish?

A dream where you see fishing and eating the fish can denote pregnancy, especially if you were tucking into a plate of fish and chips. If you catch a fish and then eat the fish during your sleep the dream indicates increased spirituality. The dream can imply your own philosophy, beliefs, or spirituality. The act of eating fish in the dream means that you are incorporating your new realization of a pregnancy. Alternatively, the eating of fish in your dream could be a reminder that, you need to nourish your spiritual side. To cook fish in your dream, it has the same meaning as eating fish with the difference being that; it is more focused on the preparation and process you are undertaking to incorporate your new concepts, information, and discoveries into who you are as a person in your waking life.

What does it mean to dream about seeing someone fishing?

When you have a dream where you see someone who you don’t know fishing, it denotes that, you are finding it impossible to forget about your problems. This dream is a warning that you will need to forget about your past, problems and focus on relaxing and have some fun.

What does it mean to dream about fishing in the dirty and cold water?

Fishing in dirty and cold water is a sign that, you are going to encounter a range of minor difficulties and problems. Sorry to share that with you! But you can overcome any problems. There is a possibility that an important people will show up at your place of work and try to cause problems for you and thus, make it impossible for you to succeed on whatever you are working on. Again, if you could actually see fish it means you or someone you know will become pregnant.

What does it mean to dream about a fishing net?

I am going to turn to the older dream meanings when answering this question and of course, this can mean babies but there is a whole deeper meaning. A fishing net in a dream represents pregnancy but also, trickery, knowledge, profits, realizing one’s victory and hope over your enemies if the net is yours. If you see yourself entrapped in a fishing net, then it denotes that, you might marry a rebellious partner. This is the ancient meaning. It could also mean money or a child who will preoccupy your mind.

A fishing net in a dream could also imply that you have a difficult employer, that you are a hardworking laborer, or you are going to suffer adversity. If you are a fisherman and you dream about a fishing net, it represents imprisonment, trials, short breath, profit or good news. A women who is pregnant dreaming about a fishing net could be symbolic of your returning home after being away for some time. Alternatively, a fishing net in your dream could mean increased difficulties due to your worries in life. But if in real life you have lost something and you dream about a fishing net, it implies that you are going to find it.

I am going to close now by saying that dreams of fish generally (according to old lore) predict a pregnancy or babies in the family.

By Florance Saul
Sep 11, 2018