Dreams About Lava

Dreams About Lava

Dreams About Lava

Dreams are strange things. The lava represents the “centre of your being” or place that collects all your emotions and energy on a daily basis. Lava pouring over a scene in your dream represents inner changes that are trying to come together. To die in lava in a dream, according to psychologists indicates awakening a psychosomatic illness – not sure I believe that one!

Is the dream of Lava good or bad?

I know that when a symbol appears like lava it is about our emotions. For a few months, I have been having dreams of lava. At first, it was just a few dreams of being chased by sticky orange hot lava, then a few nights ago I noticed the lava suddenly appeared in my dream but this time it was blue. This led me on the path to uncover the dream meaning.

I have around 1000 spiritual and dream books, the spiritual meaning of lava represents deeply buried emotions and memories that need to push the surface soon. It also represents your sexuality and heated emotions. But sometimes it denotes sickness such as fever in some of the older texts. In simple words, the lava represents unconscious problems or challenges that are connected to pressure, often emotional pressures.

Many people wonder what the volcano and lava represent in a spiritual manner. What is the symbolism? Let’s review the Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes, Pele. She’s a volcano herself, meaning she’s represented as unpredictable and has a difficult temperament. Not surprisingly, the legend about Pele involves challenges and trials to the human race, in order to find an inner strength to overcome those challenges and acquire power, and develop your personality and being, in general.

What does it mean to dream of Volcanoes?

Volcanoes alone can be interpreted as a symbol of a challenge. They have an uphill formation, representing how life challenges appear to be sometimes. The volcano reminds us of the goals and dreams we thrive to accomplish, it reminds us of the uphill we have to talk in order to get to the top and what we get once we climb high. Mainly, volcanoes represent the incorporation of fire, water, and air, giving it a special power and symbolism. The last symbol is earth and represented by volcanoes. As an earth symbol, the volcano reminds us how to stay true to ourselves and what we believe in. It also shows us how to ground ourselves and focus on our foundational beliefs. As this appeared in your dream it is there to remind you not to pay much attention to external factors that can affect your inner peace and push the suppressed anger to the surface. It also reminds us that it’s better to sink into the depth of our wisdom and knowledge, and stay there for consolation, guidance, and guarantee that our fundamental beliefs may serve as a steady refuge.

Let’s break apart all elements, and reveal their symbolism, one by one. Air is first. It represents the cooling effect. It also represents communication and thought. If you observe the life cycle of a volcano, you will realize that the air as an element, plays an important role in asking you questions such as:

  • Am I communicating in an effective way?
  • Are my thoughts affecting my external events in some way?
  • Are my thoughts heating up things up for me, pushing my suppressed emotions to come to the surface, or harden my experience?

Once you recognize the air symbolism as a way of thought and communication, you can clearly associate it with the symbolic smoke of your thinking and knowledge. The water symbol can be found in the appearance of flowing lava in representative volcano lore and fact. Fluid, exploding and repellent of limitation, lava makes us ask questions such as:

  • Am I just going with the flow in life?
  • How can I move easily through resistance?

As you can notice, the water is a representative symbol of emotion. It asks us to take a closer look at our feelings and dive into the core of our being. If you encounter a water sign in the form of some volcano activity, it represents your need to boost your calm. It also represents your need to face an underlying rage and beat it. The fire symbol is the one that represents passion, creativity, power, and action. If this element explodes onto your philosophical site, you might ask questions such as:

  • How can I boost my passionate inspiration and make the most out of it?
  • How can I boost other areas in my life and put them in the spotlight?
  • How to take action in a situation that I’ve been avoiding for a while?

What does the fire and red mean in this dream?

To see such an element in a dream is quite powerful. Fire lurks under the volcano surface and essentially “hotting up.” After encountering pressure, it explodes into great manifestations. This represents the main symbolism of volcanoes. If you’re seeing yourself close to the volcano, it means you always keep a watchful third or inner eyes on your underlying fires. It also implies that you who gravitates to volcanic energy prefer to keep whatever you’re passionate about closer and longer. Remember that exploding occasionally prevents self-destructive explosions in the future.

When eruptions can’t hold anymore, they bring renewal, transformation, growth, and regeneration for the person who identifies with the volcano symbolism. The aftermath of explosions leaves one with richness, lush and personal growth. Try to keep this in mind if your passions run wild to the point of self-development and eventual release. Allow yourself to find a way to express yourself and release your heart, and help others do the same. In other words, allow your OWN underlying passions and emotions to erupt and explode every once in a while, because this act results in creation and reconstruction.

If you feel connected to volcanoes and lava, theirs is a powerful stone that can help you express yourself and stand for what you believe in. It’s called the “lava stone” and it’s one of the oldest stones in the world. It’s easily found, mostly in the ocean. And it was used back in time by many cultures. This stone comes from the core of our mother earth. It practically bubbles to the surface and cools in the water. Once it’s cooled down, it turns black and represents one of the most beautiful black stones you have ever seen.

Many people use this stone, not only for the symbolism of volcanoes and lava but also for its healing properties. Although this stone doesn’t appear to be something that may contain healing powers, it actually does. People have used the healing powers of this stone for centuries. It has a calming and spiritual effect. As you know, the lava is known for its grounding features, meaning it’s powerful when it comes to emotions and calming whatever disturbs your inner peace. It’s believed that this stone represents rebirth and termination of unneeded emotional attachment. In a spiritual sense, it’s excellent for balancing the root chakra, thanks to the strong connection to our mother earth and the creation of the stone in the heart of Earth. Soldiers used this stone in order to keep them calm and focused during battles. You can buy this stone online and maybe this is why you encountered the dream about lava!

If you’re interested in getting a lava stone and wonder how to use it, it’s often worn directly on your skin or in close contact with your skin because of the barrier of absorption that’s cannot be blocked by anything. It allows the energy to flow easily and more clearly. You can wear bracelets and males made out of lava stone for this purpose. You can also use it in your home to help you keep everything in perfect balance and help clear out your emotions.

People who’re closely connected to volcanoes and lava, often experience dreams that include erupting, seeing a volcano or getting burned by lava. As I have mentioned before, lava stands for a short temper, frustration, suppressed feelings such as frustration, anger or passion, but hatred too. If you have a short temper, you might experience these types of dreams more often.

To see lava in your dream means that you enjoy when people get angry or enjoy annoying others (sorry to say!) Many dream books have said that lava indicates making someone else frustrated, it won’t take long until karma possesses you off and return the favor. Lava dreams are usually destructive ones. Meaning, if you’re working on something at the moment, and you have lava dreams, your plans might fail and you will probably experience a failure. Reconsider your plans.

What is lava made of?

Lava represents molten rock that’s created beneath the surface of the earth at 100 miles or more deep underground. Here, the temperatures are hot enough to melt rocks. It’s called the molten rock magma when underground and when it reaches the surface, it explodes as basaltic lava. Lava is made of crystals, bubbles, and liquid that freezes and forms volcanic glass. You can also make chemical lava with silicon, aluminum, oxygen, iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and titanium, and some other elements in small concentration.

What does red lava mean spiritually?

The spiritual meaning of red lava represents inner peace, calmness, and balance. The red lava has a vibrant energy and will help you find your path if you feel lost. It represents change and transition along with inner peace and inner strength acquired by overcoming difficult challenges. It also helps with anxiety and achieving inner calm.

What does it mean to be burned by lava?

To dream of lava represents all your suppressed emotions. It also means that the upcoming period will affect your life in a positive way. You will gain stability in both personal and professional field. The more peaceful you will feel, the more motivated and productive you will become in the future. If you dream of a lava lake that’s boiling or throwing flames at you, it represents intense feelings, sexual adventures and romantic events coming soon. If the lava was vigorously erupting in the dream, it denotes important changes in your life. Perhaps you will change career and start walking an unknown but exciting path. You will become a new person thanks to these changes. If you’re burned by lava in your dream, it means you’re going to encounter some unpleasant feelings and deal with some unpleasant people in order to achieve something you want. If you witnessed an explosive lava eruption in your dream, you will experience rapid changes in your personal life very soon. You will feel emotionally drained.

What does it mean to dream of lava and water?

To dream of lava calmly flowing from a volcano represents minor changes you will encounter in the near future. But nothing serious that will change your life path. To see solidified and cold lava in the dream denotes hope and disappointment. Don’t expect too much or get too disappointed. Perhaps you will put an end to a toxic relationship? To dream of lava and water means that you finally feel like you’re at the right place, at the right time, doing something that aligns your hopes, deepest emotions, and dreams. I have mentioned before that water is the symbol of emotions. And lava represents everything you keep inside, all your underlying passions and fears. Your dream reveals confrontation with your biggest fears and accepting your emotions to overcome something that’s been bothering you for a long time. A positive dream of changes.

What does it mean to dream of lava in a house?

To see lava inside your home or someplace unusual in your dream, represents your mixed feelings. You feel like you’ve lost track of your emotions because of people you hang out with that are the total opposite of you. However, your dream foretells bigger and better developments in the near future. I like to think that this dream can mean you will find happiness again. The lava inside your house might represent a close person you trust and respect. However, be careful what secrets you reveal to this person because some secrets should be kept only to yourself, no matter how much you trust a person.

Alternatively, to see lava inside your home symbolizes your passion and desire and wanting to bond with someone, it can mean a new love. It’s possible to meet people with the same interests as you. You will be experiencing crazy and exciting things you’ve never experienced before, especially when it comes to sex and love. I hope this dream meaning clearly shows you that seeing lava is positive in a dream. Negatively, the lava inside your home represents an unpleasant event that will make you explode and take bigger risks that might result in failure. But don’t worry. You may find a way to make things work again. If you find yourself in the midst of an eruption, it foretells explosive passion for someone new.

By Florance Saul
Oct 8, 2018