defending actions in dreams

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Defense is a measure of protection, and if it appears in a dream, this suggests that you should be careful with a friend’s negative behavior. It can also suggest that your desires and expectations will be deceived.

The act of defending yourself symbolizes your need to justify your actions and desires in your waking life.

Defending anything in a dream symbolizes the conflict between yourself and another person. Defending has two meanings: interdiction and protection. Defending yourself and defending others have two different meanings, and therefore the interpretation matters. Running is a common defense in dreams, and it could refer to your decision to improve aspects in life.

If you are in conflict with anyone in your dream and you are trying to escape and defend yourself because you are being threatened, this shows that you are trying to justify your actions in the waking world.

In your dream you may have

  • Defended yourself by running.
  • Defended yourself by fighting.
  • Somehow defended your honor.
  • Defended another person’s honor or felt it necessary.
  • Been defended by a lawyer.
  • Defended a woman’s honor or a man’s.
  • Defended a loved one.
  • Defended your child.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You fight for your beliefs rather than running.
  • You stand up for your own beliefs.
  • You defend another person in your dream.

Detailed dream interpretation

If in your dream you are attacked and the only way of defending yourself is by running away this is a symbol of lost time or danger that can effect one's waking life. If you are running barefoot, this suggests weakness and mistrust in your own personality. If you are running fast, the dream foretells triumph: you will succeed in solving some past problems in your life. If in your dream you are stalked and attacked by an animal and you defend yourself by running, you are probably about to go through some dangerous endeavors.

Defending yourself in a dream can also refer to coquetry and cheated desires. If in your dream you are defended by a lawyer, this is a symbol of lost trust. The defending lawyer can be the indication that a parent or close relative undermines you and gives you a feeling of not being good enough. To defend yourself against attack is a dream that is a warning: you need to give up self-sabotaging thoughts.

Defending a woman’s honor suggests your insecure and unpredictable personality. Defending the honor of a King or Queen can refer to violent emotions. Your subconscious carries a tendency of self-guilt. You should probably examine the causes of such a demeaning feeling and make sure you change it into a more constructive endeavor.

Defending a loved one from untrue accusations means you may be incapable of communicating freely with your family members or close friends. You experience the need to protect them, and this is why you see yourself in the dream as being the defender and the protector. However this is not the case in the real life, at least not from your family’s perspective. It would be best to discuss this issue openly. It could only be a superficial situation that does not need to go any deeper.

If you dream of yourself defending your child from imminent danger this can mean you will take more responsibility in working life. If you are not successful in defending a child, it may mean that you could lose your job, or you will have to change your career soon. If you are successful in defending a child, it could suggest that you could get promoted, or that you will obtain a better job.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of defending

Confident. Afraid. Attacked. Worried. Terrified. Proud.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012