Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

When one dreams of nurseries there are several concepts which arise based on how you felt about that nursery.

Usually this represents the way one feels toward change as well as toward children, commitment and matters of the home and hearth.

In this dream you may have...

  • Been Painting or building your own nursery, symbolizing your ‘getting ready,’ for change or new life and your ability to desire to be prepared for this.
  • Walked into a Nursery and been unable to escape, representing your fear of commitment and change. And the feeling of being caged or lost.
  • Walked into a nursery full of babies and didn’t know which ones were yours. This symbolizes being overwhelmed with the various elements in your current experience.
  • Felt fear at the prospect of creating your own Nursery, or felt as though you didn’t have the proper tools so you spent the whole dream trying to find the tools. This is representative of your striving to accept change but having everything overwhelms you all at once.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • You built your Nursery comfortably and happily. Presenting the image that you are comfortable with change and with the coming opportunity for new life and new growth.
  • You could recognize which baby was yours in the Nursery, representing a targeted mindset in which one can accomplish a great many things.
  • You felt strong about owning your own Nursery, thus claiming the space and the opportunity for change. Readying for parenthood.
  • All of the babies were yours in the Nursery, symbolizing your fruitful and abundant nature and your ability to handle many projects at once.

Detailed dream meaning...

For Men: if you are a man and you visit a Nursery in your sleep, this is representative of your desire to be comfortable with the changing tides all around you. If you found that you were completely fearful of the Nursery or you found yourself disquieted and uncomfortable this is a direct representative of your lack of ability to commit and to be vulnerable with others as well as being unable to prepare for your future.

For Women: if you are female and have dreamed of a Nursery you will find that depending on your reaction to it, you are in the midst of preparing for a future which is full and vibrant. Of course if you are running away from that level of commitment then you will find that the Universe is trying to remind you that having goals is a good thing. Plan ahead so that you can meet the future head on.

For All: when one has dreamed of a Nursery there is an added layer of Universal or Divine fruitfulness, fertility and abundance circling you during the time of the dream. This means that if you responded well to the Nursery aspect of your dream, you will begin to receive excellent opportunities to help you develop your future. If you responded poorly or were afraid, the Universe is just telling you that it’s time to start to pay attention.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...

  • Fear of Commitment.
  • Starting a new project.
  • Getting Married.
  • Getting Pregnant.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a nursery....

Excited. Afraid. Worried. Lack of responsibility. Nurturing. Fertility. Abundance. Health. Wellness. Freedom. Support. Motherly Love. Pregnancy. Fertility.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012