Tailor Dream Meaning

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When you dream of a tailor it means things in life require mending.

A tailor must be concise and exact on everything he does. A tailor can also suggest a trickster. One is easily mislead on the outer appearance rather than to examine the true value of something.

Dreaming of a tailor means that you are in need of accuracy and preciseness to your plans about life. There is a possibility that you are contemplating plans for the future, but you are having doubts if it will turn out the way you expect. Try to seek the help of a support group if you encounter problems, or a close friend. Try to ask for others opinions. If the tailor was measuring your body in anticipation of a suit it means that one will feel at ease once goals have been established.

To see an old fashioned tailor in one's dream denotes sudden rise in status, thus, a promotion is on the cards.

In your dreams you may have seen

  • A tailor making a custom-made suit for you.
  • Yourself talking to a tailor about your suit.
  • Your arguing with the tailor about your suit.
  • A tailor taking your body measurements.
  • A tape measure.

Quick explanation of dreams concerning a tailor

  • You are in need of someone to help you, or someone that can bring out the best in you.
  • You want to tell someone about your plans in life.
  • You are having a misunderstanding with someone close to you, there is a probability that you are not getting the support you need form them.
  • Status - the suit means you will have a promotion at work.
  • You need the help of someone to aid you on your plans.
  • You have to be accurate in everything you do.

Detailed explanation

A tailor is associated with how one is perceived by others. The suit that is designed is custom made, thus, the dreamer will require advice from others. There is a chance that you may encounter a misunderstanding with someone and you want to patch things up if the suit you put on in the dream fails to fit. A relationship is in need of being repaired to prevent further damage. Small holes in one's shirts can become large - if not repaired. Consequently, the same thing can also be applied on relationship.

To dream of a tailor can also be a reminder that you are losing excitement in life, and you need someone to push you. This will bring out the best in you. You are in need of an inspiration that will keep you striving hard and improving your work. Let me ask you this, have you been looking around at what you want from life? Are their people helping you on your way? Are you inspired? Sometimes people are looking for things that they want. In the dream state this relates to how a tailor creates a custom garment for the customer.

A tailor is also a symbol of accuracy and preciseness; perhaps you are experiencing misfortunes due to possible carelessness. To dream of being the tailor yourself means that this dream is a warning that you have to be careful with how you come across in life. Look before you leap is the advice.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of tailor

Anxiety, doubt, consciousness, discomfort, ability to have a custom suit, measurements - do you measure up?, apprehension and hesitation.

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013