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Sometimes in a dream to end up in a horrible argument.

It could be that you are avoiding an argument or that you feel that you are not being treated fairly. Perhaps your boyfriend was acting nasty towards you or others or he just wanted to reconcile and you hoped to get along better. It’s a fact of life that we always have arguments with those people that are close to us – especially our boyfriends. Sometimes this can transmit into a dream state. Obviously, I will say that conflict in waking life can lead to a strain on the relationship and also create stress. If you are having arguments with your boyfriend in real life it is not uncommon to dream of conflict. If the disagreement in your dream ended up in a shouting match then this dream can indicate that there are pent-up feelings inside. Perhaps you are worried about the relationship? Arguments can occur in many different ways during the dream. From not speaking to simple misunderstandings, physical fighting, threats crying or taking criticism personally. All these dream elements are covered in the passages below and I will outline what the dream means.

What does it mean in general to dream of arguing with your boyfriend?

To dream of your boyfriend is known as a common dream and has a deep connection with the current circumstances of your love life. In general, a boyfriend in a dream symbolizes a new perspective. The meaning I feel depends on how your boyfriend was portrayed. If you were arguing, it means you’re dealing with some inner issues caused by recent behavior or pressure on the relationship. Is there something that’s holding you back from planning a future together? Do you have secrets you can’t share with others – especially your boyfriend? If yes, this might be the reason for your arguing in the dream. To dream of having a physical fight means that he will change the opinion of you for the better or worse. Remember, if your boyfriend loves you then he will focus on your present and future relationship - and not your past. To dream of arguing with your boyfriend often has a transparent interpretation.

Each boyfriend dream is associated with the dreamer’s current life circumstances. For example, if you dream that your boyfriend died, it reveals your true opinion of your relationship. You feel disturbed and confused. To kill your boyfriend in a dream after an argument can indicate that you will find what you are looking for in the relationship. At times, these dreams occur when we question one’s future together, and that your relationship is dead. Yet, if you dream of arguing with your boyfriend, it signifies complicated problems. What is it that you’re hiding from your partner? Is there something bothering you about your boyfriend’s behavior in general? Answer these questions, and you will come to conclusions regarding your own dream interpretation. If you’re unhappy in your current relationship then this may be a time to meditate on how to improve your love life.

What does it mean to dream of arguing with an ex-boyfriend in your dream?

Dreaming of your ex-boyfriend in any way can be a shock. Maybe it is a distant ex or that your feelings towards him have diminished. I always think we hold something special for all those that touched our lives. Most of the time these dreams do not mean you will get back together, even if you want it to happen or not. To dream of arguing with your ex-boyfriend reveals that you’ve been thinking about him recently. Did you? If yes, what is it that you wanted to say the last time you saw him, but couldn’t? If you weren’t thinking about him at all but still had the dream, it means that maybe he has thought about you. Do you have some inner issues related to your breakup? What is it that you want to get off your chest? Even if you believe the old relationship is not bothering you, your subconscious tells the opposite of your dream. Do you feel anger, aggression, or hatred for your ex-boyfriend? Do you want him to know that he hurt your feelings? It’s never a good idea to relive your past because you will be forever thinking about the “what if’s” in life. Try to forgive your ex-boyfriend and focus on your future. And, if you are single then try to give yourself a chance for a new romance.

What does it represent if you dream of arguing with a boyfriend when you are single?

At times when we are single, we sometimes have dreams of a boyfriend. Maybe you did not know who it was. Either way to dream of conflict with a boyfriend indicates you’re going through a hard period in life, and you need someone to rely on. In simpler words, you need a shoulder to cry on. When we are single we can sometimes find it difficult to talk to someone about our problems. Do you feel like no one’s actually listening to what you have to say? A dream of arguing with a non-existent boyfriend signifies the inner battle you’re fighting with yourself. It can suggest that you are subconsciously angry at yourself for needing someone by your side. These dreams occur when we are more sensitive than usual, and feeling helpless. It can simply be that you need someone that will comfort you. Yes, this might be a hard time as we are born to communicate with each other – to love each other. As humans, we are made to support each other, especially in hard times. Now, when you have yourself, that’s all that matters. This dream can also suggest that you enjoy your solitude.

What’s the meaning of arguing with boyfriend in a public place?

To dream of arguing with your partner in a public place symbolizes a fear of embarrassment, humiliation, betrayal, replacement, adultery, conspiracy according to old dream lore. I will say that often it is a case of not wanting to expose yourself or your private life - even when everything’s going great! This could not be about “you” at all. Maybe you know a drama queen that everyone admires for being so confident. Yet, people have no idea of their low self-esteem. A possible mask of arrogance mistaken for confidence. Confident people are not afraid to be abandoned, alone, betrayed, humiliated, embarrassed, replaced, or framed. There’s one more interpretation of your dream. It can imply that you are afraid to love again. In dream psychology, Freud stated that arguing in public is associated with the inability to express one’s true feelings. Do you fear that the person you love will hurt you?

What does it mean if you dream of arguing with boyfriend in your home?

To dream of arguing with your boyfriend somewhere private, like your home, represents your discretion, good manners, and subtle character. According to dream lore to have a full-blown fight in the home indicates that you rarely overreact, even if sometimes, you should. People take you for granted because of your kindness, judgment-free attitude, and understanding. You always justify other people’s actions, even if they do harm to you. To dream of arguing with a boyfriend at home means you have something to say but don’t know how. You’re afraid it will hurt others or a relationship. In so many words this dream represents your suppressed emotions.

What’s the meaning of a dream about arguing with boyfriend in a church?

When you do not agree with someone this dream can often occur. Do you keep the peace? This dream can indicate a difference of opinion but that you can be rather emotional about problems in life. To dream of arguing with boyfriend in a church can indicate that your comfort levels have been challenged. I can recall dreams of being outside a church arguing with an ex-boyfriend in a dream. Maybe the altar signifies your strong wish to establish a deeper connection with your partner in waking life. Although in your dream state, the two of you are fighting, and your waking life together is quite perfect. However, you feel like something’s not right. Do you want your partner to be more honest and open about everything? You also feel a void, and you’re scared that nothing can the emptiness you feel inside. Do you find it difficult to reach your partner, no matter what you do? It’s time for a different approach known as “enjoy my absence for a while”.

What does it denote to dream about arguing with a current boyfriend?

According to dream experts, Sigmund Freud stated that arguing with a current boyfriend in a dream represents all those things you can’t say in waking life. I will say that this relates to saying things to your partner through conversation. However, you’re scared this might turn into a fight. Your relationship might be hard to maintain, but it won’t get easier if you just remain silent about everything that’s been bothering you.

What does it mean to dream of arguing with boyfriend in a car?

This dream can mean you need to understand that disagreements are part of our lives. To dream of fighting with boyfriend in a car symbolizes how you feel about your current relationship. You feel endangered by your partner in some kind of way. When you’re with him, you feel like driving fast without your seat belt on. You feel insecure. And you certainly don’t feel loved. It’s like there’s something wrong with your relationship.

By Florance Saul
Mar 11, 2018