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Baby Dream Meaning

Dreaming of babies is a wonderful dream to have. In my view, dreaming of a baby may reflect a new beginning. If you have a dream that featured a baby then I can tell you this is a positive dream.

A baby, in my opinion, represents something “important” or precious to you. This could be a relationship with another, career, talent or something in life that needs focus and your protection. The baby dream can be joyful or a complete nightmare. In psychology, the dream of a baby represents our “inner child.” Thus, if the baby is healthy this is a positive dream. Dream psychologies have carried out extensive research into dreams of babies which I will detail in this dream meaning. The baby featured in a dream can give us a clue to help us understand your life.. and possibly provide guidance. Most of us have encountered the odd dream of a baby.

Babies enter our dream state - even if we don’t have children. Popular dreams include, a baby that is lost, giving birth to a baby, holding a baby or even looking after someone else’s baby. If you can see a wonderful baby giggle, coo or you give you cuddles in a dream then this indicates a possible focus on planning a future event. If you are an expectant parent then dreaming of a baby can indicate dramatic changes and you need a change in order to focus on your accomplishments. In fact, in this respect, the “baby” dream normally occurs. According to older dream dictionaries seeing a baby in a dream implies that you need to be smarter going forward. I'm Flo and I have been researching dreams for 20 years. Here I am going to tell you all about your dream and to make it easy I have put this into answers and questions - so just scroll down.

What do babies mean in dreams?

According to older dream dictionaries seeing a baby in a dream implies that you need to be smarter going forward. A newborn baby in a dream can indicate that worries will diminish going forward. When you are mother or father in waking life I understand that the dreams of a new baby will be more prevalent. The baby in dreams can be featured in the nursery or even at a hospital. It is associated with how others see you and also rebirth. This could denote a new project or task in life. To dream of losing your baby can be rather traumatic - especially in the dream state. To dream your baby is stolen or lost is often connected to your inner fear as a parent. If you have yet to have children and have such a dream it is a fear of losing something “important” in waking life. A baby highlighted in your dream may stand for an incredible new start in your life. Did the baby cry? If the baby in your dream cry’s for attention then this dream generally symbolizes that you have over the past two months been very creative. This dream also signifies that there may be a requirement to have new creative ideas in the future. Also, this dream can show the vulnerable part of your character, that has to be sheltered or perhaps you are fostering some new ideas or opinions.

New Age people, generally speak of 'loving the inner child' they counsel us to articulate the blameless character of ourselves. You need to be able to successfully develop new ideas, if you are holding a baby in your dream then this is often connected with functioning successfully on social or charity deeds, which you have to become part of. In short, this dream also means that you may need to consider other people’s thoughts in regards to projects. To see a newborn baby in your dream can signify purity, warmness and new beginnings.

The meaning of this dream also depends on what the baby looked like and was doing. Generally, babies represent innocence, great potential, and new beginnings. If the baby in your dream is beautiful you may experience new happiness and feelings of security. An ugly baby suggests that you may not be trusting your friends and that you may be concerned about their motives; sick babies indicate that you may have some very difficult times in your immediate future. If the baby is walking you may experience new independence (this is folklore), but if you lose the baby through the drain while bathing you may have a fear of not being able to live up to your expectations. Many times babies indicate great happiness and joy. Here are some possible symbols in your dream and what they mean:

  • An infant or very young child = new starts, happiness, purity.
  • A newborn or very young animal = this is the same meaning as a baby in your dream. Times are good.
  • The youngest member of a family, group, etc = you need to spend time on your own.
  • An immature or childish person = new times ahead.
  • A human fetus = rebirth

To dream of a weeping baby, signifies that a part of yourself that is deprived of someone’s thoughts and maybe attention, and you need some nurturing. If you dream that you are visiting a hospital to give birth or visit a baby, then it dream indicates that your issues of habit and you are not being independent – it is time to take a stand. The baby is associated with innocence in life. It is an omen of caring for others. This may need to be a trait required in life. The dream of a dying baby can be rather worrying (a nightmare). If you are in your mid-30s then this can suggest fertility. More and more people are coming to the conclusion that we should have a baby later in life and this is due to our busy lifestyle, it is not uncommon to dream of babies in mid-30 to 40’s if you have not yet had children. It is a “call” to fertility.

To change a dirty baby (diaper) suggests that you need to think about how you act towards others. Are you feeling that you are hiding your true self? To see a “baby” animal (puppy, kitten, foal etc) suggests that you may become pregnant in the future. To dream of giving birth to a baby that is not human is connected to how you feel about others in life. If you have not been careful after having sex in waking life - this dream can occur. It is your subconscious warning you of the possible outcome!

To see a baby sleep in a dream suggests a sense of happiness in waking life. It can also be associated with obtaining your own goals. If you are pregnant in real life it is extremely common to dream of babies. In fact, most pregnant women do so and it is just associated with the subconscious mind. To see twin babies in a dream is a fantastic omen. It is associated with climbing the ladder of success. Two possible chances of success in life. To see triplet babies means you need to wait for investment in a business before focusing on improving your lifestyle and spending in life. To save a baby's life in a dream means that you will have a chance to inspire others. To see a dead baby can often occur in a dream when we are stressed. It is not “literal” in its sense, just associated with stress in waking life.

To buy a baby in a dream can indicate that others are going to turn to you for advice. To see a mixed-race baby in the dream can mean you will either excel and triumph or fail, if the mixed race baby was your own the this suggests that you will succeed. To give birth to a baby of a different race than your own is associated with great luck and success. Seeing many babies in dreams is about the enormous energy of “life.” There's absolutely nothing standing in your way to attaining your goals. To have a white baby when you are (mixed race, black, chinese) indicates independence in life.

How does gender of the baby effect the dream meaning?

To dream of a baby boy might signify masculine qualities in life. To dream of a baby girl suggests the female power. Thus, if you do know the gender think about either males or females affect your life. Does someone have to allot of control over you? If so, think about how to win back that control.

More details about the baby dream:

To dream about a crying baby represents an issue or sensitive problem in waking life. This does require your own effort to resolve in a positive manner. To dream of a baby, drowning signifies a feeling somewhat overwhelmed by a problem at work. This can result in adverse emotions. To dream of a baby falling in your dream represents feelings of conflict, stepping back from difficulty and being reckless in life. To dream of someone in the dream murdering a baby (a nightmare!) suggests that a problem requires your attention. Take time to find out about the problem and how you can progress. Dreaming of a pram means that you will be engaged in something important, but to see a baby in the pram denotes success.

To dream of forgetting to feed your baby represents feelings of worry about your career. You want to hold onto something but you feel you are getting nowhere. Indeed, if you do eventually feed your baby and they are well it can suggest a big victory and power in life. To dream of cot death of a baby may represent feelings of failing in a new job or obligation. It might also symbolize a sensitive issue you do not take seriously in life. To dream of a premature baby implies that you will effectively handle new conditions or a new residence/change of job. To dream of a deformed baby (without arms, legs, head etc) suggest a delay. Putting this delay aside, you will quite clearly win eventually. The dream might be rather upsetting if the baby does have health problems. It is just the sub-conscious mind worrying about the future.

To feel terror, being frustrated or stressed out if you are searching for a lost baby reflects your frustrations and issues at work. If a white person has a dream about a Chinese baby it suggests career progress overseas. For a white person to dream of a black baby indicates that one needs to be respondent to others better. Are you listening to others? The reverse then you are listening too much to others. You need to be careful about what they say, especially if you give birth to a white baby and you have black/olive skin and the baby is pale white. Dreaming of a white baby symbolizes advantage over enemies. It might also represent new problems but will be slow to come to fruition.

The skin color and culture of the baby is important. Babies also signify the rebirth and new starts in life, our self-concepts and generally speaking, the goals that hold maximum importance to one's life. A baby can also signify a new opportunity career-wise or new home. To see a baby sucking a dummy in a dream indicates new skills. The baby may also in a subconscious sense reflect people in waking life that need support. This could be the fact you need to care for an elderly relative. If you are a woman (who does not yet have a baby) to have this dream simply reflects your anxiety about falling pregnant. If you are trying to a baby, it simply means the desire to have a child yourself. To dream of carrying a new baby in a sling indicates that there is measures that you need to undertake. To be unable to find a car seat for the baby indicates that you will have a new approach to old problems. To see a baby in a car seat suggests that there will be many years where you are working towards “driving” change and a new start.

If you look at a baby that is not yours then this denotes deserving more in life. To be a nanny in the dream indicates you need help from people close to you to better your financial situation. To dream of inadvertently leaving a baby behind in a car, shop, doctors, hospital etc in a dream indicates that you will have power over others. Perhaps you are trying to get out of some responsibility? If you are pregnant, in your dream then you are undergoing some worries in your dream. A baby can also represent your own internal nature which is pure and unspoiled. The dream interpretation may be that you are innocent of an accusation. Your dream may be telling you to follow this advice. On an external level, this dream can be associated with maternal instincts. Are you trying to gain expression? Do you want a child?

If you dream of pushing a pram you have moved towards behavior that is acceptable to your peers. If you dream of a baby that is screaming in a public place then this dream indicates that you are hiding behind the natural beauty. It is time to go out and buy some new clothes in order to connect you with yourself and your spirit and cheer you up. What we look like on the outside has an influence on how we feel on the inside. Go and enjoy yourself! Dreaming of a very young child demonstrates that you are going to have much fun in the future. An immature or childish person can be an indication of our own internal natures, our feelings of being vulnerable, powerless and/or uncorrupted. If you discover a baby (you have found a child) in your dream, then it denotes that you have recognized your concealed perspective – you can do anything in your life!. To dream of forgetting or that you had a baby (or forgot, or lost your baby) this dream means that you are trying to hide your own weaknesses. You do not want to let others know your secrets within.

To dream of neglecting your baby (or a baby which is neglected) then this dream indicates that you need to pay yourself more attention. On the other hand, this dream can also signify that you need to protect your children much better. To see a baby which is starving in your dream is a direct indication of your dependence on other people. To dream of a very tiny baby (like a midget) then your dream indicates your fear of the future. To hold a baby in your arms which is dead signifies a fresh start. To see a dead baby’s body in your dream represents the ending of something that is part of you.To see a baby as a fetus represents new starts and happiness.

A newborn baby in a dream can indicate that worries will diminish going forward. When you are mother or father in waking life I understand that the dreams of a new baby will be more prevalent. The baby in dreams can be seen in the nursery or even at the hospital - in fact, there are so many diverse dreams that involve babies the quickest way for you to learn about your dream is to scroll down this meaning to find your dream. I will cover most dreams about babies in this article. I’m Flo and I will help you unlock the true meaning of your baby dream so welcome and let’s begin.

What does it mean to see your own baby in a dream?

In order to define this dream, I will turn to dream psychology. Baby in a dream is a symbol of purity, innocence, and blessing. However, it also signifies fear, emotional regression, anger, and anxiety. But how can you tell the difference? In general, to dream of a baby means you’re currently feeling somewhat vulnerable. This is an archetypical symbol that you desperately want to get your strength back. It can mean that you wish to embark on new beginnings. As I mentioned before this dream could indicate that you have “feelings” deep inside, and to dream of multiple babies indicates that you’re a good, pure person. Yet, something’s not clicking in your life and you feel stressed. To dream of your own baby means you’re worrying - without any specific reason. In life, we sometimes worry too much about everything. This is a sign that: it is time to relax.

What does it mean to be holding a baby in a dream?

I have had this dream many times. To hold a baby in your dream symbolizes a period of your life that you could be missing. Maybe you miss the time when you didn’t have any worries and everything was taken care of by your parents. Maybe you yearn for the careless teenage period of your life when everything was new and exciting. Your dream might also reveal your stress at work. Are you going through a challenging period? Your dream signifies anxiety and desire to have someone to take care of the work for you. Are you sure that this job makes you happy? Are you sure that you’re exactly where you wanted to be in life? Holding a baby that is not your own in a dream indicates that you will grow in a relationship.

What does seeing a baby in a dream signify?

To see a baby in your dream has different interpretations, depending on your dream state. However, in general, babies are a symbol of new beginnings, new ideas, rebirth and recreating your life. To dream of a baby signifies your wish to become a new person and reveals a new part of your personality that you weren’t even aware of. Your dream predicts new life developments. Maybe a new project or a job opportunity are on their way to you. You will discover many new abilities and use your potential to create something meaningful. To dream of a baby that does not look like a baby also has a negative interpretation related to your emotional state. You’re always worried about your future. A baby that is crying in the dream can indicate that a situation will play out in front of you. The ending is complicated.

What does it mean to dream of having a baby and giving birth?

To give birth in your dream has a very transparent interpretation. You are starting a new phase. Maybe you’re focused on creating something new that will improve your future. Your dream signifies a new beginning and rebirth. However, if you’re actually pregnant in waking life and you gave birth in your dream, it denotes your anxiety and constant worry about your delivery – so really this has no true meaning. I have outlined in detail the dream about giving birth by clicking here.

What does it mean to dream of finding a baby?

The baby in this instance serves as a symbol for finding something out about yourself. If you found a baby in your dream it reveals your wish to approach a new phase of life -  for a better purpose. My question to you! Are you living a life you’re not satisfied with and you wish to make a fresh start? To find a baby on the floor in a dream indicates that you have had enough of following rules and playing the golden fish. Time for a fresh start.

What does it mean to forget to feed a baby in a dream?

To forget to feed a baby in your dream represents a reminder spiritually. Your dream is reminding you of your old ways and habits. I don’t think this has anything to do with the baby per say! Forgetting to feed a baby can also just be an anxiety dream – especially if you have children in waking life. In dream lore, not feeding a baby is considered negative but I believe it is more about how you can grow in life.

What does it mean to hold a baby girl in a dream?

To hold a baby girl in your dream symbolizes your wish to be held by someone in waking life. You’re desperately trying to find your soulmate and the person you who will take care of you like no one else did before. However, to experience this, you must learn how to love yourself. Once you realize that the only person obligated to take care of you – is yourself, everything will change.

What does it mean to hold a baby boy in a dream?

Holding a baby boy in a dream equals that events are going to go well in the future according to dream lore. The baby boy can represent a new start in life and possible relationships. The baby boy is normally associated with your masculine qualities. It is not uncommon to dream of holding a baby boy when you are dealing with a male in waking life, maybe helping them or seeking their advice.

What does it mean to dream of changing a baby’s nappy?

If you were changing a baby’s nappy in a dream it denotes your wish to take care of someone in waking life. You’re feeling protective of the people you love. However, take note. Maybe a close person feels suffocated by someone’s constant care and presence. Your dream also signifies a possible mistake you’ve made. Although it isn’t something serious, someone may have a guilty conscience. Forgiving yourself for the mistakes you’ve made is important. Especially if you seek inner peace.

What does it mean to encounter an evil baby in a dream?

To see an evil baby in your dream represents your suppressed anger and the negative part of your personality. You may wish to reveal your true intentions in life. It’s okay to admit you’re not perfect because no one is. However, keep in mind that once you release your suppressed anger, your inner issues will solve. The negative thoughts you sometimes have. If it is a pleasant dream it is likely to express your feelings of your inner child. There is one takeaway I want you to consider in regards to this dream: be true to yourself.

What does it mean to see yourself as a baby in a dream?

To dream of seeing yourself as a baby can be interpreted as a wish to bring back your innocence and carelessness, and look after your inner child. Do you miss the time when everything was so easy and you felt free like a bird? Your dream might also reveal a traumatic experience. Is there a childhood memory you want to forget? If so then this dream is common. To dream of being back as a baby being looked after by your mother can indicate that you want to leave something unrewarding and return to the time you were essentially “looked after.”

What does it mean to keep dreaming of a baby?

Sometimes we can dream of babies over and over again. To have constant dreams of a baby implies that you may be feeling unprepared for a certain situation. Maybe you’re trying to leave a good impression or impress someone you’ve just met. Do you have a hard-working nature? In simple words, you’re feeling like a beginner at something that’s important to you. Stay strong and don’t give up soon. You’ll get where you want to be on time.

What does it mean to dream of taking care of a baby?

To take care of a baby in a dream represents a sensitive situation you have to handle in waking life. Change your old attitude and be extra careful because what you’re dealing with – is very fragile.

What does it mean to have a baby in a dream but you are not pregnant?

To dream of having a baby when you’re not even pregnant in waking life represents your fear of bigger responsibilities. You always choose the easier path in life. Do what’s best for you. However, make sure you’re not hurting anyone else with your actions. Live your life according to your rules.

What does it mean to have a baby boy in your dream?

To dream of a baby boy represents your masculine qualities. Giving birth to a baby boy in the dream can indicate a certain problem or complicated situation but you can overcome anything. Normally, in my view having or caring for a baby boy indicates someone (male) needs extra attention in life. Are you a sensitive, thoughtful person? A baby boy can also indicate our own growth in life. To dream of having more than one baby boy in a dream can indicate social dominance. You may encounter dominant people.

What does it mean to have a baby girl in your dream?

To see a baby girl in your dream denotes the feminine qualities and abilities you have. You will experience a problem that will need your extra attention and sympathy. To have a baby girl can indicate a new beginning and be connected to your own inner child. This dream also prompts us to explore our own deviant side of our self.

What does it mean to see a crying baby in a dream?

To see a crying baby in your dream foreshadows a sensitive problem or a situation that will need your extra attention and compassion. There’s a part of you that’s worried and the only way to fix it is by reviewing a situation in waking life. Your dream also reveals a depressive part of someone’s personality. Try to focus on what is good in your life and focus on a new enterprise or adventure.

What is a sign to see a dancing baby in a dream?

This can be quite an entertaining dream, of course, if it was not a nightmare. In lore, to dream of a dancing baby foretells a happy event or pleasant news you’re about to hear. Your dream also denotes the fun side of your personality. It’s time to remind yourself what fun is like.

What does it mean to see someone else baby in a dream?

To dream of someone else’s baby denotes your wish to have something other people do. Maybe it’s an ability or a character trait. You admire someone’s innocence or naivety. Instead of envying others, work on yourself more. Becoming the best at what you do is the key message here.

What does a dead baby in a dream mean?

If the baby is dead in your dream, it signifies the ending of something that has just begun to develop in your life. You’re surrounded by negative people and it’s draining the life out of you. However, your dream has a positive interpretation too. You are spared the responsibility about something in waking life. It’s best you keep your distance from negative people and start fresh.

What does it mean for your baby to be taken away from you in a dream?

If someone took your baby away or your baby was kidnapped in your dream, it reflects your fear of losing something that’s important to you. This could be a worrying a dream and it is common that you may think about this the day after – hence looking up this meaning. Right, I believe the dream is a metaphor. It is that “something” is being taken away from you. This could be: a person, or a job position in society. The dream indicates that a situation needs attention and care. 

What does it mean to dream of a baby talking?

As you know, babies don’t talk until around 1-2 years old, however, to dream of a baby talking like an adult represents a message from your subconscious mind. In dream lore, a talking baby means that someone is trying to make you more aware of your potential and qualities. This dream also denotes the “inner voice” that you wish to keep silent for a while. To dream of talking back to the baby indicates that you could be feeling free and easy again. Let me explain this better – you want to feel alive again. This dream means that you are a capable person with excellent communication skills. It’s time you use your qualities to improve your life.

What does it mean to dream of a sick or ill baby?

If you dream of a sick or ill baby it indicates that you’ll experience setbacks in love or work. This can also mean that you will encounter unexpected problems and you will have to try harder to achieve all your dreams.

What does a cute baby in a dream mean?

A cute baby in a dream represents your ability to find a solution even for what we classify unsolvable problem. You always look at the bright side and you try to restore your faith in humanity. Never lose hope.

What does an ugly baby in a dream mean?

The ugly baby in your dream denotes your mistrust of people. You believe no one’s innocent and naive. You always look at the dark side of everything. Be more positive and care less about others.

What does it signify to see a newborn baby walking?

To see a newborn baby walking in a dream means you will encounter a new problem or get involved in an unseen complicated situation. Yet, you will handle yourself pretty well. You will discover new abilities and qualities in yourself. You will realize what you believed in so far – was only your illusion. You can handle more than you can imagine. And soon you will get relevant proof of your strength.

What does it mean to dream of a toy baby?

In dream lore, to see a toy baby and not an actual baby in your dream, represents your expectations of people and life in general. Your life values are mostly material. You need to reconsider your goals. There are many things that money can’t buy - because money can’t fulfill any emptiness you feel inside. Of course, money helps you in life and makes it more comfortable, limiting stress!

What does it mean to dream of a baby without legs?

To see a baby without legs in your dream spiritually is a sign of stagnation. In many ancient dream dictionaries, such a dream denotes that the baby is just a symbol of one's inner child. Maybe you need extra preparation or training to get it done. The symbol is spiritually connected to the feeling that we do not want to upset others.

What does it mean to dream of a premature baby?

To dream of a premature baby represents new problems and complicated situations in reality. They will happen a lot faster than you think. You will be unprepared and act by instinct. However, keep in mind not to panic but prove to yourself you can handle any unpredicted bad situation well.

What does it mean to dream of a neglected baby?

To dream of a neglected baby denotes your feelings about neglecting your future plans and responsibilities. Maybe you’re facing a sensitive problem and you’re not attentive enough. The baby is a representation of your inner child - do you feel worried?

What does it mean for a baby to drown in a dream?

To dream of a drowning baby predicts a new situation in your life that will affect you in a negative way. You will be overwhelmed by negative emotions. Maybe you’ll experience a failure. In the future, try to be more careful and solve the problems as they come instead of hiding everything you don’t like under the carpet. Your dream also represents your fear of drowning in waking life.

What does it mean to see an old baby in a dream?

An old baby can be presented in many ways in a dream. To dream of an old baby means you’ve grown so much in life. You’re ready to start over and live your life as you wish. You’ve learned your lessons. It’s up to you to define your new start.

What does it mean to see a deformed baby in a dream?

A deformed baby in a dream in dream lore is a symbol of a problem or a situation escalating and anxiety. If you’re expecting a baby in waking life and dream of a deformed baby, your dream represents your unnecessary fear of the baby’s state, it is what I call an anxiety dream so don’t worry things will be fine.

What does it mean if you are over menopause and dream of having a baby?

If you have encountered menopause and dream of having a baby, it means you wish to go back in time and seize the opportunities. Remember in life we always choose our path for a reason. Instead of feeling nostalgic, try to focus on being excited about your future. The dream also represents your wish to give yourself a new meaning.

What does it mean to leave your baby somewhere in a dream by accident?

To dream of leaving or forgetting your baby somewhere, represents your negative feelings about something that has just started. This dream is rather popular when you have just had a baby and what is what I call an anxiety dream. It can also mean postponing something important. And, it’s time to get back on track. Your dream also denotes your anxiety, emotional regression, and fragile mental health. Sometimes we have such a dream when we have been through a lot of stress. The dream represents your wish to leave your responsibilities aside, and just live your life.

Feelings of having a dream of a baby:

Happiness, protection, a welcome addition, lovely happiness, enjoying the baby, loving the baby.

By Flo Saul
Jun 14, 2012