ATM Machine

ATM Machine

ATM Machine Dream Meaning

Dreaming about an ATM machine denotes different meanings depending on how it is portrayed in your dream. An ATM machine in your dream is a kind of reassurance to your financial security. You might be worried about what tomorrow holds in terms of monetary security. It means that your fears are unfounded. If you see yourself withdrawing money from an ATM machine this is an indication that, you might be spending too much of your energies or on things which are not worthwhile and you might be in danger of affecting your inner self.

What does it mean to dream of an ATM Machine?

An automatic teller machine is used for banking, allowing customers to complete basic transactions without coming face to face with bank representatives. As long as you have a debit or credit card, you will be able to complete the electronic banking. It saves time and energy and you are in a position to access your cash 24/7.

In the case you see yourself depositing some cash at an ATM, you should be happy because, it denotes that, you are using your energy to do something meaningful in your life. If you see an ATM machine in your dream it might have a symbolic meaning of you being under the financial pressure of sorts. You might be spending your money on something which is not worthwhile and in no time, you might be faced with a financial crisis.

What does it mean to dream of your bank card in an ATM machine?

An ATM machine in the dream where you see a bank card or the machine itself denotes that, you are desiring to have financial security; you are doing everything humanly possible to make sure that, you are stable as far as financial stability is concerned. In the case in your dream, you lose your ATM card, it is a warning that you need care with your money and you to start being careful. In case your dream you see someone else using an ATM machine or an ATM card, it is a sign that, your financial situation is negative.

What does it mean if the ATM machine in your dream keeps giving you money?

When you dream that, the ATM machine is giving your more money than you requested for, it denotes that, you have an exaggerated ego; you feel that, you have some rights to certain things in your waking life. An ATM machine that is full or just giving out lot's of money -- can indicate that you have access to power or useful resources and this puts you in a better standing as far as life situations are concerned. You are in a position to make things happen; you have the freedom to experience things. All in all, you are a lucky person, who is able to gain opportunities whenever you want them and at the same time, you have the capability of utilizing them. Dreaming about an ATM machine can denote that, you have everything at your disposal, thus, you have not experienced the hardship that others happen to go through in life.

What does it mean if the ATM machine does not work?

When you dream that your ATM machine wouldn't work in your dream, foretells that, there is something in your life, which you were used to it working, but at the moment, it no longer works thus making your life miserable. It could be that you were used to getting favors from your employer which is no longer forthcoming; a spouse could have made it a routine to give some cash at the end of every month, but at the moment, they are not doing so; it could be a client who used to promote you in your business on a regular basis but no longer does so.

What does it mean if the ATM machine is giving you something else other than money?

When an ATM machine will not give you money in your dream and instead, it was spitting out something else, it suggests that you are having some financial crisis in your life which needs immediate attention. You might be out spending your money on things which are not worthwhile leaving out important projects where you could invest your money in. The dream could also be implying that you are wasting your time on something or someone who is not worth your time.

What does it mean if an ATM machine takes your card in a dream?

A situation where you visit the ATM machine and it eats up your card forewarns that, you have a desire to get rich and you are doing everything possible to attain this goal. It has made you into a hardworking person, investing in different things in order to become rich in the shortest time possible. A dream where someone stole your cash and card from an ATM machine denotes that, indicates that you are having difficulties in your life which, if you take precautions, you will overcome. You might have a family member who is sick, taking them to the hospital will see them healed.

What does it mean to be robbed at an ATM machine in a dream?

If you were robbed at an ATM machine in your dream, it means that you are under the attack by the spirit of poverty and you need to do everything you can, to avert this attack. You can do so by becoming spiritual and consulting your spiritual mentor. It could also indicate that you are too busy for yourself to the extent that, opportunities meant for you. This opportunity will end up bypassing you. You need to be alert.

What does it mean if you cannot find an ATM machine in a dream?

If you are unable to find an ATM in your dream; you search for it everywhere, but it is unavailable, it foreshadows that, you are unable to find a way out of a situation in your life which is bothering you. You might be indebted to someone and you are wondering how to repay the person out, but you seem not to have any source of income to sort the person out; you might be thinking about how to clear out your credit cards or to save some cash in order to make a down payment for some important in your life like a house, but you are unable to. Thus, you feel trapped and unable.

In this dream:

  • The ATM machine would not work.
  • The ATM machine would not give you money.
  • You went to the ATM machine.
  • Someone stole your card and cash from an ATM machine.
  • You were robbed at an ATM machine. You needed an ATM machine but could not find one.

Feelings Associated with the Dream:

Trapped. Bothered. Indebted. Rich. In a crisis.

By Florance Saul
Jun 28, 2017