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Chase Dream Meaning

To be chased in a dream is extremely common. This dream may include being chased by a person, shadow, shark, fox, dog, rabbit, another person, or any other strange object. In addition, you may have had a dream where a group of people or zombies are chasing you.

Now, before I will embark on a hypothetical interpretation we need to uncover what you are chasing, what are your feelings? Many of the initial worries that led to the pursuit of being chased are connected to our inner early fears. What we are running from or chasing will naturally allow the exploration of the dream from many angles.

What are you chasing? We chase dreams, relationships, dead-end jobs. This dream is spiritually about you chasing something in life that you don't need to. Stop chasing is the key message to this dream.

How far away is the pursuer?

The length of space between yourself and the chaser often indicates how far you are away from your anxieties and troubles or the fact that you keep chasing and wanting something that others are just not giving you. Also, do you really want it if they give it to you? The universe works in strange ways. If you are close to the pursuer in the dream then the message is directly associated with problems that are going to surface very shortly. Remembering how far away the attacker is will provide you with a clue as to the closeness of the danger that you feel in waking life. 

Closing and grounding are important spiritually when the chaser is close to you. When you feel a bit spaced out over the dream then grounding will help. This will pull back your own energy into more of a resonance. Energies in daily life can affect us on the spiritual plane. Feeling something of danger is close indicates that you need to focus on your own energy vibrations and increase ether awareness of opening your visualization in order to meditate and develop yourself and protect your spiritual energies.

Biblical meaning of being chased in a dream

In the bible, chasing has been mentioned in many scriptures. I'm not overly religious but like to turn to scripture to get an insight into the meaning. It is important to try to understand what the dream means from a biblical perspective and the only way is to review the scriptures, for which I did. There are many scriptures that detail chasing and in life, we chase things: job, money, relationships, lover, and recognition. In life we are chasers. In Psalm 23, David wrote about being surrounded by enemies Psalm 23:4 and walking through the dark valley. He was notorious for writing about strife. David was pursuing his God, being chased by God, and at the end of his passage said that goodness will follow him in all the days of his life.

In Hebrew, the word for the chase is known as "radaph." It means hunting, searching, chasing, or walking closely by someone. It is a way to communicate that chasing is also about making sure that you are trying to get something through conflict, such as chasing a victory through the way. We know that King Saul hunted David and that God said he will hunt down the wicked. This is not to say that just because you had a dream of being chased you are being hunted down. What it can mean though biblically is that you are hunting for a meaning, you are pursued by enemies like David was in Psalm 18:37. The biblical meaning of a dream of being chased means:

  • You are in need of love, and God loves you and will help you
  • Biblically your soul needs protection and to rest after strife
  • If you will ask for forgiveness then God will grant this to you
  • When something is going wrong in life, god will offer his love

The bible urges you in the scripture if you are dreaming of being chased to turn around, face what is chasing you. You cannot escape your own shackles. It is time to release yourself. 

Spiritual meaning of being chased in a dream

Spiritually, dreams of chasing can be caused by many things such as:

  • Leaky auras - negative around life and that you need to protect yourself which is why you are being chased
  • Giving too much spirituality of yourself - then this means that you are emotionally open at the moment
  • People around you - If you suspect that you are surrounded by people that are angry or in conflict then this means that others will have negativity around you and the dream means you are trying to escape spiritually from these people
  • Exposed yourself to negativity - If you have exposed yourself to people who are not positive or auric vampires are in your life - then this means that you must protect yourself and your aura.

We all have a tendency to run away from people, situations, and fears we find unacceptable in waking life, I am sure there are many areas of life that you have run away from. The element of a "chase" in the dream is a way to describe your own escape from a part of your inner “psyche” that you do not recognize. 

Being chased in your dream does mean worry. Whatever is pursuing you in your dream is your unconscious mind letting you know that you need to face responsibilities. This dream can also mean from a psychological perspective that you are running from responsibilities that need to be sorted out. If you are chased by any type of animal then this generally means that you need to come to terms with your passion in life. 

It is important to understand that dreams have a spiritual concept. There is an energy field around chasing dreams and we are often guided by our spirits and those loved ones that have passed over. Spiritual development also can involve your own thoughts and often appear in your dreams. When people dream on a deeper level, our spiritual forces come into play. The chasing dream is often connected to our own aura and means we need to create a safe place around ourselves.

On a spiritual level, we naturally raise our own vibrations. This is what is known as our internal light. When we are being chased in a dream this is connected to our own internal wisdom, and messages to show that we need to connect on a psychical or spiritual level. After this dream, you might find that you are more sensitive to the needs of other people and animals. Try to be aware you need to be aware that you have boundaries in place and that you ensure that you do not give other people your energy when they do not deserve it.

Spiritually this dream can indicate that it is important to protect yourself and your auras. Imagine a protective shield around yourself, such as a bubble of light, a circle that will protect yourself. This will repeal any negative energies you are trying to move away from.

Detailed dream interpretation

  • Conflict in your dream: If you actually have a conflict with the person that is chasing you then this indicates that you are likely to be affected by pre-programmed reproductions of situations which you encountered when you were a child.
  • Chased by burglars or criminals: If the dream was in relation to being chased by burglars or criminals then you're looking to protect yourself from other people's actions in the future. If the chaser is cursing you or shouting words then you are feeling anger. Make sure that you do not lose your temper in situations that require you to remain silent.
  • Chased another person: If you participated in chasing another in your dream then you are going to find that finances are going to cause problems. This is not to say that you are never going to be comfortable it just indicates that you will always worry about money.
  • Chased by a monster: Many dream oracles also interpret that if you are running away from a monster then this generally means that a new ending is on the horizon. To be chased by an alien shows that sorrow a misfortune is likely to take hold in your immediate future. If when you turn around what ever is chasing you dissolves away in front of your eyes then this shows that you have the power to overcome your fears and anxieties. If an animal which is chasing you is bigger than it is in human life this might mean that a situation will be delayed in the future. This dream reflects who you are and new beginnings are coming.
  • Laughing: If you laugh in your dream or you find the event humorous then this is a positive dream.
  • Chased by people at work or school: If you are being chased by work colleagues or people at school then this indicates that you may feel that you are not working as hard as you should.
  • You know the person who is chasing you: If you recognize the pursuer and you are running then it is important that this is taken into account when trying to decide the meaning of your dream.
  • Unable to move or run: If you find yourself paralyzed in your dream and unable to move and the chaser is catching up with you then this indicates that you need to grow up and develop some sense of responsibility for the need to develop physically and there is a need to develop emotionally.
  • In slow motion: If you dream that you are in slow motion when being chased then this is an indication that you need to look at relationships around you. Think about how you can improve social relationships especially those related to your work. To be chased by a spider means that people in waking life may require you to complete a task.
  • Trapped to the ground: To have a dream of being trapped to the ground while you're being chased is related to inadequate feelings. If you are a woman and you cannot move because you are being chased by something in your dream suggests you are feeling restricted by the environment in which you live. If you are a man and you have a similar experience this indicates that your masculinity has been questioned. You need to recognize openly any factors which are giving rise to your fears. The most common dream in regards to being chased if that you actually feel somebody's following you or you have a feeling somebody is behind you.
  • Cannot see the person chasing you: This means you cannot visualize them. In this instance the follower is actually part of you and this dream indicates that you need to explore the feelings within or change your attitude towards an area of your career. If you turn around in your dream and you see a shadow following you this indicates you have denied yourself something in your life.
  • Chased by a butcher: If you see a butcher or somebody is chasing you with a weapon that is intended to hurt you then this indicates that there is a situation in your life that you need to confront in order for future happiness.
  • Chased towards a light: If you see a light in your dream and you are being chased towards it then this indicates that spiritual development is on the horizon.
  • Person has a cloak: Generally, if the person chasing you has a cloak or appears weird, ugly or unfamiliar then this indicates that you need to look at how you deal with future situations and you need to judge yourself on your successes rather than your failures in a work situation.
  • Chased by a bull: If you see a bull chasing you this shows that there is likely to be business trouble in the future. The problems are going to be centered around jealousy, and it is likely competitors or colleagues at work will harass you.
  • People trying to access your house: If you are in your house and people are trying to enter this indicates you need your own space and it is important to make sure you feel that you have a proper home life. This dream also means that someone has violated your own private space.
  • Chased in the streets: If you are being chased around streets in your dream then this indicates a financial problem in your life. If you manage to actually hide from the chaser and you manage to lose them it is important to consider where you are in your dream and in your waking life the home surroundings at the moment. They will give you an indication of how you can escape your anxieties in your waking life.
  • Chased by a dog: If you dream that a dog chases you or foxes then this denotes an usual briskness in all affairs. To see a hare or rabbit chased by dogs or a hunt shows that there are trouble among your friends and you need to concern yourself to make sure that relationships maintain on a good standing. If you see a dog chasing a squirrel then this indicates a disagreement among friends or close family members. If you dream of chasing or hunting a fox then this shows that you are engaging in doubtful risky situations in your love life. If you kill the fox in your dream then you are likely to have a successful outcome.
  • Chased by a shark: If you are chased or followed by a shark then this indicates that there are going to be situations in which you cannot avoid. It is important to actually look at the water in this dream. If the water is clear and you are being attacked and can swim away then this foretells there are going to be some areas where prosperity will be questioned.
  • Chased by a bat : If you dream of being followed by a bat (animal) or someone with a baseball bat then this is in connection with your love life. If a bat (animal) chased you then these circumstances indicate that you are likely to encounter some type of minor illness either yourself or your sweetheart. If you dream that flies are following you in your dream - or any other vermin then this dream is not a good omen. You will have bad luck for the next two days. It is time to remove some of the difficulty in your life and a new start will follow.
  • Chased by a snake: To dream of a snake following you represents that friends are going to be grateful in connection with a gift that you are going to give in the future. If the snake killed you then you are going to win in the face of your enemies. The snake is often regarded as an omen that is both positive and negative and spreads all over the world and is generally believed that if you are badly hurt by a snake then good luck and protection will be assured.
  • Bees chasing you: If you are chased by bees buzzing or are covered in a swarm of bees highlights that trouble is likely to come. Most dream oracles interpret being stunned by a bee means that you are going to have physical problems in the future. Whenever they sting your body - you will be tarnished. If you are well off or middle-class and you dream of bees you're likely to have some upset in your business affairs, especially if you are being attacked or followed by only one bee. To catch a bee which is following you means that you are going to speak to someone who is not faithful. If the bees swarm into your own house then you are likely to have troubles with enemies.
  • Zombie's chasing you: To be chased by a zombie or group of people then this dream is associated with your own judgment. It is extremely rare to encounter such a dream. These types of dreams are particularly worrying as we associate the dream with our own traits. If the zombie's behavior in the dream was inconsistent and unplanned and the zombies natural instinct was to chase you then this was connected to your true personality. If they don't catch you then this is a positive omen.
  • Chased by a the dead: If someone that is dead is central to the chase and you are lacking the power to run then this dream indicates there is a relationship which needs a resolution. The message here is that you need to experience social pleasure in your life. This dream also indicates that you are running away from your responsibilities. It is important for you to meditate. If dead people are hunting you in your dream then this is related to your unconscious mind about the fears in your life. It may well be that you were running away from responsibilities at work. This dream shows us that we need to prevent unacceptable approaches to life's problems. The real culprit of this dream is more than likely to be everyday stresses which you have unconsciously decided to enter deal with in your dream state.
  • You are chasing someone: If you are chasing someone in your dream then this means that you have some type of unresolved desire or alternatively attachment to a situation or person that you are unable to obtain. Spiritually, this dream represents the fear of your actions and the dream is trying to push you forward in life.
  • Chased by dark shadows: If you are chased by dark shadows then this dream indicates that you need to escape from feeling oppressed. This may be in regards to childhood difficulty or problems in your early life. It is important that you follow your passion and face your fears. If you are being chased by the weather such as a hurricane then this generally foreshadows evil in your life. It is important to not be too disappointed and to stand up for yourself in the face of family conflict.
  • Chased by a bus or car: If you are trying to chase an object such as a bus or car and you actually miss this object then it indicates that there is likely to be some type of anxiety and frustration in your life or behavior in the future. To be chased by a mode of transport means that you are on the wrong path in life, you need to try to think about what you need to complete to get on the right path.
  • Chased in wooded area: If you are chased in a woodland then this indicates that you have been cheating yourself and it is time to face up to your real desires.
  • Chased by a robot: If a machine or robot chases you in dream this means that you have anxiety about your happiness in the future. It is important to recognize that this dream is based on fear of the future.

Historic Dream interpretation in the 1930s

  • To be chased by a group of people in your dream indicates your emotions are high at the moment. This dream means you must control feelings of rage, fear and sexual desire.
  • In this dream you need to look at the strict symbols of interpretation. If you are dreaming that you have been chased by a monster or vampire then this is a sign that you may encounter some type of treachery from someone you trust. The fact they are actually being chased indicates that you have been responsible for the treachery yourself.
  • If you are being chased by a spider then you are going to encounter a difficult situation which is going to be rooted in your subconscious mind. The fear and anxiety is at the root of these types of dream is and it is for this reason than they can afford such a clue to the psychological dream interpreters.
  • Historically, psychologists wrote that it is possible to visualize the real trouble which is the root of the dreamers difficulties, whilst with ordinary dreams it is possible to find that some solution to the problem.
  • Individually, the symbols which you may have found chasing you may not have a negative meaning. For example being chased by a cat represents happiness on the way and a vampire means you are going to marry into money. Therefore if you find that these symbols are chasing you then you need to look at the individual meaning of each element.

Ancient meanings of being chased (pre-1930s)

  • Traditional dream oracles skip over the problem of chasing and categorize this dream as a nightmare, this is treating the individual creatures or people which are chasing you in the dream as symbols of the normal frightening images of a nightmare.
  • In ancient dream oracles the dream of being chased or followed is often referred to the hunt. This is not a positive omen. For it means to all an unpleasant time with hostile people who are likely to offend the dreamer.
  • To dream that you are hunting a stag and that you actually capture this is a great sign of future prosperity.
  • If you are in a relationship this indicates that you will obtain your wish.
  • To dream of hunting a hare or a rabbit indicates likely misfortune your trouble.
  • This also indicates some type of relationship problem in the future.
  • If you dream of hunting a fox then this shows that you are likely to outsmart competitors or rivals.

Psychological dream meaning of chasing

Psychoanalysts have for a long time (following Freud's interpretation) interpreted the dream of being chased as a disguised form that you wish to “escape” and have a sexual encounter. In psychology it is often suggested that the pursuer is a part of their personality and should be accepted and integrated rather than to run away – can you face your chaser? If you are being chased by or trying to outrun pursuers who are trying to do you harm this can be a terrifying dream. It could be a wild animal or a gang or a criminal, but it is obvious that this is a matter of life or death. These villains and monsters often appear to be a symbol of tensions or problems, rather than people we actually know. If you have chased dreams of different types for many years, and if there is an evil monster or maybe even murder in them, this is likely to connect to a situation you are running from in daily life.

In psychology everyday stress of modern life has taken its toll and it is time to accept this and evolve your responsibilities so that you do not carry a massive burden. This dream also shows that others depend upon you to do well in life, whether that is family, friends or children. If you change your life then consider the impact upon others and above all your own happiness.

Is the dream of being chased good or bad?

While many dreams can be both happy and unpleasant, the nightmare of  being chased is always a bad dream. These types of fears can cover instability, financial strain, and the desire to avoid conflict. Other pressures of daily life may cause anxiety later in life, even though they are not a threat, like what we experience in a dream. Chase dreams are a way to rekindle fears from childhood. This helps explain why certain events can cause anxiety. These dreams, even though they are not pleasant, can serve as a barometer for your stress levels and help you determine if the resolution or compromise you have made is right for you. Chase dreams can be a sign you are feeling pressured or driven in some aspect of your life. Even if you live a well-ordered and successful life, being chased in a dream can be a sign that something is not right.

Recurring Dream of Chasing

When you have a re-occurring dream about being chased then this indicates that you need to embrace a happy ending in your life. In order to find out a happy ending, you need to meditate on the reasons why you're being chased. Some dreams you may experience make you feel frightened and you are relieved to wake up. To unlock the meaning of this dream you need to understand what in waking life makes you feel afraid. It is important to persevere with a particular project or plan at work that you may have found caused anxiety in your personal life. The true meaning is that you need to achieve success at work in your waking life.

Dream about being chased by something dangerous

Did you have a dream of being terrified at what you are running from? We often dream of chasing in regards to nasty things appearing from the dark and there is a danger that is threatening, which could be a sign of stress and worried about life in general. In our dream state, we wish to flee from our fears. We are prone to dream (of being chased by something dangerous) when we do this. These things may be merely our fears and fearfulness of living.

Dream about being chased by a man

An unknown man or someone who is a madman in a dream chasing you can be worrying, the sweat, stress of trying to escape can stay with you in daily life. Can you identify the reason the man is following you? Do you feel the dreams remind you of a man that you know? If you can identify the reason you are having this dream at this time in your life, it may help you to resolve a few conflicts. Nearly everyone has had dreams of the dangers of a man. Some people have the nightmare of mass murder or feeling like they cannot actually run away from the man. A dangerous man in our dream chasing us is connected to our internal vulnerability in life. It means that there is a male figure that you feel is spiritually trying to manipulate you somehow. 

Dream about being chased by a madman

A madman in a dream can be reminiscent of a situation in your waking or recent life. Often, these types of dreams mean you find yourself feeling as if you are in a vulnerable or overexposed situation in your life, which is normally connected to a male. Think about things that could possibly alleviate your anxiety, such as talking with a friend or therapist, or someone about your worries about a male in your life.

Dream of being chased by a killer

If you are being chased by a killer (male or female) in the dream. The dream is a representation of your own life in general during the past year. If you have had a separation, possibly a divorce, these dreams sometimes come when you feel like life situations may be completely new and unfamiliar. The madman that is following you indicates you might not be comfortable asking for help. This dream can suggest that you have not sought support when you needed it. It is ok to not be ok sometimes.

Dreams of being chased by a women

If a man dreams of being chased by a female in his dream then this indicates that there is a feeling he is being consumed by another. There is also an emphasis on the fear of his own actions in the future. If you dream that you are being attacked by women following being chased then this just highlights your fears about a rejection of women.

Dreams of being chased and hiding

You can get a detailed description of what is coming at you to help you identify the areas you need to change. It is usually only when you interpret your dream that you are being chased and hiding you will realize that you are running away from the things you want. In time, it will be clear that you are far ahead of yourself if you have the insight. Hiding in dreams is about escaping what is in front of you. What are you scared of? Your internal feelings of trying to hide represent your own vulnerability in everyday environments and your feeling of being threatened by a variety of situations in which your own safety is compromised. Even though, it might be minor we all feel we wish to hide away from the truth or from people at some point in our lives.

Dream of being chased by a lion

Dreams of being chased by a lion can remind you internally of some abusive parts of your own personality, or the abuse you could have suffered in your own family or at work. The lion is your inner voice roaring about not feeling what you should and that you are building a wall around yourself. Maybe you are playing a game of cat and mouse. When someone is not interested life is too short. Move on.

Dream of a dead person chasing you

Seeing a dead person in a dream can be worrying. Psychoanalysts in their writings often assume that dream images are fabricated by dreamers and can mask the true identity of the person or thing in a dream. These dreams are interpreted by Jung, as describing the dreamer's relationship with his or her male or female side. So how does this work if you dream of someone that is dead chasing you? The dead person in your dream can point to a hidden focus in life that has not gone to plan.

Dream of being chased by a dead person

Dreaming of the dead brings questions of why are we living and why are we here. I hope I can assist you in understanding the vastness of this dream of being chased by the dead. Everyone has these types of dreams at some point, and to dream of the dead in an adverse way indicates that you are creating a portal of dream time in which communications can occur. There is a message from the dead in this dream, which is you need to free yourself from something that is surrounding you in life. Often the messages that come from the dead should be noticed or intense. These dreams of being chased indicate that you need to think about running away from something adverse in your current life.

Dream of being chased by people

To dream of being pursued by many people indicates that you are feeling there is too many energies around you at the moment. Do the people chasing you remind you of anything or anyone? You could be able to identify the dream images as representing an aspect of yourself or a repeating pattern in your romantic life.

Dream of being chased by the police

Dreaming of being chased by the police in a dream can indicate you are chasing your own exclusive hopes and worries about daily life and problems. If you have difficulty escaping from the police in a dream this can indicate that you may have an issue with authority. The dream itself is connected to realness and power. The dream is powerful and emanates that you are trying to escape others. If you commit a crime in a dream and find yourself running from the police this can on occasion show that at times you may find yourself trying to escape from an authority in life. 

Dream of being chased after an argument

Conflict in dreams is associated with anxiety. If you are have had troubling dreams about conflict and chasing, you should get rid of any emotional discomfort in waking life. This is a dream that describes coercion, domination, and bullying.

Dreams about being chased is normally an connected to life’s events, memories, or situations. Chasing dreams are symbolic in nature and can indicate hidden worries in life.

Normally, such a dream is connected to your conscious mind, and that you are trying to escape something in real life. As I already mentioned our dreams are full of symbolism and are an inner self. Being chased and killed is what I call a nightmare sort of a dream and it can be a blessing in disguise. It could be implying that it is time for you to stop running and turn to face the reality in real life. The “being chased” dream is often associated with nightmares, being pursued in dreams can leave you feeling shaken when you wake up. One of the most common dreams in being chased and stalked by someone. Our own internal thoughts and worries can sometimes enter our mind during sleep and this dream is what I call an anxiety type of dream. The most important thing is to think about the situations in your life that could result in this dream.

What does it mean to dream about being chased and killed?

This particular dream could mean you are chasing a goal in your life which is allusive or you are attempting to remove a memory from the past which is harmful to your progress. I always say that being “killed in a dream” means a total transformation in life. It could be in real life, you are trying to run away from feelings. I will say, there is an aspect of yourself that you are chasing and you are trying to keep up with your goals. Alternatively, it could mean that you are angry about a certain aspect of your life - and the anger is blaming you and now this is “acting out” in your dream. It could be that, there is someone or something in your waking life you are trying to avoid. Try to ask yourself if there are any problems that have entered your life or have created disturbances.

What does it denote to dream about being chased by police?

Dreaming about the police can show you the “control” side of your personality. The police in the dream could represent power, authority, rules or the law. It could be reminding you that you need to control reckless behavior or make sure that, your desires are under check. If in your dream, the police are chasing you using a police car, it could be a suggestion that, your consciousness is guilty or you have a fear of being caught for something you did and you know that it is wrong. It could also symbolize your unwillingness or your inability to accept the consequences of something which you have already done. On the other hand, it could be regarding the refusal to accept rules and limitations which have been placed by other people.

If there was no police car, but just a police chasing you, then this is an indicator that, you are going to be in conflict with someone in the coming days. Your words are what is going to cause you to be in conflict with the person and this is someone who is very close to you. If you decide to insult them, it might cause a break up that will be irreconcilable yet this is someone whom you value so much. Alternatively, it could mean that other people are going to cause problems in your life. There is someone who is suffocating you and you are not sure how to go about letting them know. It could a friend or your partner who seems to be into you so much and their needs are really suffocating you.

What does it denote to dream of being chased and hiding?

A dream where you are being chased by individuals who have bad intent towards you and hiding could denote that, your rivals or enemies are gaining power over you. You could have belittled them thinking that they are not your equal. Hiding reveals your tendency to isolate yourself, an aspect of you which could cause your downfall as your enemies ingratiate themselves to your social circle. In the end, your sacrifice depicts your surrender and recognition of the authority that your enemies or rivals have.

What does it imply to dream about being chased but can't run?

When you have a dream where you are being chased but cannot run could denote that, your subconscious is experiencing some stress about the many problems which you are going through during your waking life and your brain has given up because it knows, it is unlikely that you will come out of the problems on your own. In your waking life, try to face what it is that you are running from, that which is attacking you and making you feel that you are being chased by life. If you concentrate, you might find out which problem to prioritize. Dreams are set up so you cannot hurt or be hurt by someone. Alternatively, the dream of being frozen in one spot is an indicator that, you lack self-confidence or it could be that, you are in a state of REM paralysis while still having a dream about being chased. It could be a case of lucid dreaming.

What does it mean to dream of being chased by a madman?

According to old dream books, dreaming about madness is a negative omen that foretells of serious illness and troubles which will make you lose property in the coming days. A madman chasing you could imply that you are going to be let down by your friends and they will also hurt you because they will betray your trust in them.

Alternatively, according to the London Press paper on madness in dreams published in 1903, this is a dream trying to warn you of possible danger. This dream could be about the danger and the fate of others. Think about the danger and stress this madman is causing in your dream – can this be reflected in your waking life? Try and take the appropriate measures to think deeply about your family and friends.

What does it mean to dream about being stalked?

Being chased by someone is a way of your unconscious mind is trying to communicate about an issue in your waking life which you may be trying to avoid. According to dream psychologist Sigmund Freud, you will need to identify the chaser who is stalking you. Here is a question - is a situation in your life which you think is unconquerable and you are trying to run away from? It could be a metaphor of a form of insecurity.

Alternatively, being stalked in a dream is an indicator that, some issue or difficulty is present in your life and you are not ready to confront it. The dream is trying to let you know that, these problems are not going to away due to the fact that you are ignoring them. Alternatively, if in real life, you are aware that someone is stalking you, then it could be that the “fear” per se – is being carried into your dream.

In case you happen to be the stalker in the dream, then it is a representation of your shadow and the negative part of yourself. It can at the same time, be symbolic of a bad habit which you are unable to break away from.

What does it denote to dream about being chased by soldiers?

Dreams about soldiers are an indicator of conflict, power, and violence. There is a possibility that you are going to run into some kind of inevitability and force and thus, at the moment you should stop debating your future, and concentrate on your present. I know it is easy for us to all be so consumed by what is happening. Seeing yourself in a war could be a sign that is how you are feeling in life. At the moment, you could be suffering from a conflict of your beliefs and values and you have come to a conclusion that you are going to defend yourself. The soldiers chasing you are really weighing you down and it could be a way of you preparing for an impending interpersonal or personal conflict. This dream of soldiers trying to catch you could imply that you are stressed by the many things happening in your life and thus, it is §time to go out and enjoy life’s beauty because that is the only way you will rejuvenate yourself. By the time you come back, you will have answers to whatever was stressing you and then move your life forward.

What does it mean to dream about being chased by the government?

A dream where you see the government or the FBI chasing you is an indicator of an established authority in your waking life which you respect. It is not uncommon to see the government plotting or chasing you like something out of the born identity movie. If you can see a person or a situation in a dream (which always takes power or control of you in life). It could be someone imposing themselves on you and you don’t feel in control. It could be that you feel someone’s assertiveness and you don’t have a chance to assert yourself. It could be a teacher, a parent, or someone who is in charge of your life.

Alternatively, the dream could denote the rules by which you govern your life. For example, there may be exterior influences that you feel influenced by or governed by or your inner forces that govern your well-being. To dream of being hunted by the FBI or secret services can indicate that your health is under attack and you are worried. This dream is all about wide influences and not from one individual in your life.

I will say, that this dream indicates there is a feeling that there is no escape from the situation governing your life. If you are surrounded by several obstacles in your life which are making it impossible to progress then you may dream of being chased by secret agents. The message of this dream is to not fall along the way but you need to be strong enough so that, at the end of the day, you achieve your goals no matter what force is trying to control your destiny.

How to deal with a dream of being chased?

Often when faced with these dreams we don’t know what to do. You need to lift your spirits by offering all you have. Friends can help you when you feel overwhelmed and confused. Ask your friends to remind you of the true happiness ahead if you feel like you're losing control or floundering.

You can place symbols that represent success and happiness in your home. Then, take the time to re-connect with the joy they bring. Also, even if you feel like you're being forced to go through unreal things, you can keep a lot of people and objects around you that help you stay connected with spirit. Talk to others who have been through the same thing as you and get their tips on how to deal with these types of situations. They are more knowledgeable than anyone about the challenges ahead of you.

In your dream you may have

  • Felt restricted.
  • You know they are close behind you.
  • You cannot run fast enough to getaway.
  • Being chased by a group of people or zombies.
  • The person chasing you seems to be hiding somewhere and you are aware that they are chasing you.
  • You cannot see who they are.
  • A stranger follows you in your dream you have never met this person before.
  • No matter where you are in your dream you cannot seem to escape.
  • It is apparent that they are following you and you are helpless.
  • Your dream may have featured another person or animal being chased. You observed this.
  • The feeling of being uncomfortable that your safety is at risk.
  • You feel frightened. When you wake up it is a relief.
  • You were caught when you were being chased.
  • The pursuer never actually caught up with you. You were able to escape successfully.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You escape the chaser / pursuer.
  • You paid close attention to the person that is chasing you and knew you would win.
  • You manage to escape without being caught.
  • You confronted the pursuer and everything turns out positively.
  • You managed to escape the situation in your dream completely.
  • The person that you sensed behind you was no longer chasing you.
  • When you turn around there is nothing or no-one there.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • You are trying to escape from a situation at work which has become a problem in your life. It is starting to take over the way you think outside working hours.
  • Financial inheritance or a sum of money will need to be discussed with family members.
  • You have been feeling shame in regards to the way that you have treated a close friend over the last six months.
  • You have regrets in decisions that you have made in your career and it's time to re-evaluate and decide whether you can retrain for a new life.
  • You have been feeling that your relationship has been affected negatively by another person within the last three months - it might be worthwhile finding a new partner. Alternatively, this is a warning that you need to make sure that you make the effort in this relationship and every relationship needs work.
  • In your career you have encountered a number of difficult people and problems at work.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of being chased or followed

Scared. Terrified that the object of fear is going to end up catching you. Doomed. Threatened by somebody else. Feeling very vulnerable and scared that this person will hurt you. Not able to run properly. Inability to see what is coming. Panic. A feeling of being extremely uncomfortable. You are unable to leave the dream. Relieved that the person, group or animal disappears eventually.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012