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Did you hear an announcement in a dream?

Was someone announcing something to you? Well, this can be a rather strange dream to have. Read on we have decoded many dreams of this nature. I am a true believer that these dreams are a message from our subconscious mind. So what does it mean?

So an announcer was heard in your dream! This could be on the TV, radio or even news updates. An announcer can be heard reading the news, sports information or even traffic updates in a dream. To begin with there are two main areas related to such a dream. One, you are the announcer and secondly someone was announcing something to you. We will cover them all in the below. So read on.

Dreaming of being an announcer implies that you’re spending too much time worrying and listening what others have to say. However, you neglect your own wishes and needs and you often end up unhappy in general. Dreaming of heading an announcer has other meanings, depending on your dream.

So you could have had any of the following appeared in your dream

  • You were an announcer in your dream.
  • You heard an announcer on TV in your dream state
  • You got a job as an announcer in your dream.
  • An announcer was screaming in your dream.
  • An announcer announced important news.
  • You saw an announcer on TV but you couldn’t hear anything.
  • Someone you knew became an announcer in your dream state.
  • You could hear a train announcer in a dream.
  • You listened to a radio announcer in your dream.

Detailed dream meaning

If you were an announcer in your dream, as I mentioned in the opening paragraph this reveals your obsession what other have to say or what they do. Yes, this is really a message to say that it would be better if you focus on yourself more. Other people have their lives and so do you. Once you start to take more care about yourself and less about others, you will feel much better. If you heard an news reader or an announcement on TV in your dream state, it indicates that you will soon hear an important news that will change your life. However, it could also mean that you are obsessed with what’s happening in the world. Try to become more obsessed with your own life and you will notice a major change in yourself.

If you gained a job as an announcer in your dream it foretells your desire to tell people what’s wrong and what’s right. You are secretly obsessed with telling people what to do and how to live their lives. Your dream could also mean that you’re not very satisfied with your current job and you wish to find a more meaningful and interesting job. If an announcer was screaming or shouting in your dream, it denotes your wish to be heard. You constantly feel like you should advise people on how to live their life and do the right thing. However, remember that not everyone wants to listen and do the right thing. Sometimes, some people enjoy being negative and are unaware of things.

If an announcer announced an important message in your dream state it implies a major change in your life. You will receive an important news that will help you improve your life and become a better person. If you saw an announcer on TV but couldn't hear what they had to say it indicates you will soon become more selective when it comes to listening to people. You will finally realize that not everyone who says they are your friend, actually wishes the best for you. However, before you realize this you will suffer a disappointment.

Ok, lets find out a bit more about this dream. If someone you know became an announcer in your dream state, it could mean that you will soon realize the value of that person. Although you may feel that the person was not someone you wish to spend time with the announcer dream suggests you will find a new friend. If you could hear a train announcer in your dream, it indicates you will soon accept a travel invitation and visit some place unknown. However, it could also mean that you will lose your direction in life but don’t worry.

A better road is in sight. Listening to a radio announcer in your dream reveals your need for advice. You are currently going through a hard period in life and you feel like you can’t ask for someone you know to help you. The only one you could open up would be a stranger, so don’t hesitate to reach someone unknown and start talking. To hear an "end of the world" announcement in the dream indicates the end of a problem in waking life. You will be relieved! A "we are going to war" announcement in a dream indicates conflict. To hear "horse racing" announcements suggests a new start in your future.

Here are some specific dream meanings

  • You quit your job as an announcer in your dream: This indicates your distaste toward your current job in reality. You feel like you need to find a more meaningful job.
  • An announcer sent a greeting to you on the radio/TV in the dream state: It means you are feeling lonely and need someone to tell you that you’re worth loving. However, you don’t need anyone to tell you your value. You need to learn how to love and respect yourself. And once you do, the world will follow.
  • Announcers were talking on radio/TV in your dream: It denotes your confusion in reality. You always hear what others tell you and do as they say. However, when you’re alone you actually realize that you need to listen to yourself more. Don’t hesitate to stand up for what you believe in and start making decisions on your own. It’s your life!

Feelings that occurred during a dream of Announcer

Confused. Doubt. Determination. Important. Powerful. Strong. Excited. Scared.

By Florance Saul
Oct 22, 2017