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The basement is associated with the feelings you have inside.

This could be past memories, your unconscious feelings, deepest thoughts or how you feel about other people. The basement is a representation of the different levels of your subconscious mind. Basements are often found underneath the stairs, their dark and musty and have many different correlations in regards to symbolism. To dream of suddenly being in a basement of an old house suggests that you are worried about the future.  That you feel something is not right? This is the question I am going to ask you. The basement may also symbolize the self, even your total integrated psyche. You need to look at the dream as a whole. Is it harmonious or is it frightening and scary? The basement is really your unconscious urging you to send to yourself and focus on the directions in life. Essentially, pulling yourself together in times of difficulty. The supreme value of the dream illustrates what you hold meaningful will be important going forward.

If we look at the basement in more simple terms, its combination of concrete, and also a wooden frame (in most houses). Often, in the basements, I have been in there isn’t any wallpaper but consists of just brick exterior. Symbolism wise this is associated with how we bare ourselves. So, to see a wall in a basement in a dream can indicate that things will be “revealed” go forward. If you notice somebody you know in the basement this could symbolize an issue or problem and you haven’t yet found the solution. If you know this person it can give you a clue to the type of relationship that you have with them.

What is it me to dream of water in the basement?

The water symbolizes repressed emotions. If the basement is flooded in a dream this can indicate that you are looking at a grander view of a difficult situation in waking life.  water is connected to our own emotions and water seen in a basement usually representative of the personal experiences during adolescence. Some dream psychiatrists also argue that water is representative of our emotional reactions especially to events in past. Indeed, Freud claimed that water was a common symbol of how we project our feelings. The fact that the basement is on lower ground and that you see water indicates emotions that are hidden.

What does an empty basement mean in a dream?

An empty basement represents the waking of one’s ego. That is your own consciousness. The basement itself could be dark or unlit. In dream psychology terms (Carl Jung theory) the basement represents the unconscious. The darkness of dampness in the empty basement may be frightening, it’s really a wake-up call meaning that you need to trust your own conscious mind. Try to become aware of your own consciousness and put more light into darkness. There is light at the end of the tunnel and that’s a message that you have to do take on board when having this dream. If you dream that you are in a basement of a house, and even if in your dream the basement visit was an unpleasant experience it means that you're going to find prosperous opportunities. By association, this dream may also represent that your fears are well founded and it is important to act now in regards to any affairs concerning the heart.

If the basement is dark or unlit then this indicates your true anxieties about life. The message here is that you need to start to face what you do not wish to acknowledge rather than just processing random thoughts about where you should be in your life. The actual second floor of a home symbolizes the conscious thoughts, and also the lower areas as well as cellars. This represents the actual conscious or even concealed, mind. Some areas of your home might signify different times in your lifetime, and also the attitudes and also values you've experienced. The options of the dream building may also reflection options that come with the individuality; through so carrying out, they mirror the character, expectations as well as goals, and just how you're feeling about yourself.

What does a haunted basement mean in your dream?

A haunted basement is a symbolism in dreams - that you need to avoid disastrous consequences alternatively think about your ambitions in life. The basement, in this case, is illustrative of your own consciousness. Indeed, it may be symbolic of your real life peers. If the basement itself, (as I’ve already mentioned) is dark then it represents liberating yourself away from a dominating person. Darkness in dreams is a representation of transformation and death. It is a common symbolism of the unconscious mind and even though the darkness is frightening it can represent our internal forces and how we deal with difficulties in life. If you are imprisoned in a basement during the dream this can signify that in waking life you feel trapped in a situation.

Detailed dream meaning: 

A creepy or strange basement indicates that you are going to have difficult times in the future. If the basement is a mess, and you see great disorder and clutter, it suggests that you may be experiencing confusion and that it is a very good time to "sort" things out emotionally and psychologically. At times, the activities which are going on in the basement of your dream may be based on past experiences or childhood memories. As with all dreams, their main purpose seems to be to bring the dreamer to higher consciousness so that he may deal with his current issues more effectively, rather than to dwell on the past.

Carl Jung discussed in many books that he encountered many dreams that were connected to areas of his home he knew couldn't have known existed. Carl Jung states that he thought this dream was a representation of his inner personality. He thought that people's home displayed parts of their character, and also new things that he found in the home were associated with new improvements. Numerous dream experts sign up for Jung's principle and believe that homes signify aspects of the personality and these buildings help us make decisions in our lives.

To find yourself in an unusual basement means that others will require much from you in the weeks ahead. To visit a neighbors basement is a sign that one will be attracted to careers which involve travel, communication, and creativeness. To be attacked in a basement means intellectually demanding work which benefits others. Possible problems also in law, medicine, social reform or politics are forecast.

Your dream:

  • Seen an old home basement.
  • Seen areas of your current home.
  • Been in an unusual basement.
  • Visited someone's basement.
  • Been back to your home but someone was living there.
  • Been attacked in a basement.
  • Seen a basement.
  • Been trapped in the basement.
  • Visited your next door neighbors basement.
  • You escaped the basement.
  • There was no trouble.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012