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This dream is simple: if it is a domestic animal, then this signifies happiness. If this relates to a wild animal, then it can mean there are some difficulties.

When we need to have some type of misunderstanding in our lives, we are likely to dream about animals. Animals in dreams can be extremely important in trying to uncover hidden thoughts into our psyche. When we need to understand our psychological makeup, animals usually help us uncover our feelings.

In your dream you may have

  • Hunted an animal.
  • Been attacked by an animal.
  • Seen an animal running away from you.
  • Seen a scary animal.
  • Petted an animal.
  • Seen a baby animal.
  • Eaten an animal.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You met your totem animal as part of a spiritual journey.
  • You listened to your inner child or the advice of the animal.

Detailed dream interpretation

From this dream it is clear that you need guidance in life. This dream suggests a new journey, most likely on a spiritual level. Animals may be symbolic of dangers, being "swallowed" up by feelings. The interpretation of the animal in your dream depends on your reaction to it. Animals represent the qualities in our character, or specific aspects of our personalities.

In shamanism it is believed that everyone has an animal spirit guide, and this guide can help us shape our lives with wise common knowledge. Therefore, it is important to consider if you feel this animal was sent to tell you something or to provide advice.

To dream of seeing an animal strike in your dream or attack another animal or a friend, denotes a deceitful person is going to cause you trouble. If the animal runs from you, you will be able to defend your character.

Therefore, you should determine

  • Was the experience worrying - did the animal try to attack you?
  • Is the animal wild or tame?
  • Is the animal a stray?
  • What kind of environment does the animal live in?
  • How are you communicating with the animal?
  • Are you struggling to communicate with the animal?
  • Is the animal moving fast or slow?

Animals signify a psychological urge within your life. To see a scary animal featured in your dream means that you are going to have difficulty in a relationship in everyday life.

If you stroke an animal, then this represents any passion or aggression in connection with a loved one. Often the way the animal expresses itself in your dream can give you an idea of factors you may face.

If you cannot identify the animal, and you cannot identify its origin, then this dream signifies an angry temper. This is an uncharacteristic way, as you may have offended some people in your waking life. To be aware of an animal in your dream also means peace if the experience was pleasant. To see an aggressive animal signifies an unprovoked attack.

Animals in connection with scientific studies or being used for experiments represents your passionate emotions. Often the way you feel in dreams provides clues for your waking life. There are some basic interpretations that are important to recognize when considering the symbolization of this dream. Animals are generally happy creatures.

To see a baby animal appearing in your dream is connected with the child within you. This dream means that you need to listen to your inner child. To see an animal with a baby or cub refers to your motherly and female instincts. To see a young animal indicates that you may find it difficult to deal with life's situations in a mature way. It is important to think about the dream in great detail, and put yourself into the center, in other words put yourself first. The dream is also connected with abuse in some way. Perhaps in the near future you are going to find that you will encounter some type of abuse.

A damaged baby animal, such as a puppy, or kitten is connected with trauma in your life. To dream of animals that are cold blooded such as a lizard often means that you are going to be acting in a heartless fashion. If the animal is injured it can mean that something in your life needs a different approach. Dreaming of half man/women and half animal creature indicates that you need to recognize your actions, and how they effect others.

Eating animals in your dream means spiritual refreshment. This dream is associated with finding fulfillment and peace by going inside yourself and into your past. To dream that you kill animals for food denotes that you are seeking either happiness or escape. To dream of deformed animals signifies a feeling of insecurity and regret in a situation. Do you worry that people will discover who you really are? To dream of an animal helping you in your dream means you find some thing difficult in waking life.

Animals or totem animals can be associated with nature. For the animal to attack you means that you need to destroy the negative energy around you. Parts of an animal such as a leg or tail means you need to try to understand your instincts. Domesticated pets represent love, affection and happiness. If you dream of a dead pet, this is associated with difficult times. If the dream featured prehistoric animals, this is associated with a child. If the animal threatens you in your dream, then fears and doubts are going to feature in your waking life. To dream of feeding animals is a positive omen.

To dream that the animal in your dream is from a god or a wise animal (such as a totem), this is connected with trying to not let yourself be mindful. To see animals from fairy tales is associated with your own wisdom. An animal spirit guide that appears in your dream is associated with knowledge and power of your inner self. Animal guides have been associated with American Indians, who use the process of communicating with animal guides. This dream is positive, as it is focused on making you a better person. To discuss your problems with your animal guide means that you will be better mentally, emotionally stable and connected with your true feelings. To dream that your animal guide speaks to you is a sign that you need to understand the world around you, and all things in it with more clarity.

Strange or scary animals are connected with fears and doubts in your life. Sometimes you find it hard to cope with difficult times. If you are taming the animal then this dream is connected with efforts of trying to work out how to control someone in your life. If you dream of an animal rescue centre, this dream is associated with passions, and you have to come to terms with everyday life. Sometimes it gets boring and you need to spice things up.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of animal or animals

Surprised. Sad. Content. Amazed. Curious. Happy. Enjoying.

Please note: The Auntyflo dream dictionary has a specific meaning for most animals, Please visit the specific pages to uncover exact meaning. This will mean you will have a deeper interpretation about what the animals mean in your dream.

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012