Parents dying

Parents dying

Dream About Parent Dying

Parents in dreams are connected to life’s "finishing line", and indicate that you need to just prepare for change, after all, death is about change. On another note, dreaming of a parent that is dying is a symbol of your relationship with them. It could mean that the dream was "vivid" with difficult times ahead. The horror of seeing your parents dead in your dream refers to your way of approaching to the future. A dead parent in a dream usually means regret, nostalgia, disappearance, broken relationships, and mistrust in love.

In real life, my father died when I was 10 years old and for years I have had dreams about him dying in all sorts of ways, from being shot to dying in hospital. After my father kept on dying in my dream, I finally realized this was my relationship with males and it always went wrong after some time.

Dreams about your parents could be connected to either:

  • The health of parents might be an issue
  • There is something crazy going on in your life
  • Your parent's health is detecting
  • People around you are causing you to feel insecure
  • A breakup is happening in your life
  • Superstitions say dreaming of death can mean a birth

Every time I was faced with a breakup, the hollow terror of the loss (of my real father) manifested itself through my dreams. So what I am trying to say is that the dream of a mother or father dying can be connected to the fact that something in life is dying for you. This dream has been sent to learn to distinguish between the small setbacks and the overwhelming stress that real death can cause, but if you have had this dream and see your parents dying it could just reflect a relationship with people around you.

What does it mean to dream of your parent dying?

I've shared my interpretation of your parents dying above, but, there are many other possible interpretations for this kind of dream, I’m sure you have a secret language with your parents (if they are alive or not). I have read in my many dream books that when we see our mother or father dying in a dream it can suggest that we need a guidebook in order to balance our life. At times, I have known these dreams to mean there are unresolved issues between you and your parent that need to be addressed or even an unconscious desire for freedom from certain family obligations. It may be a dream where you are processing things that have happened in life. This dream might signify grief over the physical absence or emotional lack of closeness between you and your parent in waking life. If your parent is alive then this dream could just be the fact you can’t seem to connect with your parents (or you keep falling out) 

I can remember when I was growing up one of my parents dying was my greatest fear (until it actually happens in real life) that is why when this dream pops up it can be a disturbing and emotional experience. As much as you value people around you such as your friends no one can compare to the relationships held by family. The fear associated with this dream is understandable, as death is part of life and it's only natural to feel a sense of loss when our loved ones leave us.

I also believe that dreaming about the death of a parent can reveal our innermost fears about our own mortality -- not just facing our own death but facing what consequences would arise afterward if we were no longer around to provide guidance or take care of those we love. 

I’m sure if you have read any of my other dream meanings you will know dreams carry lot’s of symbolism. When you wake up from this weird dream you could feel overwhelmed with emotions of anxiety, sadness, and confusion. A death in a dream is of course similar to the death tarot card which indicates that change is coming, if one parent died in your dream then this can indicate that you would like to bring your family together. The dream can wake up those old conflicts or arguments. 

It is my thought that we can experience loss in our own lives - whether that be a material item or an intangible thing like trust or innocence, and when we close our eyes at night this can transfer into our dreams. Also, I feel that it is important to think about the relationship with your parents in real life. 

This dream could also suggest missing out on a major opportunity or feeling regret over something from the past. If we turn to psychology, dreaming about your parent dying could represent unresolved issues or conflicts within the relationship you had with them (if they are alive or passed on) particularly if those emotions were left unspoken during their lifetime. I also feel these sorts of dreams kind of manifest as part of the grieving process after losing a loved one.  In this sense it is seen as both an outlet for expressing pain and difficulties associated with your parent dying in real life --- while helping us come to terms with loss and begin healing. 

It may also serve as symbolism of independence: being separated from parents is seen as symbolic of reaching adulthood where we gain freedom (particularly true for children who haven't grown up yet). At times this kind of dream can signify loneliness even if you have strong relationships around you.

What does it mean to see just one of your parents dying in a dream?

To dream that just one parent is dying indicates feelings about yourself in connection with how you approach your life. Death is often referred to as giving more attention to the physical life rather than to the spiritual life. It means your spirituality has died and it is time to resurrect it. Also, note that energy is the dream, was it female or male energy that died? This can give a clue as to where you may encounter some significant changes in your life. The death of parents is normally connected to a difficult event. It can often become a symbol of birth. It can mean the need for confrontation in order to approach life in a more spiritual way and accept that there will be new beginnings in the future.

Seeing more than one of your parents dying in your dream foretells you will be cheated in some way by people, and to stop this you need to find sincere friends. Seeing your parents dead in a dream means that you are influenced by negative ones in your waking life and you do not stay around those that have a positive influence on you. You could undergo material loss. It could also be a signal that you should end your worries about a dead person. This dream also indicates a mind with innumerable apprehensions and suspicions. The dream can include negative business prospects and sorrowful tidings. To some degree, this may also lead to a number of money problems in the future. A dead mother normally indicates something is likely to end in your life.

If you dream of a parent that died a long time ago, it means that a current situation or a relationship reminds you of that parent’s qualities. If you see your parents are dead and you are speaking to them, such a dream reflects your fear of losing them or the fear of not coping with their loss. A dead father in the waking life but alive in your dream suggests that you miss him and that you are trying to resurrect the time you spent with him. If you only see the head of a dead parent, it is a warning that you have enemies around you. It is likely to experience an unsettled period of time in regard to your work life. Seeing dead parents in your dream warns you that you are in the wrong circle of people in your waking life. However, dead parents can also suggest that you will receive good news from the living ones in your waking life. One dead parent means long life. A dead parent buried means parting with a relative. If in your dream you are speaking to your dead father, you will have some material gain. If in your dream you are dressing your dead parents, this is a bad sign, and it could refer to death, envy or troubles in general.

What is the spiritual meaning of seeing a dream about a parent dying?

Never the best dream to have, commonly having a dream about your parent dying can demonstrate appreciation for what we once had together when you were a child and how now things have shifted from growing up until adulthood. Also, think about how your parent was dying in the dream.

Dreaming of your parents dying can be connected to breaking through in life. What do you think "breaking through" would do for you, exactly? If "breaking though" means “2 million TikTok videos, and having lots of Instagram followers then it is clear why you won't be motivated by this vision. This is an abstract, arbitrary vision that has little to do with what you really want to achieve or express.

What does it mean to see a dream about dad (father) dying?

Fathers are there for us in both good times and bad times, but there are fathers that are not, and the dream of your father dying can be connected to the relationship you have had or currently have with them. Seeing your father dying in the hospital during your dream can represent a potential loss of something important in life. It is a dream where we must master our own destiny. I also think dreams about seeing your dad dying could indicate an inner need for change in your life. The next stage of this is to understand how your father died in the dream (or was dying). Although there are many ways that a father can die in a dream, the most common dreams involve stabbing, illness or cancer, or simply dying in a car accident. These dreams can signify different meanings depending on the context of how he dies and the details about the dream itself. 

When dreaming of your father being stabbed or attacked it usually points to some form of betrayal by someone close to you. It may represent subconscious feelings that someone is manipulating you or taking advantage of your position in life.

Dreams where your father is ill with cancer (or a life-threatening illness) often point to our anxieties surrounding health - both physical and mental. This dream could also point towards an inability for your father to provide YOU emotional support in times when it’s needed most. 

Dreaming about your father's death while he is lying on his bed in a hospital typically represents feelings of helplessness and lack of control over situations in life that have gone wrong - feeling like no matter what we do it isn't enough so we're just watching our loved ones pass away without even being able to comfort them during their last moments alive. This type of dream may mean that despite doing all "the right things" we still feel like something vital is missing from our lives because it doesn't feel like enough has been done for us or our loved ones before it's too late.

What does it mean to see a dream about your father dying and you waking up crying?

When we have a nightmare about someone close to us dying in our dreams, it could likely be a reflection of our fears that something will happen to them or even that one day they won't be around anymore no matter how much we care for them now. I’m going to say to you that this is not literal but more a type of fear is natural but also normal; we all worry about those that are dear to us when there is potential danger present or when they're far away from us.

Having this type of dream could also indicate unresolved issues with your father that remain unaddressed such as resentments or guilt which the subconscious mind uses as symbols in order for us to process these feelings so we can work through them consciously later on. It might also represent changes occurring within yourself such as feeling disconnected from him emotionally due to either past hurtful experiences or changing values. It is important not to take these types of thoughts literally but instead use these moments which trigger emotional reactions like crying.

What does it mean to see a dream about a mom dying? 

It can be quite frightening to dream of your mom dying, and it’s natural that you would want to interpret the meaning behind the dream. Spiritually speaking, dreams reflect our innermost thoughts and feelings in an abstract way. I remember my grandmother use to say that when death comes to us in a dream it means something will be born. Think about how a mother nurtures you in life, it can mean something is going to move forward in life. 

Seeing your mother sick in a dream indicates a change or transformation in your life. As I have mentioned above mothers tend to represent nurturance, protection, guidance, and unconditional love—all things that are essential for healthy personal growth and development. So when you dream of your mother dying it means something within yourself is “dying” or transitioning into something else; some aspect of yourself is being released so something new can take its place. It could also mean that you have unresolved issues with your own mother which may subconsciously be affecting how you approach other relationships in your life—perhaps trying to cut ties too quickly rather than asking for forgiveness than permission if things don't turn out well emotionally?

I also believe dreaming of a mother passing away could represent feeling disconnected from them on an emotional level and/or mourning their physical separation through death or distance (metaphorical). In essence, it may signify a lack of connection that was once shared with this person —be it due to physical limitations such as aging or location challenges like moving away —this has resulted in this dream. I always feel that these types of dreams act as signposts pointing toward where we need in life.

Seeing your mother dying in hospital can suggest that you have a sense of something that is going to happen, if your mother disappeared then it can suggest you feel trapped at the moment (a bit like a spider’s web). If your mother is stabbed then this can indicate that you feel stabbed by something or someone in waking life. 

What does it mean to see a dream about your mother dying and you wake up crying?

There’s no denying that when you have a dream about your mother dying and you wake up in tears, it can be incredibly devastating. It's natural to worry about the potential loss of those we love and to feel an intense emotional response if we experience anything closely related to it in a dream. I’ve had these sorts of dreams and I wonder why it hit so hard.

Bad dreams are our unconscious way of processing difficult issues. it can help bring greater understanding into your life as well as potential methods of healing.

It could indicate that something is eating away at you - maybe some unresolved conflict or issue between you and your mother - which would explain why such an intense emotion was provoked by the dream scenario. 

What does it mean to see a dream about both parents dying?

Seeing both parents in dreams dying can suggest that you need to come to a consensus about something important in life. Dreams about our death in most dream books can indicate a new start is coming. On a somewhat negative level, such dreams may reflect deep-seated anxiety or fear about losing your parent(s). When we dream of our parents dying, it can reflect the end of an era in our lives - the completion of a chapter that has been long defined by parental influence and guidance. It can also reflect guilt over not having spent enough time with them while they were alive.

On a more positive note, even though these dreams can be crazy it may represent an emotional readiness to move on from the old lessons learned from your parents. The idea of seeing both your mother and father die in a dream is often referring to the acceptance of this transformation you are undergoing. In some cases, it could signify finally letting go of emotional baggage in life.

I also think this dream serves as an important reminder to cherish every moment (especially with loved ones) before it’s too late! While there are certainly heavier interpretations attached to these types of dreams - like having fear around attachment - I believe they have meaning beyond just that negativity because upon waking up from this type of dream you must emotionally prepare yourself for whatever comes next, create goals for yourself based on what really matters in life not what “might” happen.

What does it mean to see a dream about a parent dying of a medical condition?

Seeing a dream about a parent dying of a medical condition can be an incredibly distressing experience. The dream may represent different elements in your life that you are struggling to cope with, such as fears and anxieties related to health or the well-being of your family members. It's important to understand why you may have had this dream, so let's take a look at some possible interpretations and the best way for tackling them.

Firstly, it is not uncommon for people to develop feelings of anxiety when they face an uncertain situation such as having an ill family member or loved one in hospital. This could be manifested symbolically in dreams. In many cases however, dreaming about a parent who has died from a medical condition (cancer, heart problems, virus, etc) may simply represent being overwhelmed by everyday life struggles such as worrying about finances or working long hours.

What does it mean to see a dream about a parent dying of unnatural causes?

I kind of think this is sort of our worst fear. Hospitals, heart attacks, cancer all these natural occurrences can occur. It’s important to understand that dreams are often symbolic and don’t necessarily reflect reality, so don’t worry. That being said, I’ve had emails from people after having dreams of losing their parents to something natural. 

If you had a dream where your parent was for example falling off something very high --- it could just suggest feeling helpless or out of control. If your parents have a “natural cause of death” This dream could indicate a problem with your relationship with your parents. I'm also wondering if there's anything going on right now that could relate back to why you're having these types of dreams.

What does it mean to dream your parents go missing?

I believe there is usually a purpose behind our subconscious mind sending us crazy messages in the night, this dream points back to your relationship with them. If they suddenly disappear then this can signify acknowledging personal weaknesses.

Turns out dreaming about our parents going missing can sometimes mean something is missing from life, when you sleep the brain sort of brings up our worse fears. And yes, if you remember this when you wake up it can mean that there is all sorts of “fears” about something missing that you need to unpack.

What does it mean to see a dream about a parent drowning?

Water in dreams is about emotion, it can mean you have emotions around your parents right now. This is about your own subconscious mind taking the form of being submerged underwater as an expression.

This dream can also mean that you need emotional support from your parents right now. I believe there are two sides to every interpretation - one positive side and one negative side. If you had a dream about a parent drowning in a swimming pool it can indicate you are feeling that faced with your current struggles we must stay afloat by managing emotions.

What does it mean to see a dream about a parent dying due to an accident?

Accidents can occur in many ways during a dream. If your parents have a car accident, or an accident such as a fall then this dream can suggest that every bone in your body understands whats going on in life at the moment, but sometimes you are not listening to your intuition. The first thing to note is that dreams about death are often symbolic in nature rather than literal. So, seeing your parent die in a car crash or plane accident or some other kind of catastrophic event is not normally a prediction - it may simply mean changes happening in life, so don’t worry.

In some cases, the actual “accident” could represent the end of certain aspects of your relationship with your parents. If this resonates, then the accident could just indicate how you are managing the relationship with your parents.

What does it mean to see a dream about a parent getting hit by a train?

Trains in my view spiritually are connected to our journey in life. And, I believe that seeing a dream about a parent getting hit by a train can be rather crazy. But I'm sure it doesn't necessarily mean something bad or tragic. Remember that dreams are often symbolic representations of our true feelings, thoughts, and emotions. We may not even realize the depth of our emotions, the train is like life journey, so if a parent has died on the train then there might be a “blip” in life. If the airbag in the dream pops open, or there is injuries or damage caused by this accident then this can indicate that you may get a new job offer, things are going to blow up in life. If you witnessed this incident then it can mean that you might have a flash back in life and maybe think about how you approach relationships in life.

What does it mean to see a dream about a parent getting run over by a car?

No-one expects to be run over, I can remember when I was 11 years old I got run over. If this dream happened all of a sudden then it can suggest that you are worried about a “situation” getting out of control. I believe that seeing a dream about a parent getting hit by a car can be quite unsettling. But I'm sure it doesn't necessarily mean something bad or tragic. I feel like when you have this kind of dream, it could represent your fear that your parents will experience hurt or loss - emotionally or otherwise - in the near future. It might also point to struggles against external influences. 

What does it mean to see a dream about a parent falling victim to a hit and run?

Statistics show that in real life, hit-and-run accidents happen quite often—far more often than most people would like. Unfortunately, these types of dreams if no-one else is involved in the accident (maybe the car was driving on it’s own)  there are many reasons why this dream could appear: fear of your loved one’s safety, unresolved anger about similar situations that have happened before or feeling powerless. 

What does it mean to see a dream about a parent dying in a plane crash?

I don’t know if you have watched the series Manifest on Netflix if not it is definitely worth a watch, I think this is probably one of the worse nightmares. Spiritually speaking, I had a dream once that me and my mom were dying due to a massive plane crash - it was so vivid that I thought it was actually happening! All because of this dream, I made sure to call her up the next day to tell her how much she meant to me...just in case.

I want to share something with you, instead of trying to make sense of your parent's death in the dream, try finding what emotions you felt during the dream and why those feelings were expressed through such an event. It could point towards something deeper than fear for their safety; maybe there is something else you need to address right now. Or perhaps it is trying to tell you not to let go of time as quickly as you do- so funnel your time into things that matter most!

It's important also to remember that dreams don’t always mean anything significant. A lot can happen during our sleep cycles-the dreaming mind will take existing memories or thoughts from throughout the day and create something entirely new out of context. In other words, there may not be any meaning behind this particular dream at all — but if there is something more behind it then take some time to think over what led up to having such a vivid nightmare like this one. There might just be more beneath its surface than meets the eye!

What does it mean to see a dream about a parent committing suicide?

Dreams about a parent committing suicide can be extremely unsettling and difficult to comprehend. It's hard to know how to interpret them, especially if they don't reflect the reality of your relationship with your parents in waking life. The symbolism of a dream like this could mean something different for everyone. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that such an important person in our lives – the one who gave us birth and nurtured us as children – could take their own life in the dream world.

Now, in terms of what this can signify it can mean: alienation, distance from the parent or feeling overwhelmed by too much responsibility from your parents. It could also indicate that you hold unresolved emotions concerning conflict between yourself and your parent which caused you deep hurt during waking life.

In your dream you may have:

Your parents are dying. You see one of your parents dying. The parents of your parents are dying. Your mother dying. Your father dying.

Positive changes are afoot if:

Stop being so materialistic. Refer to more spirituality in your life. Give up unnecessary attachments.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of parents dying:

Afraid. Confused. Alone. Controlled. Wild. Betrayed. Sad. Disgusted. Longing.

By Florance Saul
May 20, 2013