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If you dream of an automobile, it suggests that you will be embarking on a journey which will bring with it, a fortune which will change your life completely

We know, an automobile is a four-wheeled road vehicle which is fueled by an electric motor or internal combustion (petrol or diesel). It is can carry only a few people at a given time. Thus, this dream is symbolic and you need to focus on how to grow in life. If you happen to see a familiar person in an automobile in your dream, it implies that you will be witnessing one of your friends or family rising from rags to riches. As you observe, get to understand the secret behind their success. To see an automobile crash indicates that you need to make sure that, nothing comes in between you and your goals. Your goals can be made successful by you adhering to what your successful friend will advise you. How fast you become successful will entirely depend on your hard work.

Detailed dream interpretation:

A dream whereby, you see yourself in an automobile implies that you will be traveling and the journey will be fruitful. You will be able to change the course of your life through this traveling as it will bring with it fortunes that you had never achieved before the travel. In most cases, it will be a successful business journey whereby you will be able to start new business ventures and, also, develop the current ones.

Make sure you get the maximum use of the time you will be on the trip because, if you don’t, you will have yourself to blame. You need to invest well and utilize every opportunity that is passed to you because, if you don’t someone else will better their lives. If you do, you will be one of the most prosperous among your friends and also help them in improving their lives. Be free, ask questions you don’t understand and involve others to expand your empire because, at the end of the day, they will benefit from it. Nothing good comes easy in this life and this is why you need to work harder and allow your dream of owning a successful business to come to life.

If you see a strange person in an automobile in your dream, it implies that you don’t need to go on a journey in order to become successful. All you need to do is, utilize the current business you have to expand in your locality and make yourself an empire. If you don’t have enough ideas then get help from your friends and family. They will present you with ideas which will result in you being prosperous.

Feelings associated with your dream:

Prosperous, happy, secretive, lucky, successful and worried.

In the dream:

You are the one in the automobile. Someone you know is in the automobile. A strange person is in the automobile.

By Florance Saul
May 17, 2017