bacon dream meanings

Are you eating or smelling bacon in a dream?

Right now you may be wondering why, out of all things, you’re dreaming about bacon. Bacon comes from pigs, which are the universal symbols for greed, self-centeredness and self-indulgence.

To dream of bacon basically represents selfish thoughts and emotions. Curing or cooking bacon is a bad sign if there is heavy smoke. If it is clear, it is a good sign. When someone is eating bacon with you in a dream and their hands are clean, this may mean you will gain something from them or that they are being honest with you. Rancid bacon means your perception has been dulled and you may need to start taking better care of yourself.

In your dream you may have

  • Cured bacon.
  • Tasted rancid bacon.
  • Cooked or fried bacon.
  • Eaten a piece of bacon.
  • Eaten bacon with someone.
  • Eaten a fried breakfast with bacon.
  • Been disgusted at the sight of bacon.
  • Eaten bacon with dirty or clean hands.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Someone eating bacon with you with clean hands foretells a gift.
  • Curing bacon may mean you will get good news.
  • The overall dream felt positive.

Detailed dream interpretation

Any dream involving pigs normally signifies that you are struggling and trying too hard in an aspect of your life. It is advised that you take a step back to see and understand things from a different perspective.

To dream of eating bacon shows that is time to think about your life. Ask yourself what are things other people can possibly do to help you complete the tasks needed for you to be able to accomplish what you desire in life. It is wise to accept their help and not to have pride in this situation.

If the bacon in your dream is being fired on a frying pan, this shows that you should have a frank and open talk with relative. This relative is currently unhappy and miserable with a situation in his or her private life. They are secretly looking for someone to talk to and to ask for advice in order to overcome his or her difficulties.

Curing bacon on a stove indicates you are likely to receive a good message from someone. This act in your dream signifies an unexpected gift that will result in delightful times. To dream of cooking bacon while enjoying the smell and looking forward to eating it, means you are currently in a good place. This is a time in your life where you are able to provide for yourself without depending on others.

Many dream dictionaries have suggested that rancid bacon is a hidden message connoting that you may need to see a doctor. You will found out something that will worry you. This may be medically-related, or this may pertain that a relationship you have with someone is starting to fall apart.

When in your dream the bacon tastes off, rotten, expired or out-of-date, things are about to become difficult for you and a friend. One of you is likely to become greedy in terms of money, attention or other aspects. Most often, it is the friend. They may expect you to help them out financially despite knowing this request will only add to your own worries and limited expenses. It is best if you do not actually do this. Don’t let people money, even if they are a friend, if they have no intention of ever paying you back!

In the instance bacon often appears in your dreams, this may be a hint that you are going to commit a possible mistake or that a decision is not going to favor your way. When you dream of eating a fried breakfast with bacon, this may show that there are five areas of your life that need your attention. These include safeguarding your assets (especially your money), taking a well-deserved vacation, helping a family member get through a break up, focusing more on things that you enjoy and giving you partner a heart-to-heart talk on your concerns with his or her plans on the future of your relationship. This dream is telling you that some important aspect of your life will be moving in the right direction.

Getting a feeling of disgust or sickness at the sight of bacon and running away from it (or avoiding bacon in general) may mean you are depriving someone of something which is rightfully theirs. You may be trying to conceal information when the situation calls for you to be honest.

Simply seeing bacon or a piece of bacon in your dream means that you must start to respect and value other people. You may have failed to consider other people’s pleasure or enjoyment. It is common to dream of bacon when you have been fantasizing in an inappropriate manner about someone whom you are attracted to.

When you see yourself eating bacon in your dream it foretells that you are in for some series of troubles in waking life which might cause you to lose your material wealth. All you can do for now that is make sure that you prevent anything bad from happening. Continue to work hand in hand with your friends and ask them for guidance whenever you find that you are stuck.

In a dream where you see a cafe and other people are cooking or eating bacon, it can suggest that a friend or a relative might be experiencing a series of troubles and you are the only one who can help them out.

If you see a strange person eating bacon in your dream, it foretells that your life is well organized and you are not prone to small troubles that people find themselves in. You are a hardworking person. To buy bacon in butchers suggests that opportunities will come your way. This will help you make further investments so that you have a solid unshakable foundation.

Feelings you may have encountered while dreaming of bacon

Contentment, Disgust, Excitement, Hunger, Impatience, Repulsion, Pleasure, Self-importance, Satisfaction, Worry

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012