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Bathroom sink

Bathroom sink.

The bathroom sink in a dream is quite an interesting symbolism.


The bathroom sink is associated with water. Water is an element is connected to emotions. If we look at the meaning of a tap it indicates that emotions are gonna run high. Therefore, to see bathroom sink in a dream indicates that you are exploring your inner emotions. This dream can indicate that you have had an air of confidence about yourself recently.


You want to be appreciated by others and be valued in your relationship. The bathroom sink presented in a dream indicates that you can bring a lot to the table in a relationship. The actual details of the bathroom sink are also important.


In your dream...


  • You are washing your face in the bathroom sink.
  • You are brushing your teeth in the bathroom sink.
  • Other people are using the bathroom sink.
  • The bathroom sink is overflowing.
  • You see poop in the bathroom sink.
  • You are unable to turn the tap on in the bathroom sink.
  • You're taking tablets at the bathroom sink.
  • You look in the mirror while standing by the bathroom sink.
  • The bathroom sink moves.
  • The bathroom sink leaks or explodes.


Detailed interpretation of the bathroom sink...


As we have already outlined in the beginning of this dream interpretation the bathroom sink is associated with your emotions. The bathroom sink and also indicate that a challenging time has passed.


As we have concluded the bathroom sink featured in a dream indicates that you require appreciation from others. This can be a great omen to find in a dream. It indicates you are asking the question what's the next step for? What is going to happen in the future?


To see water coming from a tap in the bath is connected to emotions. It can indicate that you want to try to keep your family together there is something in the way. This could be a job or possibly difficult relationship with your partner. If you are not yet married or have a family of your own it can suggest problems in your family in general. As we have concluded the bathroom sink is connected to our emotions.


To see a sink overflowing indicates your multitasker and that there are too many things going on at the moment in your life. The slowdown is the key message you need to understand what is important in life. Try to accomplish less but make sure that you focus on accomplishing what you can with the best possible motivations.


To see a bathroom sink covered in poop indicates you need to work hard on the relationship in order for it to last.


If you see yourself standing at the bathroom sink and taking tablets this can indicate that your emotions have come out of control. It can suggest troubling thoughts, marriage problems and also the fact that you're going to observe problems in a relationship that is close to you.


To see anything else but water in the bathroom sink suggests that you need to work hard on the relationship. To brush your teeth at the bathroom sink suggests that you have been rather lazy recently. Don't tolerate it any further. Go forward in life. If the bathroom sink explodes this can indicate a situation that has got out of control. There may be a clash in a relationship that causes stress in your life. A leaking or broken bathroom sink indicates emotions that are hurt.


In conclusion, the bathroom sink is associated with new beginnings and also a new start in life. You need to feel as though you are a major player in life. The bathroom sink is associated with becoming the best player that you can in life.


Feelings that may come about when dreaming about the bathroom sink...

A satisfying goal, a new start, nurturing, controlling your temper, mediation, and new possibilities.

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