Baby Shower

Baby Shower

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Dreams of a baby shower suggest a new start in waking life.

A baby shower refers to a celebration which is made for the birth or expected the birth of a baby. A mother is the one who is presented with gifts during the baby shower, unlike a baby birth celebration where the baby is the one who is showered with gifts. Some cultures also celebrate the baby shower to present a woman who is transitioning into womanhood. How do you analyze a dream where you see a baby shower being performed? It implies that a new start is being welcomed.

In the dream

  • You are the one attending the baby shower.
  • You organize a baby shower.
  • Someone you know is attending a baby shower.
  • A stranger is attending a baby shower.

Detailed dream interpretation

If you see yourself attending a baby shower in your dream it suggests that you will be starting afresh in life. You are ready to forget about what happened in the past; the disappointments and anything that is considered “negative” and it is time to embark on something new.

To throw a baby shower for someone in your dream suggests that you are worrying over something. It might be a business which has been giving you sleepless nights; you are better off starting a fresh business than continue investing money and time into the current business which isn’t showing any signs of improvements.

For a baby to be born at a baby shower in your dream indicates that a relationship which you have been working hard to make work needs concentration and focus. It seems impossible sometimes but, the best thing to do is start a new relationship with a strong foundation which will help it survive life’s turmoil.

Buying a gift for a baby shower in your dream state suggests that whatever it is that is bothering you, it is best to look at things differently in life.

A baby shower in your dream where you see people you know attending suggests that a friend or relative will be making adjustments to their lives. The “baby shower” essentially means a new start. It might be a new relationship, business or place of work.

To see an invite in your dream for a baby show means that you need to accept a desire for a new start. Help others in establishing themselves in a new career position. Encourage them to work hard in order to succeed.

If a strange person is hosting a baby shower in your dream it foretells that you are in a “comfort zone” and have no desire currently to start new projects in your life. It seems like you have achieved all that there is in life and there is nothing more you would wish to work towards for. The best thing to do is make sure you challenge your own comfort zone because nothing is ever enough in this life! A hard working person will keep working towards achieving more things in their life. Once you accomplish one goal, make sure you start on the next one.

Feelings associated with your dream

Comfortable, strong, better, disappointed, fresh and birth.

By Florance Saul
Jun 11, 2017