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To have a dream about paying a tax is associated with one's responsibility in life.

It can mean dept in life. Tax is also associated with how other people see you in life. Having a dream about a tax bill can also indicate that you have to give back to society through a philanthropic act.

It can also mean a long overdue responsibility. Paying tax reminds one that they need to pay for spiritual levy and pay spiritual depts - if asking for something in exchange. In a Christian context, the spiritual levy can be either gifts and offerings that you should pay others.

The tithe has to be paid for everything that one own's and any income that is received. This dream also means that one may consider giving to the church in return to give to God’s purposes.

In your dream you may have

  • A dream that you are paying taxes = symbolizes that you are going to succeed in destroying negative influences.
  • If you are worried about paying taxes = means that you will have a prosperous future.
  • Large tax bill = predicts prosperous times ahead.
  • Others paying the taxes for you = means that you may end up getting some help from your friends and other people.
  • Going to prison for not paying tax in a dream = symbolises one may be forced to ask for help from friends in a situation.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You have a dream that you are paying your own taxes because this suggests that you will prosper in the future.
  • To pay taxes of others indicates that you will be able to assist those who are in need and you will not be a bother to people in the society.

Detailed dream interpretation

There is important spiritual meaning in regard to dreams about the lack of paying taxes. A tax levied means that one should be responsible in society. To pay taxes in gold means that one may require a positive attitude towards making a decision.

When you have a dream about car tax, it means that you should put more effort towards your economical situation and spirit. This will help you move forward in life.

To dream that you are paying income tax means that you may feel that you owe society dept. If the dream is about paying a council tax it means that you need to think about where you live - maybe it is time to move. To dream of car tax suggests that one may wish to think about changing cars. It symbolizes penalties that you have to pay for living the way we choose to live.

When you have a dream that you refuse to pay the taxes then it symbolizes that you are unwilling to conform in life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of taxes

Fear, anger, disappointment, vulnerable, unhappy, anxious, uncertainty, pride, disillusioned, discouraged and helplessness.

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013