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Dreams that feature people being bisexual indicates that you have some worries in your current life, it has nothing to do with the actual meaning in real life.

If you dream that you are bisexual it does not necessarily represent who you are. It can indicate that you are just struggling to find your own identity at the moment. If you are bisexual in real life and dream of being bisexual it is no different than having a heterosexual dream and therefore dream interpretation is not really required. If you are a man in your dream of having relations with another man and then perhaps having relations with a woman then this can suggest that there is going to be difficult times ahead.

Detailed dream meaning

  • You are bisexual in your dream but not in real life.
  • You have a bisexual relationship in your dream.
  • Other people are bisexual.
  • You dream of having relations with a man and you are a male.

Dream meaning

You are going to be confused about something in life and being bisexual means that you are unsure of a choice that needs to be made. To dream that other people are bisexual or that you see bisexuality in your dream can suggest that there will be a process of transformation in the future. It can mean that you are hiding hidden talents you are not releasing your skills to the full potential. If you dream of other people being bisexual for example two lesbians and this indicates a new start is on the horizon.

If you are female this is a positive influence all that you are promoted at work. To be gay in the dream but not in real life is just a projection of your confusion in a matter related to your identity. These dreams should not worry you and whatever orientation you are any dreams of this nature indicate a need to review your identity.

If we review Freud and his view on bisexuality, he said it's just a mirror of your subconscious mind it is important to identify that having such a dream does not necessarily mean a change of sexually it could just be symbolical that different issues in life are challenging you. If you ejaculate in the dream and this is a direct indication that you are likely to encounter some negative feelings from another. If you have a climax in a dream (of a lesbian nature) then this indicates you need to satisfy your desires.

Dreams of this nature can be so vivid that you believe when you wake up it actually real. As human beings, we have many different instincts and everybody in life needs intimacy. Some people may not want intimacy but require love and compassion. If you dream of cuddling then ultimately this means we need to improve our communication. If you dream that you are homosexual then this indicates that you are threatened by someone who is female. To dream of being bisexual and this is connected to incest suggest that you feel guilty about a problem in life.

If you dream of bisexual partners where there are many different partners then this can be a dream your experiences in real life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a bisexual dream

Attraction, Arousal, Confusion, Confidence, Curiosity, Desire, Excitement, Gratification, Happiness, Intimacy, Fulfillment, Love, Passion, Pleasure, Satisfaction, Security, and Temptation.

By Florance Saul
Jun 12, 2017