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Falling Teeth

Falling Teeth.

One of the most popular dreams of all time teeth falling out  represent fear or oppression. The psychotherapist Freud, examined the teeth -related dreams.

In his basic framework he believed that teeth were related to oppression in a sexual manner. Since, however we have moved on to a more modern world since Freud we may dream of teeth when we feel oppressed in any aspects of our lives. This therefore, extends far beyond oppression from a psychological standing. In many cities throughout the world the dream of teeth is the most popular. We have seen dreams recorded within the website that relate to teeth 40% of the time. This is to say, you are not alone having such a dream. It can be quite disturbing to see your own teeth falling out! From a more spiritual perspective, teeth in dreams was connected to being grounded. In a nutshell, from a psychological point of view the dream is connected to oppression. There have been numerous dream interpretations of teeth falling out but none of which have been completely comprehensive.


The dream about losing teeth can feature teeth falling out, lost your teeth or teeth being spat out.

As we have said before - this is a common dream to have.

We have touched upon the official psychotherapists interpretation of the dream of teeth. The interpretation below provides us with a breakdown of teeth dream interpretations from over 50 dream dictionaries written from the 1800s.

Looking now at ancient dream dictionaries, one's teeth falling out it is quite easy to interpret. If you have full healthy teeth, this is a symbol that you can happily eat what you like without this reflecting negatively upon your life. If you lose any teeth in your dream, then this represents fear. This dream is a message to make sure you are hundred percent healthy, as it can signify some type of illness, Go to the doctor and get yourself checked out if you feel unwell.

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In your dream you may have…


  • Encountered the sensation that your teeth are dissolving or disappearing, or just falling out.
  • The sensation that your teeth are starting to fall out on the floor and you try to pick them up.
  • The teeth are falling out into your hand.
  • You swallowed a fallen tooth or teeth in your dream.
  • The teeth in your mouth just keep falling out over and over again.
  • You find yourself replacing the teeth which are lost.
  • Teeth are automatically replaced in your mouth and you can not understand why.
  • Your teeth are crumbling in your mouth.
  • You have eaten something hard such as an apple, and your teeth were left on the item.
  • Your teeth are knocked out in your dream due to anger or violence.


Positive changes are afoot if...


  • You are able to fully communicate with other people that are featured within your dream.
  • You have a perfect smile, and the actual loss of teeth does not affect you in any way, shape or form.
  • Overall the dream turns out well, and it enables you to learn an important lesson.
  • You work out how to avoid looking odd with no teeth.
  • The dentist is featured in your dream and manages to fix your teeth with no problems.
  • The overall dream ends on a positive footing.
  • Your teeth begin to heal, and everything works out for the best.
  • The action of the dentist or the removal of your teeth is a positive sign as it takes away the pain.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life:

  • A lack of respect in a work situation.
  • Generally you are finding it extremely difficult to communicate with others in authority. This is specifically related to work or school. By choosing better words and better ways to communicate, this dream indicates that you are likely to improve your communication skills and progression in a work situation.
  • If you swallow your teeth or you find there is a tooth that has fallen out, and you subsequently choke on this tooth, this dream indicates you are feeling that you are giving up for someone else's benefit. Have you been feeling inadequate around others lately?
  • You have been feeling rundown stressed out lately.
  • People have commented on how you go about activities in your life.
  • You have got an overwhelming sense of struggling in order to keep up with buying material possessions in your life.
  • You have found that a sense of material burden has crushed your pride and demolished your self-confidence.

Detailed dream interpretation..

Ancient meanings of teeth dreams ( England pre-1930s)…

The general tendency in dream interpretation is to move away from isolated symbols and to interpret the dream as a whole. The traditional oracles in connection with what teeth generally account for one's individual thoughts and feelings. Historic meanings of spitting out teeth mean that you are going to eat your own words. Remember what you say and think before you give your opinion to others.

Teeth falling out or coming out easily indicate that you are going through some form of transition in your life. This means that sexual maturity is likely to happen in the future. If teeth are dropping out, this shows you have a fear of ageing or are scared about moving on in your life.


In Freudian times, this dream was likely to be associated with relationships. The dream generally indicates a sense of loss in love. The image of an extracted tooth is symbolic and related to some type of loss. The emotion that you feel in your dream is important, because the extraction of the actual truth may be positive, which completely changes the meaning of this dream from negative to positive.

Freud always believed it is impossible to fully interpret teeth dreams. When trying to find the answer to why this dream has suddenly happened in your life, it is important to understand the emotions and feelings that you experienced within your dream. It is important to realize that you are likely to experience a lack of communication from someone close to you over the next month.

The individual meanings associated with losing your teeth will be dependent upon how you feel during your dream. Maybe you have had a difficult period of time around work? If so, it is time to think about what you really want from life in general.

Raphael expresses a general view that to dream your teeth are loose predicts illness of some kind. He also stated that you for your teeth to come out it indicates that death is likely, but it is not sure this is a true interpretation.  Obviously, in our modern world with the medical advances that we have many dreams that hold death as interpretation not valid as they were many years ago.

It is not surprising that if you dream your teeth were lost, you are in essence losing something in your life. Famously, Arabian Caliph dreamt that his teeth were dropping out. When he consulted an interpreter, he told him this was a bad omen, and that his parents were likely to die. The Caliph had the dream interpreter whipped. He later consulted a further dream interpreter who told him that his dream was a good omen, and that he can expect to outlive his parents. His parents did not die, but it is interesting to note that the ancient dream interpretation of the loss of teeth is generally connected to death or the death wish.


If you have a dream of teeth being removed by a dentist, it shows that you have some type of problem which is within your subconscious mind. If when the tooth is removed you feel a sense of relief, this is exactly the advice the dream is giving you. Make sure that you remove yourself from situations that are stressful. By doing this you will make sure that your life will become a lot easier as you move forward with success. Remove the problem to feel relief. If you dream of your teeth actually falling out, then this goes back to your childhood and that you have been living a carefree existence for some time now.

If the dentist actually pulls on your teeth and you feel pain, it is an indication that you will encounter a minor illness that will not be fatal. It will be lingering for some time.

To have a feeling of more than one tooth falling in your dream it indicates that you are likely to lose some type of material valuable in the forthcoming future. This dream indicates that you are likely to find that valuable following its loss. To have your teeth knocked out shows a sudden sense of loss which is generally associated with your finances. Maybe you feel like you would like to return to carefree days.

If you lose your teeth somewhere this means you feel scared, and people are looking at you.

This shows that you fear what might happen in your old age, and you do not want to be helpless or undertake any dependency upon others. A dream which involves a woman swallowing a fallen tooth will be seen as being symbolic of her desire, or alternatively her fear of becoming pregnant. If you are a man and you dream of swallowing your fallen tooth or teeth, this is associated with the need to be more dominant in love relationships. This will ensure happiness will continue.


Make sure you give romantic gestures to your love; this may involve flowers or arranging a romantic meal. This will enable the spark of romance to return to your relationship.

If your teeth appeared rotten or decayed or not in good general shape and fall out, this dream indicates that you are going to experience intense strain in an affair connected to a project. To dream of spitting out rotten or fallen out teeth indicates sickness; a family member is likely to become ill for some time. Seeing teeth falling out into the palm of your hand indicates plans and desires will be oppressed based due to a condition of illness.

If you find that more than two teeth fall out beware! You could encounter a serious accident. Make sure that you always remember and check when you are reversing the car or that the road is clear before you walk across. If you decide to pull your teeth out it, this suggests you need time to relax and recuperate from a stressful situation.

If you dream that you have lost your teeth, and you can not find them, and that you can feel them in your mouth, this shows you are about to enter into an engagement which is not going to please you. You are going to find yourself in a difficult situation with associates or friends, and the best course of action is decline a social event. This can be an invite to a party or a work event. If you dream that your baby or child loses teeth then this suggests that you need to move on in your life. Your childhood years are behind you.

According to the french dream dictionary books, if you are experiencing a crisis in waking life, than the dream of losing teeth is quite common.


The gaps that are featured in your mouth due to loss of teeth often indicate a sense of morals which have been lost due to a team or a group of people in a work situation. Things are likely to shift in the near future. If you can not speak in your dream, and you find that your voice is not the same, this indicates that you need to experience a lot more opportunities open to you in your life. Teeth are also associated with an aggressive nature in life.

To dream that your teeth are loose is normally associated with personal sickness. A wisdom tooth falling out indicates that it is time to grow up and face an event that is likely to cause many people to talk, especially if this is hurting you. The other important area of this dream is how you translate from an adult to a child. If you dream of wisdom or milk teeth falling out, you need to change your life as new possibilities are on the way.

If a doctor pulls out your teeth  an illness is likely. It is important to strive and re-evaluate your relationship with others. If you dream that you are toothless it shows that you are going to find difficulty in advancing your interests due to limited prospects in the future.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of falling teeth.

Worried. Scared. Angry. Insecure. Confused. Alone. Abandoned. Controlled. Enlightened. Rage. Self-conscious. Thinking that others are looking at you. Choked. Not able to speak. Fearful. A sense of being different from other people. Feeling a strange pain in your mouth. Embarrassment. Shame. Frustrated at not being able to speak. Lack of communication leads to arguments or lack of understanding.

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