White snake

White snake

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The presence of a snake in your dream indicates that it is important to harness your energies.

My name is Flo, I am a psychic from England and many of my dreams come true! Yes, a white snake has even a more special significance than just a snake in a dream. Congratulations to you. This is an absolutely fantastic symbolism to get in a dream! White is the symbol of purity, good feelings, good intentions, and a clean heart. Dreaming of a white snake means a new beginning could occur for you. White snakes have a positive meaning in a dream and could refer to the purest side of your soul.

Detailed dream interpretation

Now, from a psychological point of view Freud believed that the dream of the snake is directly related to some aspects of emotional passion. He believed that the dreamer needed to come to terms with his or her own personality that has been oppressed due to his or her urge of sexuality. On a more basic level, this dream also has a direct relationship with the penis. If we look at ancient history, the snake or serpent signifies the evil as illustrated in the Garden of Eden. Yet Freud thought this dream was a direct interpretation of an uncontrolled passion. The snake or serpent also suggests some type of temptation and search for spiritual power.

As a snake is a wild animal, it is directly associated with dangerous situations. It is important to recognize there may be some negative forces arising from your subconscious mind. These forces may threaten your inner peace, and this dream is a direct indication of trying to cope with your anxieties. If the snake spoke words in your dream, then it is important to recognize that this is instinctive wisdom. The greater spiritual power is trying to tell you to stop and think before you rush into situations.

Most cold-blooded animals such as snakes generally represent destructive situations in the waking life. The message of this dream is that you need to recognize negative energies have existed, and it is time to clear the air and move on with your life.

The details around your dream are important when understanding the meaning. If you have encountered any threat from a white snake in your dream, this is an indication that you are finding it difficult to cope with your subconscious mind. You may find in life everything is content and happy, but underneath there are some things that are concerning you.

There are various factors that you need to consider when seeking an interpretation. Generally, the image of either a white snake represents your power within. It is important to understand that this dream equals some kind of emotional storm in your life, normally as mentioned in the opening sentences above, around relationships and energy. Snakes can often reflect a situation that is currently in your life. Perhaps it is the time that you face up to reality.

If you find a white snake has been cut in half in your dream, this is an indication that you need to adapt better to social situations. The key message is that you can never be too nice. Consideration and respect for others are recommended. The color of the snake provides additional interpretation to your dream. Green means good hopes ahead. If you see a baby white snake in your dream, then this is a direct indication of your child light. It is a symbol to show that it is time for you to act better with money.

If the white snake is frightening you in any way, then this dream relates to trying to overcome a difficult problem or a troublesome person. Often this dream occurs when you are suffering some kind of grief or separation in your life. The symbolism of the white snake means it is time to close the door on a period of your life and move on. If you see a white snake in the grass or in the sand, then this dream is connected to a particular person or situation that is likely to harm you in the waking life. Often the other factors of this bizarre dream are important to interpret. As I end this dream meaning, I would like to thank you for visiting my website and ask if you would visit my other dream meaning on snakes my clicking here. This

In your dream you may have

  • You see a white snake.
  • A white snake around your body.
  • A poisonous white snake.
  • A white snake in the grass.
  • Lots of white snakes.
  • A dead white snake biting you.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You return to the real waking world and are content and happy.
  • Recognize if someone in your entourage is disloyal.
  • Recognize your responsibility problems.
  • The dream of the white snake had a positive outcome.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of the white snake

Terrified. Surprised. Anxious. Worried. Strange. Insecure. Confused. Overwhelmed. Offended. Scared.

By Florance Saul
May 20, 2013