Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Not all people love math.

Whoever loves numbers can go on solve that brain-cracking formula since you can escape it, right? Wrong! Because numbers can still haunt you in your dreams, there is no escape. You just have to deal with it. But do remember that there is something that numbers are telling us.

Numbers in our dreams may not appear as really “10” or “ten” for they might appear indirectly like number of apples, number of things or persons. Take also for example that if you dreamed of seeing “1900” or “2008” that can mean year “1900” or year “2008”. On the other hand, you can count or add each number like 1+9+0+0 and the result is number ten.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen number ten.
  • Seen number ten several times or in sequence.
  • Read on or seen the ten commandments of God.
  • Counted something up to ten.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • In your dream you repeatedly see number ten or repeatedly counting to ten gives you the feeling of wanting to perfect the work or number that you are doing.
  • The dream supports you to take on that doing or activity that you have in real life and take it to your heart.
  • It associates you with having that capability to perfect a work or passion in whatever industry or field you may have been.
  • It strengthens the passionate person living in your very soul that you may never imagined existed in your whole life.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreams about numbers do not occur often. So one must not neglect their meaning because the number in our dreams suggests something as the things we see in our dreams.

To see number ten in your dreams can mean chaos since ten composes of two numbers: “1” and “0”. The number one suggests birth while the number zero suggests chaos. So your dream might signify a warning to be ready because there is something in your life that is or going to be chaotic.

A dream about the ten commandments of God, which encompasses different guidelines and rules that every Christian should follow in order to live a good life, suggests an advice. This tells you that you will be fully rewarded once you follow rules and obey them without feeling burden in your heart.

One can also dream of repeatedly seeing number ten. This suggests that there is some perfection that will happen in your waking life. That can be a perfection of the current project you are working on, or a perfection of a relationship. This can also suggest hidden leadership qualities or managerial skills that need to be awaken in the real life. Moreover, this also suggests that whatever your heart desires, will be fulfilled. So hold on to it. Your wish is just around the corner. A positive aura is about to be felt in your real life.

In addition, dreaming of counting some things from one to ten suggests that there will be thorough development of a project that you are working on, in way that you want it and that will ultimately lead to the success of that project or endeavor. This can also be interpreted as an advice that you just have to hold on to that activity because recognition or success or both will follow.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of number ten

Curiosity, wanting to do things right, worry, fear, positive feelings or aura.

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013