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An autopsy is the examination of a body after death to find out the cause of death.

It is performed by a pathologist in the presence of a medical doctor. All the main body parts are intersected and laid bare to examine them one after the other. If you happen to dream about an autopsy it implies that you are emotionally disconnected from the happenings around you and this might be the beginning of the troubles you are facing with friends and family. The word “autopsy” means “to see yourself” and it is often known as a post-mortem. An autopsy is essentially an investigation into a person’s death and in dreams can indicate that things in life may be complex. To dream of dissection of human body parts such as the abdominal and pelvic cavities indicates that you will feel restricted in life.

Often, the autopsy or should I say post-mortem examination indicates there will be some variations in how you approach areas in life. To dream of seeing a hospital examination indicates that there will be various scopes for change. In history we have been fascinated by the human body after death and this can be linked to many different religious practices. Spiritually, seeing such an examination can indicate there is a focus after death. In Egypt, for example around 3000bc, they practiced medicine on deceased bodies and embalmers kept the bodies intact. However, they removed internal organs through very small incisions. The heart was left in the body known to be one’s soul. The organs were then stored in a jar. Scary right! To see organs stored in your dream can indicate you are storing up your emotions.

What is the detailed dream interpretation of an autopsy?

If you happen to see an autopsy performed on yourself in the dream it suggests that you are completely disconnected from the reality of things and that is why you are not in good terms with friends and relatives. To see an autopsy of an alien suggests there is someone (a family member) acting selfishly. Nobody wants to be around this person due to the fact that they are emotionally disconnected and you they feel no empathy. To see an autopsy of an animal denotes you are insensitive to the feelings of others. To wake during an autopsy on yourself indicates your time poor.

To dream of seeing someone waking from an autopsy foretells that you don't have time for those with whom you are in a relationship with and that is why you struggle in life. You need to change your way of life; change your approach to everything because, if the status quo remains, you will end up being alone. It takes an effort for one to change an attitude which they have developed; yours is an attitude which can be changed so long as you connect with the right people in life. Get closer to people who seem friendlier and learn the art of being kind and you will find that, it will start coming out naturally from you to be emotionally connected to those around you and be sensitive to their feelings.'

A dream where you see a familiar person who is on the table and having an autopsy denotes that a family or friend is emotionally disconnected and it will take your intervention to make them more down to earth and value those around them. It is hurting them as much as it is hurting others, but, it seems they are lacking control of their emotions. You need to approach them and let them know that they need to learn the art of being considerate of what others will feel before engaging in an exchange of words which might create an emotional hurt. Do your best to make sure that they change for the better. To carry out an autopsy yourself indicates that you need to continue in your current projects. A situation where you see a strange person having an autopsy is a “symbolic dream.” It will be hard for people who are known to you to change ingrained attitudes towards life. It is only by the help of a stranger that you can progress in life.

In the dream:

You see an autopsy of yourself. You see an autopsy of someone you know. You see an autopsy of a strange person. You wake during an autopsy. Someone else wakes during an autopsy. An autopsy of an alien. An autopsy of an animal.

Feelings associated with your dream:

Strange, hurt, emotional, careless, sad, caring and worried.

By Florance Saul
May 21, 2017