Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave

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Tidal Waves can appear in our dreams in many different ways. It is not uncommon to dream of waves in general and they are connected to our status emotionally.

In this dream meaning, I will cover Tidal Waves that suddenly appear in your dream. Perhaps you were in the water in your dream or you could see a tidal wave coming towards you. Fundamentally, many viewpoints and perspectives can come from this dream. By working with this dream you could understand any obstacles or problems that can come in your way. If you see yourself running away from the tidal wave, it could imply you are running away from something in life.

To see a wave as big as a wall coming towards you in a dream is a terrifying experience. Tidal waves in dreams generally indicate that emotions are running high. I have carried out extensive research into the sea, waves and the notions of spiritual significance based on the “wave” symbolism. I can summarize that this dream image reflects your emotions and possible obstacles. The images that are observed in this dream are important and you may need the strength to manage complex feelings emotionally. I have segmented this dream meaning down into easy to understand questions. So just scroll down.

What does seeing a tidal wave mean in a dream?

Seeing a tidal wave leaves you feeling a bit perplexed in the morning. I know after I've had a dream of a large wave I often see myself back in the dream over and over again. This dream is obviously playing on your mind which is well which is why you have found this page. My name is Flo I take great care and attention to every single one of my dream interpretations. I hope that you will see some clarity in what I'm about to say and it will be relevant to your life. If there are elements of this dream meaning that I haven't covered, which appears in your dream then don't hesitate to contact me in the Facebook comments box below. There is a range of different tidal waves that could appear in your dream. Normally though, the dream would not provide you with the type of wave but I think it's important to discuss them all the same.

What does it mean to see a wave on a river in a dream?

A tidal bore is basically a very large amount of water which conforms in a river or a small bay. Essentially, this is when the water gets sucked up and suddenly on a peaceful stretch of river, a large wave comes towards you. These are waves that actually get carried along the riverbank. Just the other day I was looking down at the river near where I live and I could see swirling currents and a wide range of tidal bores. Often, a tidal bore appears is what's known as a funnel shape it as if suddenly there is a ripple that comes on a very steel body of water. In regard to the dream if the water was still and you could suddenly see a large wave and this can indicate the you may encounter a sudden ripple in your affairs. The wave itself I believe can be defined as bringing emotional problems all constraints in your life. The most important thing I will say here though is that it's not to be feared. Often when we have dreams that appear to be worrying or complex in nature we can sometimes turn off and not recognize the “symbol.” What I am saying here is there is more to this dream and just a sudden emotional problem. You need to suddenly work through the problems that you currently have and find out what's important to you.

What does a tsunami mean in a dream?

The next, and I would say most famous tidal wave that could appear in our dream is a tsunami. We are all aware of the devastation that a tsunami can bring us, especially the devastation of the tsunami in 2004. Many places and people were homeless and caused quite an impact in Indonesia. The tsunami is not created based on nature itself. Often, we read news articles about tsunamis hitting places like Thailand and these are simply due to earthquakes. The word Tsunami is taken from the Japanese term “harbor wave” which is basically a tidal wave. What a tidal wave is, in short, is a series of water that comes together which is caused by a volcanic eruption. This is quite interesting when it comes to the symbolism in your dream. A volcanic eruption can indicate that a difficult time has passed. This situation could have been powerful - like it erupted. If you notice a tidal wave coming towards you in the shape of the tsunami then this can indicate that you may have experienced some highs and lows emotionally. If you actually see an underwater explosion in your dream that causes the tidal wave then this can imply a new phase of life. A tsunami is very different from normal oceanic waves and we can conclude that again, you may need to be on your guard emotionally. The difference between a tidal wave and a tsunami is spiritually the absence of air. Air spiritually represents our emotions and how we connect with other people. If there is something that you wish to create maybe you're looking for a business opportunity or idea then this is a great symbolism to have. The absence of air in a tsunami indicates from a spiritual perspective that because you dreamed of this wave you will find that your magical and creative abilities are somewhat blocked. In dream theory, the tsunami symbolism is a masculine symbol. I can conclude that this is due to the salt water. This corresponds to the male gender and archetype.

What does it mean to dream of extremely high waves?

The size of the tsunami can vary. Tsunamis generally cause a path of destruction and this is because of two reasons, firstly the fact the wall of water is traveling at significant speed and secondly the land before the tsunami appears to be pulled in. In the 2004 tsunami, many people stated that they could see the sea go in. To give you an idea how emotional this dream is the tsunami could be around 120 miles which is 200 km. Obviously, this is a vast distance. If all you could see the sky was a huge wave in your dream (as I have already outlined) then this dream is connected to your own emotions in life. Often, tsunamis can hit in fishermen villages which is why the name tsunami in Japanese means “harbor way”. Unfortunately, the tsunami can take a few minutes to reach an extremely big height. For this wave of rising in your dream indicates an emotionally charged time.

What does it mean to dream about watching the tsunami?

Watching a tidal wave or tsunami can reflect recent events. It indicates things have been somewhat “out of control” spiritually and your emotions have been challenged. Watching the tidal away from afar can reflect that you are watching conflict between family members or friends. This dream could even represent your work situation. The fact that you are observing the tidal wave can represent you are feeling a sense of pride in regards to the fact you were not involved in a certain situation.

What does it mean to dream a tidal wave hit you?

If you dream of being destroyed or hit by a tidal wave, it indicates that it is important to recognize any danger in the future. Be careful to make sure you avoid people that may not see you in the best light.

What does the dream lore regarding a tidal wave mean?

If in your dream the tidal wave killed anyone, this shows that it is important to make sure you change the way you feel inside, in order for you to move on in the future. If you were surfing on waves, especially big ones, this dream shows you need to be able to communicate with others. If the tidal wave was devastating, this indicates that you are going to come out of a difficult situation much wiser. To dream that you watch or retreat from a tidal wave it means that you might have some financial worries. If you dream of watching the tidal waves coming at you from the sea, you will escape some money problems. To dream of tidal waves hitting the seashore foretells that you will be appreciated for your work, and you will be lucky in love. If you dream of tidal waves, the sign is that a difficult period will follow for you, and you will have to fight and win. Your life will be disturbed. You will enter a difficult period, but if you keep your temper, you will get over this more intricate stage of your life.

What does it mean to dream is being carried inside a tsunami / Tidal Wave?

To see yourself being lifted or trapped under a huge wave can be quite a terrifying experience. If you feel that your drowning or the wave has swept you into the sea can suggest that there may be some difficulty with people in your life. Often, people email me about being killed, swept away all those that see the aftermath of a tidal wave. In these situations, I give the advice that is all about transformation. This is transforming positive times into the present. If you drown during the dream due to the tidal wave this can imply that your feelings maybe somewhat erratic at the moment.

What does it mean to dream about the creation of a tidal wave?

To dream that you create a tidal wave or a tidal wave is created before you this could imply that “you” may be the source of your own emotional problems. I often believe that a tsunami is a representative of feeling emotionally pulled in different directions. There may be a challenge in a situation in your own waking life but I do believe that the tsunami indicates a new phase of life. Don't worry it's not all doom and gloom! Often these types of dreams also suggest that we've been carried away by something.

What does it mean to see the destruction of the tidal wave in a dream?

A dream where you see a tsunami or tidal break and cover buildings and the land is a sign that, you are under an immense amount of pressure or there is a very significant change happening in your life. Waves symbolize events or even human emotions which are forthcoming. It is important to note why the tidal wave suddenly appeared in your dream. If the water was muddy, carrying dirt and debris then this could suggest a difficult time going forward. If you were stood there and noticed the wave is calm then it can denote peace. After a tidal wave has broken - we normally see evidence of destruction, I am afraid to say that this it is a sign of an emotional time coming and a big change is on the cards. In older dream lore this change could be destructive, negative, and dangerous. Sorry if that sounds bleak! But I will hope this gives you more clarity.

What does it mean to surf on a big tidal wave?

Surfing in dreams is about control. The wave brings with it a surge of emotions and the promise of great anxiety. While interpreting this sort of dream, you should remember that the ocean and the sea in your dream are symbolic of feelings and emotions. The big waves that sweep across your head foretell of a splash of feelings and storm of emotions. If this wave is in pure water and is bringing out a pleasant feeling, then it is symbolic of the amazing experiences of love a creative inspiration. If the wave is in muddy, nasty water, it is a warning that you need to be ready to confront problems and adversity of all sorts.

The positivity or negativity of the dream could be defined by the emotions experienced and the depth of the water. If you see clear, clean and pleasant water in the wave and you tend to like it, then that denotes a positive and wonderful experience. If on the other hand, it happens to be dirty, muddy water and you are unhappy with the wave; it means a negative and sad experience. A big wave can be connected to creativity or love especially when you see someone surfing on the surface. If you dream that the wave was huge and dark, carrying murky water, full of terror of destruction, which is threatening to destroy everything else could imply that you could be worried of a serious event in your life. You could be experiencing a burst of negative feelings like aggression, anger, or hatred.

What does it mean to dream of a tidal wave at night?

A tidal wave seen in an ocean of dark water could be an indicator that, your subconscious is reflecting your conscious desires. The water of the river could be a representation of the flow of life in general; how things stand as at now in your life.

What does it mean to dream of the sunlight on a big wave in a dream?

A wave filled with white light in pure water will automatically cause positive thoughts. Due to the purity of the water, you could end up getting something which could be valuable to you. Such a dream denotes that, very soon, you will be a recipient of good news and most likely it will be in the form of a gift. The clearer the water, the more positive the dream I generally say.

What does it mean to dream of a tidal wave in a river?

A huge wave that sweeps ashore suddenly makes a river to rise is a dream which foretells that there is a significant event which is about to happen in your life that will be of great importance to your future life. You should be able to measure the quality of the event by the emotions which the wave elicits in you and if the water was clean or muddy.

What does it mean to dream of a large wave appearing in the small pond or swimming pool?

A large wave which suddenly appears in a small pond or swimming pool is symbolic of a future event which will only affect a small part of what you are doing in your life. It will happen in such a way that, even your feelings will not be altered at all. Often, in swimming pools, they have wave machines. To dream of being caught in a wave, machine indicates a clean slate. That something is going to work out well in the end.

What does dreaming of a tidal wave and murky seawater mean?

You should remember that the sea and the ocean in your dream symbolize feelings and emotions. So if you see a very big wave sweeping you away, or you feel the threat of “drowning” and you are having trouble berating can indicate emotional connection problems. breath or swim to the surface could imply that you have a rough time which is difficult to control the instincts and emotions in your life at the moment.

What does it mean to see a tidal wave near a beach?

To notice that you are yourself on the crest of clean, warm beautiful beach, it is a sign that, you are going to encounter triumph, success and great luck. If the force of the undercurrent of the waves push you back into the sea and it becomes impossible for you to handle them, it could be that very soon you are going to lose control of a certain deal which you are currently pursuing.

What doe dreaming of waves on water surfaces mean?

A dream where you witness waves on water surfaces (not the ocean or river) indicates that there are major changes which are just about to happen in your life. If you want to handle the changes positively, then you have to put your strength into gear while at the same time, making sure that, you balance your priorities.

What does dreaming of roaring sea waves mean?

Dreaming of roaring sea waves which are coming your way denotes that you are going to have a peaceful state of mind which will be characterized by disinterest and apathy. It could be as a result of realizing that, after putting a lot of efforts in achieving certain goals in life, you have ended up being disappointed either by finding out that, it is unachievable or, it is not worth your effort. The best you can do after having such a dream is to get another goal to pursue instead of just remaining idle.

What does it mean to dream of river ripples?

When you dream of river ripples or surge to the river surface denotes that, you are going to experience mood swings. Due to a variation and unstable state of mind, your outlook and stance towards things or life, in general, is likely to face fluctuation.

What does it mean to dream of alternating sea waves and a bright blue sky?

If you dream of the ocean or sea water, it is a symbol of unique and new experiences ahead. Shortly, you may have an interesting encounter, or you could be involved in an experience or situation which will work to your advantage. When you look at a big body of water and a blue, bright sky in your dream, it denotes that, you are going to be given great opportunities in the future. The waves which are alternating between calm and stormy is a sign that, even though you will get an opportunity to choose your destiny you need to also overcome obstacles. A blue sky predicts people may be envious of your success.

What does it mean to dream of being swept into the ocean by waves and surviving?

If you are swept from your car and into the ocean by waves, it is a sign that, you have found yourself in a situation whereby you are provided with various options to deal with it. It could be related your current employment in conjunction with changing jobs. Or you could have been offered an opportunity to work in a different city. It could be related to your family life where you are presented with different marriage partners for you to choose from or a chance to travel to a faraway country.

Surviving the wave is positive, it normally happens in dreams when we have encountered negativity of some kind. It is a warning denoting that, if you are not careful when it comes to decision making, you could make a mistake. To dream of others surviving the wave implies that it might be impossible for you to manage your stress at the moment and you need time for yourself. You need to weigh your options and take the time to benefit from “alone” time.

What does it mean to observe sea waves in a storm?

If rain or a storm accompanied the tidal wave it can suggest a stormy time ahead. When you see rain in your dream, it represents your tendency to retreat - have your space; you don’t like others disturbing you both emotionally and physically. So this particular dream is just trying to communicate to you that, you should be ready for numerous offers you may have in the future. If you are on a hotel balcony watching the storm it represents your fears because denotes you are not ready to take the risk and try out the offers. It is a message from your subconscious mind which is trying to say -- you that you have freedom of choice and you should move forward without fear.

What does it mean to be in a building and see the sea waves underneath?

A view of the sea is normally a symbol of opportunity when it appears in the dream. Seeing yourself on top of a hill is a symbol of success, wealth and being in a position of respect. It shows that, though you are highly valued and held in esteem, you are humble and remain grounded, instead, loving and preferring a simple lifestyle to an extravagant one. To dream of being in a high café, hotel or building denotes that you are seeking soul sustenance. It could be that there are several issues and decisions which are weighing you down, or it could be that you are looking for someone or something that is missing in your life. The incoming wave represents the turmoil in your life, thus if you don’t take care, your misgivings could sweep you away. The only good thing that is likely to keep you away from being swept away is that you have strong family support.

What does it mean to dream of seeing ocean waves that are funny shaped?

A dream of this nature foretells of upcoming troubles which you are about to go through. If the waves are round this implies a time of peace. If the waves are breaking on the shore but are in strange patters is a representation of tranquility and peace. Calm and order is needed to progress in life. On the positive, the dream denotes that, you only have a few things to worry about in your life, but on the negative side it means that, there is nothing interesting or exciting to spice up your life. A dream where the waves break and become animal or human in shape, it means that you are going to experience a situation or an event which will be dramatic in your life.

What does it mean when sea waves that are very strong?

I remember having a dream of waves all around me pulling me in different directions in the ocean. Sea waves that appear very strong are symbolic of negative vibrations. It could mean that you are going to experience sadness or loss which will be as a result of experiences or circumstances while going through tough times. The only way out of this is to fight for what you believe in. The sea with big waves in your dream which are moving towards you denotes circumstances and events which will carry both negative and positive connections. You will need to be careful when making a decision that could work out problematic.

What does it mean to see lake waves?

If you dream of lake waves it is associated with your love life. To see a vortex inside a lake implies stormy love relationships. A wave in a lake indicates that if you are currently dating, or about to get involved in a relationship, it is a sign which denotes that, you will be involved in disagreements and arguments when interacting with your partner. If the lake is calm with a few waves then it is a great sign as it implies that, you are going to be happy and enjoy your union as you coexist with your partner in a relationship.

What does it signify to dream of anticipating big waves crashing ashore?

A dream where you face strong waves is a negative omen which denotes that, you are going to experience a loss but it is for the better. This dream could be caused by negative experiences or circumstances or implies that you are going through tough times. If you are under a bridge and you see big waves coming towards you it foretells your inability to overcome obstacles or solve issues which are making it impossible for you to achieve your goals. Watching big waves crashing on the beach or steps to the beach in a dream can be a reflection of how you are feeling at the moment.What is causing all the inabilities is due to the way you interact with those around you. If you see strangers disappearing or running away from the wave at the end of the dream, it means that people are running away from you or ignoring you due to the way you communicate with them.

What does it mean to be caught in a mode of transport and see a wave?

Having this dream could be an indicator that, you have been witnessing a certain person in your life who is prospering in their businesses through other people’s sweat and hard work. Seeing a wave cover your car can indicate a difficult time ahead but you will prosper. To see a train covered by a wave indicates a difficult spiritual journey. A plane crashing into a tidal wave suggests focus is needed and charity in a situation. A wave that covers vehicles in a dream in dream lore suggests that the lack of transparency and fairness is stressing you out, and you are finding it hard just to sit there and let it pass.

What does it mean to see the aftermath of a tidal wave?

To see murky water after a big wave hits indicates your involvement in some in a social movement of one that is supporting a specific cause. The nearness to the wave that you are is important. Seeing buildings destroyed implies something will hit you in the future. If the wave doesn’t harm you signify this implies that you are devoted to a cause, you could start questioning your own implication and benefit to the community.

What does dreaming of big waves when you are stood on a mountain?

Looking down on crashing waves can be quite a peaceful pastime in real life. In the dream world, it has another meaning. Such a dream should not be ignored as it is sending a warning to you. Standing on top of a mountain could have various meanings, but in the above description, it represents endurance, strength, kindness, and humility. The above attributes are important for you to face the future. The image of a calm sea followed by waves symbolizes the unforeseen future. It can be analyzed to mean that in the future you will face some opportunities and events which, though challenging. You are ready to face anything in the world.

What does it mean to dream of a dark wave?

A dark wave in a dark sea refers to your unconscious thoughts and wishes. It could also be indicative of a follow up to a period of stress which is making it impossible for you to control your instincts. Alternatively, it could mean that you are addicted to something. This could be a person or a task in life.

What does it mean to dream of standing on a wave?

Walking in waves is a positive dream. If you see yourself in the dream riding on a wave which then takes you to a beautiful beach translates as well as a good omen. It denotes that, you are going to experience a lot of success and satisfaction from your goals.

What does it mean to dream of fighting against the waves?

A situation where you see yourself fighting against waves, and they take you back to the sea is a sign of competition. If you find that it is tough for you to overcome them, it is an indicator that, you are going to lose control of your life but if you can overcome them and get to your destination then this is a positive dream. Hard work is needed to progress.

What does dreaming of pure waves signify?

Waves filled with pure light or that are sky blue are a sign that you are experiencing something now or shortly. There is a possibility that you are going to receive a gift or some good news from someone you value. Alternatively, you could experience a lot of love or creativity in your life.

What does it mean to dream of waves when you are on a ship?

If you dream that you are on a ship and big waves are crashing over it or a large wave appears in old dream lore this is a bad omen. It is a sign that, you are going to encounter a minor disaster in your private life as well as business. Every dream has varied meaning depending on how it appears in your vision but this is an old-fashioned meaning. The ship is female in terms of an archetype. Thus, it might mean a conflict with a female close to you. Clean water denotes luck, success, health, while dirty water symbolizes illness, misery, and failure.

In summary, a tidal wave normally appears when under a lot of duress or inevitable change has either taken place or is about to happen. The dream could be an indication that you are feeling overwhelmed and you are fearing that, you won’t be in a position to cope or adjust going forward. This could be a recurring dream, with time, the wave may becoming bigger or closer to you. It could be in correspondence with your increasing anxiety or the date of the anticipated change approaching. I have tried to cover as much as I can in this dream but I will say it is important to re-examine your life as there could be a particular place in it which you are neglecting. I often see this dream when someone is not dealing or confronting with things which are off balance in life. I hope this has given you some clarity. Blessings, Flo

In your dream you may have

  • You are hit by a tidal wave.
  • A tidal wave kills someone.
  • Surfing on a tidal wave.
  • A devastating tidal wave.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You change the way you feel inside.
  • You make improvement on your communication with others.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012