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Coriander seeds

Coriander seeds

Coriander are also known as Cilantro.

They are associated with the power of the planet Mars and the element Fire. According to Chinese folklore, eating Coriander seeds...

Calendula flowers

Calendula flowers

Calendula flowers are widely considered lucky.

Though it is often referred to as Pot Marigold, Calendula is not a marigold at all. Its other names are gold's, ruddes,...

Buckeye nut

Buckeye nut

The buckeye tree is a relative of the chestnut and the horse-chestnut.

Buckeye nuts are picked while these are still in its green spiny jacket. The jacket is peeled away...

Blue Cohosh

Blue Cohosh

Blue cohosh, is a woodland herb native to the United States and Canada.

It is an herb that is assigned to the actual planetary powers of Jupiter and also Mars. Azure ...



Barberry is a bushy shrub.

It is ornamental in structure and is grown in European countries. It is also found in North Africa and some parts of Asia. There have been...

Success Herbs

Success Herbs

In the practice of Hoodoo (a traditional form of folk magic), herbs play an important role in success spell work.

These herbs are commonly used to blend in oils,...

Herbs Details.

Herbs Details

Power of Herbs.

Power of herbs

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