Losing Virginity

Losing Virginity Dream Meaning

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A virgin is seen as pure in life. To be a virgin in your dream suggests that you require spiritual cleaning.

To dream of loosing one’s virginity is connected to life's worries.

If you are a man and dream of loosing your virginity then this means that a project in waking like is going to go well. Women, especially teenage girls usually feel uncomfortable when they experience dreams that show vivid mental images of having their virginity taken. Sometimes it even causes anxiety. This type of dream scenario will make one feel scared about certain things that may happen once the dream will come into place.

This dream entails several meanings and this is associated with how you look after your body, relationships with someone and sexual issues you are more likely concerned with.

In your dream you may have

  • Made love and lost your virginity to someone you do not know.
  • Lost your virginity to a man you are familiar with or someone very close to you.
  • Being forced by someone to make love to them and eventually lost your virginity. (arranged marriage)
  • Been raped – taking your virginity.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Dreams of losing one's virginity leave one open-minded about its possibility.
  • This dream can make you feel at ease and ready for the changes that may take place in your womanhood once the time will come.
  • The dream makes you feel inspired to develop yourself for the better.
  • The dream encourages maturity and personal changes and improvements in the future.
  • The dream makes you feel excited about meeting your future partner in life and spending a blissful life with him or her.
  • The dream does not cause you to feel guilty or shameful.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreaming of losing one’s virginity may can cause uneasiness - depending on the events in the dream.

It is simply a dream interconnected with personal and intimate issues that one subconsciously hides and develops over time. If you experience a dream of making love to someone and losing your virginity, it implies your innocent and vulnerable. You may experience thoughts of losing something / or someone precious in life. It can also suggest worries are coming to the fore. Virginity is a symbol of purity and cleanliness. This is why one becomes concerned about losing a something in real life that is pure which is considered a virtue.

Dreaming of losing your virginity may also enlighten inner feelings of self-exploration. Almost every woman and man goes through this situation and it’s normal. This is your emotional and physical readiness to commit in an intimate act. If you are a virgin in real life, it can mean that you have not yet welcomed the idea of giving yourself to another man or women but you are open to the possibility.

This kind of dream may also denote the passionate connection you have for someone you care about. If you haven’t had any physical bond with your special someone, this may suggest that you are about to take the possibility of giving a physical connection to him or her. To rape a virgin in one's dream means that you require something that others have. This is normally represented in material wealth.

To see the Virgin Mary in one's dream is an omen of desired comfort. This dream can be associated with a personal longing to be treated as a noble person or hoping to be truly loved and respected. This could also mean a reminder for you to contact somebody who is influential or important to you. This dream can suggest you inner self longs to see that person.

Dreaming of losing your virginity is not wa worry some dream. It is not also considered shameful or even sinful. Thus, it will make you more aware of your own desires. To dream of losing your virginity to another virgin indicates prosperity and wisdom. If you were a virgin and raped in the dream this symbolizes that you need to be prepared and inspired for future changes which will certainly take place soon. To be forced into an arranged marriage and loosing your virginity on the wedding night indicates that others will manipulate you.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of losing virginity

Anxiety, fear, uneasiness, awkwardness, guilt, shame, humiliation, indignity, low self-esteem, dishonor, nervous and distress.

By Florance Saul
Jun 2, 2013