Athletic Field

Athletic Field

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An athletic field refers to a piece of land which is specifically prepared for playing games.

It is normally marked in order to host a particular game. When in an athletic field is seen in the dream state expect competition. Dreaming of an athletic field represents the competitive nature of life and the many challenges that you face in your daily life. You are always in competition with one thing or another. You might be competing to become rich; you might be competing to win your lover back; you might be competing in business. The Athletic field is used for sports and dreaming of sports implies competition, exertion, and recreation. Dreaming of playing your favorite sports on the field is a reflection of performance in your competitive environment, mostly at the place of work or business place. If in your dream you have concerns about a sport, it means that you have concerns about your performance in a particular area in your waking life. In this dream…

  • You dream of playing sports on the field.
  • You played American football on the field.
  • A crowd was watching you play on the field.
  • You could see a running track.
  • You were watching sport.

Detailed dream interpretation:

If you dream that you are playing sports in the field, it foretells that, you are ready to learn talents, rules, and you will achieve your goals. This is a dream which puts emphasis on the importance of working in harmony, cooperating with each other and valuing teamwork. This dream should bring a smile to your face because, it is an indication that, you are moving closer towards achieving your goals. All you need to do is to put more effort and everything will work out right. If you dream that you played American football on the sports field is an indication that, you will have great satisfaction in achieving your life goals as you progress on. It also denotes that, you like showing off and you are a competitive person at heart. You are a person whom others don’t like associating with especially in terms of business because, in most instances, you win!

A money windfall may also be in the offing sooner than you can imagine. You might be thinking of restarting a project which you had put on hold. Football is an aggressive game of life, it could foretell that, you are leading an aggressive life. It can also mean that you have accomplished some things in your life which are making you feel proud; you have met your set goals. When playing football in the dream it suggests that you will win in life. To play American football simply implies that there is a personal goal or project that you are working towards. This type of dream suggests that you have to consider your feelings while playing, the type of people you are playing with, and the position which you are playing.

Football being a team-oriented sport, it requires coordination and teamwork with everyone that is involved in it. This dream could mean that you are working on a project which has several roles to it. Or it can simply how you are dividing different responsibilities with a family or a group of friends as a team. If you were playing on the defensive line in your dream, it suggests that you have to work extra hard in order to thwart the negative thoughts playing in your head; if you are playing on the offensive line, you need to look into the enemy's defense thus suggesting that you are supposed to be aggressive in your thinking and creative at that if you are ever going to achieve your goals. You will have to try hard to knock down the obstacles in order to penetrate the obstacles which present on your way to achieving your goals in the project. If you play as a captain or quarterback in the American Football in the dream, it foretells that, you are supposed to be fast and confident when making a decision because if you are too slow in your decision making, it could result in a negative situation.

You have to be ready to take in all the energies of those people who are surrounding you. Make sure that you allocate duties to perform according to their qualifications and strengths in order to be successful in your project. If in your dream, you are the American football coach, it denotes that, you are on your way to being offered a promotion to enable you to give directions to your team and strategies for future accomplishments. To score in your football game, it is an indication that, you are going to achieve some very important personal goals. If you find yourself fumbling with the ball in your dream, it denotes that, there is a project which you abandoned or you had a small setback of late in your recent undertakings.

Seeing a crowd watching you play on the sports field in your dream is a sign that, you have a strong drive to identify with a group, a tribe. You are thinking of ways to connect with people who are around you so that you can accomplish. You might be having identity issues which you are fighting that is being caused by an inferiority complex. A dream where you see a running track suggests that you are in the fast lane of life. It could represent a metaphor for you where you have objectives to get ahead in life. The dream could also mean that you are going round in circles; you have set a path of doing things and thinking and you are not ready to deviate from it. Running is a symbol of change. If you dream that you were jogging on a track in the company of strangers or people you know, it is a good sign in life. Try to change your own habits or join a club.

If you are running in your dream, you need not worry as it is a sign that the situation you are currently in will improve, especially in business. But in case you run on the track, then fall, denotes problems that may taint your reputation. You might also lose something that is very dear to you, thus you need to be very attentive after such a dream. If you are running alone on the track, it could be a positive sign which foretells of friends, competitors, and some opponents will be too far away to pose any threat to your life in terms of development. You are the leader and with it, you are full of luck. You are likely to achieve a more favorable position as far as financial matters are concerned due to a rise in the social ladder. A situation where you are running on a track and you fail to finish in the lead (no matter how fast you try to run) denotes that, you should try and recall all your intended businesses in your waking life and finish them as fast as possible because, there is a danger if they are not accomplished on time; there is a possibility that, a competitor might snatch the business from you. In general, running in a dream foretells the feeling of superhuman capabilities and developing speeds that are out of this world, but in the case, you find that you feel tired when running, you will be heading for an adventure or a holiday in order to regain the lost energy. You have been working too hard to build your life.

When you have a dream where you were watching a violent sport that involves strength, strategy, and agility, it could be a reminder that, there is a need for creating some excitement in your life. If you are cheering one of the teams, it is an indication that, you are in dire need of “belonging” to a certain group of people; a wish for a social class that your coworkers belong to outside work for example. If you happen to disagree with a call by a referee while watching a football sport, it is a suggestion that, there is a special person in your life who is trying to get in touch with you. This same person makes you feel judged for no apparent reason. If your favorite team scores while you are watching, it foretells the pride you feel towards your accomplishment in life. But if the opposing team is the one that scores, it is an indication that, you are jealous of others people’s achievements and work.

In the case you are watching a sport in your dream and then you place a bet, it means that there is an important deal waiting for you. You need to be fast to make decisions. You are required to think deeply by considering all the facts at hand before coming to a conclusion. There is the need to rely on research, luck, and intuition in order to succeed in life. If you dream that you are watching fantasy football, it is a warning that you need to take precaution when it comes to choosing friends. If you happen to be in a process of recruiting people to work for you, it could be a reflection of your decision and thought process.

Feelings Associated with the Dream:

Talented. Emphasizing. Satisfied. Progressive. Excitement. Successful. Speculative

By Florance Saul
Jun 28, 2017