Armored Car

Armored Car

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

A dream that involves an armored car can indicate that you feel the need of protection in life.

An armored car is normally found in the military. A person who dreams of an armored car passing them in a dream is usually facing a problem with others - they are feeling a threat to his or her safety or the safety of his family and friends. A person who dreams of driving in an armored car feels protected from his enemies, however, they should keep in mind that if someone decides to hurt you, an armored car is not enough to stop the problem. What could actually stop that person from hurting you is a compromise or losing yourself from one's sight, and that’s what your dream is trying to tell you?

What is an armored car and how are they used?

An armored car is also known as a military car is a lightweight fighting vehicle constructed for internal security, reconnaissance armed escort, and other battlefield tasks. However, this was back in history during World War 2 when the armored car was developed after the invention of the tank.

So what are they used for?

The armored car is used for secure transportation of valuables such as a large amount of money, especially for banks. The armored car can be seen in the dream as a security van designed to protect prisoners or alternatively transporting valuables, individuals or any other contents of value.

The armored vehicle is bulletproof and can endure extreme degrees of heat. This is interesting because spiritually it signifies you can cope with anything. Although the armored car is mostly used by the military, many automotive companies like Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Lexus, Toyota, Cadillac, and others have recently produced their own armored cars for civilian use, it could have been one of these that entered your dreams.

Who uses armored cars?

As we previously mentioned, back in history, armored cars were designed and used by the military during the war and other “protective” tasks. However, today, they’re produced for civilian use for maximum security. They’re also used by banks or retail companies for the transport of large sum of money.

What is the spiritual meaning of an armored car?

To dream of wheels on the armored car symbolizes ongoing friendship, constant movement, and internal change. If the wheels are undamaged and not defective in any way then this is a positive dream. However, to run over someone in the armored car is connected to your secret desires that will soon come true. Out of many symbols of the sun, the wheel is one of the oldest ones that existed back in the days of paganism. The spiritual meaning of the wheel is related to your inner light and your precise moves in waking life. The wheel also represents the infinity of life. If the wheel spins and it spins fast, it means you will face great changes. But if it spins slowly, the upcoming changes will be minor but with a major impact on you.

Your dream:

  • You could see a light armored car.
  • An armored car was shooting you.
  • An armored car was in the military in your dream.
  • You could see an armored car in the war in your dream.

You were shot by someone who’s driving an armored car:

People who trust you will no longer see you as someone worth their respect and trust. Someone’s trying to frame you and change other people’s opinion about you. Speak your mind and tell the truth. Otherwise, you could end up getting hurt by the hands of your loved ones.

You were driving an armored car in war:

You are going through a rough period in life while fighting your inner demons. Ask yourself: ‘Is all of this worth it? Should I pay the cost and lose my soul or quit instead?’

An armored car ran over you:

Someone will surprise you in a negative way. Keep in mind that the person who will run you over in your dream is probably the same person who will surprise you with something negative in waking life.

Detailed meaning of an armored car:

If you saw an armored military car, it could mean that you have a pretty strong support from a lot of people, however, you should be more careful with whom you’re sharing your plans and problems with. Someone close to you may use everything he knows about you - but not in a positive way! If you could see someone who’s trying to run someone over in an armored car, it could mean that you are worried about your safety and you need to take on actions in order to protect yourself in time for possible future threats. Take care of yourself, is what your dream is telling you. Dreaming that you are killing someone from an armored car (such as shooting someone) means that you feel like you’re always doing the wrong thing and wonder if there’s another better way of doing things. According to your dream – there is, however “light at the end of the tunnel” in life.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of an armored car:

Fear. Scared. Frustrated. Protected. Excited. Ready. Terrified. Angry. Empowered.

By Florance Saul
Aug 12, 2017