Handle Broken From A Bag

Broken Bag Dream

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When a handle breaks on a bag, it becomes difficult to carry it around.

A handle breaking from a bag in your dream is synonymous with missing out on help from someone important in your life. It might be a family member, a colleague or a friend. This same person you want help from and is not forthcoming is the same person who will sort your help. You arrogantly ignored others if it is a plastic bag. Try to help them. Now is payday and you are feeling the pinch of being uncouth.

To see a small bag handle broken is a dream which will automatically leave you in a dilemma because it is as if you are going to encounter difficulties you need to face problems. No help is forthcoming or even in sight. You will struggle with whatever it is that is causing difficulty in your life until you overcome it. Don't let others bring you down.

Your dream

  • Have seen the handle come away.
  • Picked up your bag and the handle breaking.
  • Seen a carrier bag and the handle breaks off.
  • The handle breaks off due to the bag being really heavy

Detailed dream interpretation

When you see a handle come out from the bag, it means that you are yearning for help and yet it is not forthcoming. It can suggest someone who is “selfish” in your life. This person is not willing to help you. They have never been a person to offer help to others. Your arrogant nature has made you surrounded by people who cannot come to your rescue because you have never been the kind of person to assist anyone in their time of need. You have yourself to blame. A situation where you picked up your bag and the handle breaks means that you are having so many issues in life which you cannot handle on your own. You have tried sorting some of them out, but still, you are unable to clear them.

You need help, but you have lived a life of being self-sufficient, you are not a kind-hearted person and you have always been insensitive to the needs of those around you. From this experience, it will force you to change your attitude because you only get to harvest what you sow. You need to be kind and lend a helping hand in order to be helped in the future. When you see a carrier bag whose handle is breaking off means you claim to have an organized life, neglecting others in the process. In life you cannot survive on your own, you need colleagues, friends, and relatives in order to handle some issues that you come across in the journey of life. No one person is in a position to sustain themselves. Life is having an effect on you and you are finding it hard to manage the issues surrounding you.

A dream where the handle breaks off due to the bag being really heavy means that your life is tumbling down because you are unable to sort out the issues that you are facing. No one is ready to help you. This is a life lesson that needs to be learned in the future. You will have to work in a communal way, knowing that, today you help a friend, tomorrow the friend helps you. It is a two-way traffic; that is what life's all about.

Feelings associated with your dream of a broken bag handle

Desperate, disorganized, pressed, helpless and worried in life.

By Florance Saul
May 14, 2017