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A park is associated with being relaxed in waking life.

To dream of walking through a beautiful park, seeing the green trees, possibly the birds tweeting, the blossoms on the trees, the smell of freshly cut grass is a wonderful positive dream. A park is a great symbol in the dream state.

To walk through the park with& a loved one represents good luck. There is a need to connect to all things spiritual such as meditation and spiritual focus.

There is also an air of approval necessary from a spouse or loved one if you see yourself visit a theme park. To have a picnic, in the park is attributed to a romantic time in one’s life. When dreaming of a park, this is also a time of passion in ones life and freedom to express such passion. A band playing in the park indicates happy times ahead.

If you find that you are lost in a park, this is a symbolic sign of inner struggles relating to career. To loose someone or something (such as a dog in a park) is related to relationship issues. To loose an item such as a bag or purse in a park suggests feeling alienated from the rest of the community. To see children in a park is a positive omen.

A car parked suggests new endeavors.

Dreams involving "parks" symbolize that you are about to have a good start in life, a new direction, regardless of the frustrations that you might be feeling.

There is a good chance that good luck will be behind you in no time.

Lost child in a park

This can represent misconception. You are confused at this time, it symbolizes different people will have an impact upon your waking life. The panic felt in the dream is associated with possible panics in waking life.

In this dream you may have

  • Had a picnic in a park with a loved.
  • Seen a wonderful park.
  • Expressing your desires of love in a park.
  • Married in a park.
  • Romantic in a park.
  • Played ball with your child in a park.
  • Seen children play in a park.
  • Found yourself panicking about being lost in a park = demonstrates the inability to stay on task.
  • Parked in a parking lot near or in a park. This means that you need to nurture yourself.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You parked in a parking lot in or near a park.
  • The park was tranquil and content.
  • Children were playing in the park.
  • You played ball with your child.
  • You lay down with a lover in a park.

Detailed dream meaning

The park in one's dream indicates perfect results every time.

This also signifies that you have been worried about something - for a long period of time. There may be an indication that this worry is about to lift and be removed. It indicates that you want everything to be in order and that you have spent a long time planning to ensure perfect results. The park itself is not negative in nature. It is in fact very positive, even if the dream itself was negative.

To be with your partner in the dream (lover) in a park indicates that you are adaptable in a relationship. You may have to do vary your own manner and behavior to suit the company of others.

Children represented in this dream indicates that there will be little complications going forward. This also signifies that good judgement is required. As we mentioned above children are represented as a a good luck symbol in the dream.

To be walking through a beautiful park suggest that you are happy in any occupation that involves working with other people. Ideally helping other people in a charity context. The park is a representation of our tranquillity in life. Therefore, if anything was negative within the dream of the park this suggests that you need to find the best tools in order to deal with any issues or problems in the future.

Parking a car in a dream of a park shows your willingness to gain perspective on a problem by using your elevated communication skills.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Romantic love.
  • The desire for relaxation due to overwork.
  • A reclaiming of innocent times and bringing back certain elements into the adult life.
  • The need to play around in the great outdoors.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of park

Adventure. Intrigue. Interest. Inspiration. Fascination. Happiness. Joy. Clarity. Wisdom. Relaxation. Grounding. Fun. Playfulness. Enjoyment. Romance. Sexual healing.

By Flo Saul
Oct 12, 2012