Bees and beehive

Bees and beehive

Bees And Beehive Dream Meaning

What does it mean to dream of a bee? I'm here to help you unlock the spiritual and psychological meaning of the dream.

What did Sigmund Freud say about dreams of bees?

Sigmund Freud was a famous dream physiologist in the 1930s. He wrote at length about what dreams mean psychologically. There is an account in Sigmund Freud’s writings about a woman who awakened one night to a dream of being stung by a bee. It was described as a nightmare. This was further illustrated in a Spanish oil painting on wood by Salvador Dali. It was believed that the stinging of the bee during our sleep is connected to our own evolution as human beings. There was meaning in Freud's research that we may suddenly wake from difficult or strange dreams and that the sensation of the sting can be associated with our collective thought of being attacked in waking life. Putting this into a framework, for easy explanation. The bee dream according to psychology is about the threat of being hurt or stung in waking life.

Why has a bee come to me in my dream?

Let's take your dream symbol: a bee. First, Honeybees make honey, we work and make money. The two are interconnected. Work expresses itself naturally through money. Many people do not believe in them and do not believe they deserve to be rich. But why? We often don’t really think about being rich past “I would like to be rich.” we never put the focus to work out how we can get there as human beings. Hives are full of activity, the bees working tirelessly to make the honey. 

The bee will work hard and never stop. The bee's energy will survive even if its body is destroyed. Each of us can move between the physical and non-physical worlds as part of the bee of life. I’m here to share with you the spiritual evidence of bees and beehives in dreams. The bible mentions bees and honey, there are many references to dreams in the bible and even if you are not religious, it is important to understand that messages from spirit are sometimes given to us in our dreams. 

I will cover the following in this dream:

  • seeing a bee in a dream
  • a bee buzzing in dreams
  • bees attacking in dreams
  • a bee sting beekeeper in a dream
  • a beehive in a dream
  • the biblical meaning of the dream
  • seeing a queen bee. 

The first question I need to ask you is how significant was the bee or beehive in the dream? We cannot live fully unless we accept that all possibilities are unlimited and we are one with everything. Miracles are part of that. I have spoken at length about bees here in this article here but in this dream interpretation; I am going to focus more on the bees spiritually and the beehive from a dream context. There is so much to say about your dream and I want to first let you know that you are not here by chance. I truly believe you have found my magical website for a reason.

The bees and beehive in dreams can represent hidden miracles

We have been raised in a world where everything is measured and judged by material wealth. We are able to measure what we have, what our income is, what clothes, what car we drive and finally what we look like. We might feel incomplete or insufficient if we follow this system. After all, we die with nothing. There is nothing on this earth we take with us to the next life apart from our memories. Our soul creates our inner story, which tells us we don't deserve money or miracles. However, miracles are not unlimited. If we don't receive a miracle of money in life, it means that we are denying our soul. This is unfair. This is the time for you after the bee dream to make a change. This is the time to change the narrative and create a life that is fulfilling for you full of wealth - not only spiritually but materially as well. We can all have money if we try. I am a believer in positivity, in my view, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

Simply because you are on earth - just like the bee, you are entitled to wealth and miracles. To me, miracles are what we all are. It's about thinking and, ultimately, about changing your life. It doesn't need to be an extreme external event. Money can be yours. It is part of life itself. Simply put, a miracle of thought when it comes to work and money can be described as a shift of perception. It's a change in our way of seeing the world.

Creating a sense of wholeness and richness in our lives can come from a subtle inner shift. It is impossible to compare miracles with one another. Our thoughts can be changed by the signs we see in our dreams. Changing our minds is a lesser miracle. Let go of the measurement system and let things flow naturally. Then you may see beyond yourself. If your mind creates your reality, then you can embrace this and change things. The bee defines beauty and is happy to include and exclude working bees. You can create space for miracles by raising your vibration. By creating space in your life to receive love from the universe, you create the conditions for it. You are reminding yourself daily that you deserve support and miracles by creating a spiritual practice.

What does it mean to see a bee flying in a dream?

Often, we can feel overwhelmed when a bee is flying by us in real life, the bee often comes into our home with a hidden excitement. I know when I see a bee in my house during a dream (which has happened a few times) I feel somewhat overwhelmed with a sense of connection and my heart opens wide. 

What is the biblical interpretation of a dream of bees?

There is many references to scripture in the bible in reference to bees, honey, dreams and beehives. For example Acts 2:17, Job 33:14, Ecclesiastes 5:7. I won't go into too much detail but from the scripture dreaming of either bees or beehives can indicate that your spirit will see visions and all men will dream in order to understand life. It is thought, that God is the third source of our dreams. If we look at this deeper, Daniel, the prophet, calls a dream from God "true" dreams. This is also associated with the fact our bee or beehive dream is inspired by God to help us - for us to raise our vibrations and listen. These types of dreams are what God desires for people as seen in (Job 33,14-16) A swarm of honeybees according to the bible is a sign of presumptuous behaviour against an overwhelming enemy. A bee is a positive omen and honey is referenced as the promised land. This is a positive omen.

What does it mean to hear a buzzing sound in your dream?

We all know bees buzz. This is known as vibration. Remember bees have this natural sound, this is caused by the movement of the wings - and did you know bees have four wings. The contraction of the wing results in vibrational sound. There's a feeling of recognition on a soul (vibrational level). In dreams, maybe you can feel their light, and your soul recognizes that the vibrations are high pitched and as the bees flap the wings 230 beats per second it is telling you to sour high. The bee is in a state of high vibration. But what does this mean? It indicates why it is so easy to love and be loved by others as we are all energy. The universe operates on energy. You may have been worried about seeing the bee in the dream, remember that fear is also an energy. If the dream involved the bee being aggressive, chasing you or making you feel uncomfortable this is about your current life. At times, fear can make us feel anxious or push us to the other side. This occurs because fear (fear of getting stung) is the energy which is the furthest from our natural state.

So what is the message here? It is to raise your vibration. When you do this in waking life you are less likely to dwell on the things that make you feel somewhat uncomfortable. If you feel uncomfortable, you will experience a shift in your thoughts and feelings that helps you return to your natural state. So, in a nutshell, the key here is to raise your vibrational levels.

For example, I enjoy writing (obviously) and walking. I do these every day.  Both of these activities bring me great joy and excitement. I feel an intense rush of happiness, whether I'm writing on passing the lambs in the countryside. I feel like I have everything and I can do anything and it clears my mind. This state of pure delight allows me to connect to possibilities, I do feel these activities raise my vibration and attunes to the universe. I can direct my energy to what is working for me, and let go of what is not. I can set goals and achieve them if I have a high vibration and the buzz in your dream is all about this. Raising your vibrations.

What does it mean to dream about bees?

Did you know that the beekeeper uses smoke in the hives to calm down bees? Normally, this does not affect the queen as she hides behind her workers. Symbolically, this can mean what is your smoke. We all live in fog and smoke The bee is an interesting insect, I believe the striped colours are about danger, but many people have e-mailed me about seeing different coloured bees in the dream. There is in total around 20,000 bees and there is so many different species. It is hard to pin down in your dream the exact bee that you dreamed of. Bees often appear when we are doing something we love or surrounded by people we love. The bee according to the druids comes in dreams for you to appreciate things more in life. Appreciation is an act of blessings in and of itself. It is a remarkable recognition of what we have, and it makes us feel good about ourselves. Seeing that our cup doesn't overflow will increase our vibrations. We raise our vibration by serving others.

The bee is encouraging you to think of someone or something that you are grateful for. It is only then, we can feel love and return to our hearts by being grateful. Love is the highest vibration… The bee is about nectar and transferring pollen between flowers. This is connected to our own spiritual advancement, remember this is not measured by one’s outward powers, but only by the depth of your own internal thoughts. This dream also shows that you can successfully express yourself in difficult situations that you encounter. However, this can also mean that people perceive you negatively.

Bees show us to develop our communication skills

Growing and developing interpersonal skills within your life is an area that will help you. If you find yourself stuck by a bee then this is possibly a warning that others may hurt your feelings. If you are attacked by a swarm of bees then this can indicate there is a situation which is out of your control. In essence, bees show that life takes on new positive approaches based on how we respond to emotion.

The difficulty in trying to get someone to do this, obviously; you must make sure you ask someone nicely. To be attacked by more than one bee is associated with being attacked by others. If the emergence of the bees is from a cocoon, that is to say, the hatching, then this dream is associated with trying to better yourself.

To see working bees in your dreams indicate continued success and a happy state. To see bees dying foretells unhappiness caused by illness. To kill a bee means a problem but this will be solved. To dream of honey then you need to sort yourself out and make sure you are heard by others. If you can see honey (or a honey pot) in your dream then this shows sweetness, happiness, and joy. Eating honey is a great omen, it is very positive.

Bees denote a pleasant and great time with friends and social engagements.

Dreaming of a beehive with lots of bees is a sign of abundance in your house, a united family, and a fruitful and fertile year ahead. A beehive is a sign of substantial income growth. Seeing bees surrounding a beehive is a sign of happiness in love, and luck in business. To dream of a beehive means you will overcome current troubles, I will go further into detail in this dream meaning below but this is a positive sign. If you dream that you are working in the hive, and the bees come out of it, then there are some problems you are struggling to solve. Dreams featuring a beehive in full activity predict good business, wealth, and a good gain.

A swarm of bees means happiness, but if the bees are flying around the beehive, it suggests prudence. Swarming bees mean richness, gain and luck in many of the things you do. Seeing flying bees could mean troubles, but if the bees are flying around you, this foretells happiness, luck in love, and overcoming your difficulties. Listed below I have gone into more detailed symbols.

What does it mean to dream of a beehive?

A bee (as a symbol) often represents hard work. Having dreams about bees working in the beehive signifies productivity and problems at work that needs time and patience in order to solve. Bees work in full cooperation, working with each other so that their own hive continues to be undamaged and also successful. Bees might point to working in a team in order to be successful. Bees that produce honey are known as honeybee.

Honeybees don’t always use a beehive they sometimes use rocks, caves and hollow trees. These can all be featured in your dream. The beehive is the hub of all activity, the hive is normally a honeycomb. Each bee has a specific role to play in the hive. There are drones (male bees), workers, and queen bees. Workers are 85% of the hive. So what does this all mean spiritually? Turning back the clock bees in agent Egypt were created and this is the first record of the beehive (650 BC) during this time honey was often stored in jars and the hives themselves were made of clay. The reason I mention this is that beehives are an ancient sign. This is a sign that you are being asked what your role is in life. It is a spiritual sign.

Are you familiar with the signs? Are you familiar with spiritual signs, such as the repetitive numbers found on your phone, clock, dashboard or car? Even a receipt from the supermarket? Numbers such as 5:55, 3:33, or 4:44 are common spiritual signs including bees. Signs in life are everywhere. These numbers are not coincidences. They are messages from God inviting us to be light workers or ambassadors for positive change. The beehive in dreams is about your colony, it is about how you tune into the universe. Bees are considered in ancient Egyptian text as light workers. Are you a light worker? Lightworkers are people and animals who wish to make a positive impact on the world. Before they came to Earth, light workers consciously chose to be here to usher in a new age of truth, peace, and love. Bees have

At this moment, the universe is also responding to the call of need. You chose to live a life of integrity, love, and purpose before you came to this world. You are responding to the call of the universe by changing your life for the better. What is the significance of the beehive in your dream?

What is the significance of seeing a queen bee in your dreams?

The queen bee in dreams (especially in connection with the beehive) is about control. The queen bee's purpose is to suppress her bee workers or justify bullying the workers or even make them worry about her.  The queen bee is vital to the workings of the beehive, she produces chemical scents to attract the bees and lays the eggs. Normally bees know that the queen is their Mother due to the smell. Sometimes the queen bee leaves the beehive and a beekeeper might try to introduce a new queen. In dreams, we can sometimes see the queen bee and this is about our own beliefs and how we as humans “control” our life.

It is important to understand how this control can affect our belief system. Beliefs allow us to transform our reality by connecting us with transcendent dimensions. Sometimes the queen bee is killed if she is lazy or just not liked, then replaced. Ok, the reason why I mention all of this is that the queen bee in dreams gives us hope, belief and inspiration, which are essential tools to overcome the doubts and confusion that so often plague our lives. But we need to control these and not be controlled by others like the queen bee sometimes finds herself in. Human history has been shaped by religious and spiritual beliefs. Yet, we have very little understanding of how these beliefs work at the psychological, biological and behavioural levels. It is a positive dream to see the queen and connects with your belief systems.

What do beehives mean as dream symbols?

The bee or beehive represents rebirth and order within your life. To witness a swarm of bees generally represents the importance of power over love affairs and other relationships of the heart.

Most people in dreams conjure up visions of being attacked or chased by the black and yellow flying insect. A honey bee colony, bee sting or seeing a large swarm. This dream symbolizes your work-life situation and the balance between your job and your relationships of the heart. The symbols within this dream often indicate that you have been trying to balance these two key areas of your life. If the queen is featured in your dream then this demonstrates the need to feel freedom, freedom of choice and freedom of expression.

What do dreams of honey mean?

Honey is an organic sweetener, this is the product of the bees' work. Honey originates from plant pollen that bees gather and take to the hive. Dreaming of honey could be considered a symbol of involving change for the better, or associated with alchemy--taking something--a relationship, a project, a work objective, or maybe even a goal and changing the situation into something better. Honey may also signify an incentive with regard to your work. You may be rewarded for your efforts.

What does it mean to dream of a bee sting?

If you get stung during your dream it could possibly symbolize your stinging emotions or perhaps your current subconscious mind. You could possibly think that a partnership at work is not going well. The bee is in a destructive mode, such as stinging you or others in often connected to a work situation, which has left a person feeling 'stung'. To dream of bees biting you signifies action. Although a bee stinging you might be unpleasant for you, the bee will eventually die due to the sting. In this capacity, the bee might stand for sacrificing oneself regarding an item you treasure.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of bees and beehives

Bewildered. Scared. Terrified. Worried. In control. Upset. Anxious. Confused. Charmed.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen a bee on a flower.
  • Bees were dying.
  • Seen a stinging bee.
  • Had a bee sting you.
  • Encountered bees that were making honey.
  • Seen the queen bee.
  • Seen only the beehive.
  • Been surrounded by angry bees.
  • Seen bees in a beehive.
  • Seen only a dead bee.
  • Encountered a swarm of bees.
  • Seen bees pollinating.
  • Seen bees flying around the beehive.
  • Seen bees flying randomly.
  • Had bees flying around you.
  • Seen working bees.
  • Seen honey or a honey bottle with bees on it.
  • Seen a honey comb.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You dreamed of the queen bee.
  • The bees were working.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of bees and beehives

Bewildered. Scared. Terrified. Worried. In control. Upset. Anxious. Confused. Charmed.

By Flo Saul
Jun 14, 2012