Old Job

Old Job

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Whenever you dream of something from the past there is a sense that you need to let go or learn from the past and be able to move on.

For years I kept seeing myself working in an old job, in fact, this particular job I disliked and as I have been researching dreams for the last 20 years so I spent a lot of time to understand why old jobs crop up in our sleep. The first thing I will say is that it is ‘unfinished business.” The question that you need to ask yourself is how do you feel about this old job? Are you annoyed still?

What does it mean to dream of working at an old job?

The prevailing meaning of this dream indicates that you are worried about your material wealth. There could be some hidden cues in this dream such as trust, compliance and also your own pride. To dream of seeing yourself working in an old job during your dream can indicate that you are trying to move forward with your own work, but are finding it difficult to focus. The main dimensions of the dream need to be taken into account. I will say that this dream can imply your own identity. The feeling of how you connected to your old boss is important. If you got on with your old boss and he or she appears in your dream then it can just be the roots of your subconscious mind that wants to feel settled. If however, you dreamed of a boss who you did not get on with this could root back into your work history. We naturally find some people easy to get along with, some people we don’t. If an old boss gave you back your job this can reveal the emotional connections that you are having at the moment.

What does it mean to keep seeing yourself working in an old job?

I will say it is hard to stop these dreams, it is important to work on your attitude towards your current job. The dream symbol might be shifting to become more positive. That you need to trust yourself and that above it all you can control your life. When we are in a job we dislike or feel has “ended” in our life then it is important to move on. When you dream of an old job then there are things on your mind which you are holding on to or unwilling to change – and this is not always for the best.

Detailed dream meaning:

I wanted to provide you with some reasons why the “old job” keeps cropping up in your dreams, in a more detailed way. Dreaming of a job that you held in the past can indicate holding on to the past in your own life – wanting things to be easier or being stunted in your emotions about doing things or making money. Usually dreaming of a position from the past is indicating worry in your current work and telling you that you need to let go. When you dream about being at an old place of work and the business is empty or no longer in business your psyche is trying to tell you that it is time to take a new direction in your life. There are often life changes coming your way which may be difficult for you – especially if you are one that has been in the same industry for a long time. Sometimes it is foreshadowing to being fired or a layoff within a company.

If you dream of meeting someone from your old job and time has passed this is a good sign showing growth and maturation. If you dream of a partner doing your old job or being at your old job and meeting someone that you are interested in – this indicates that you will start a relationship with someone that you meet through work (or that you would like to). Having sex or flirting at an old job is also indicative of someone coming you’re your life that you will meet through a work function. In a dream, if you go to work, but you end up not with your current work but your old job, this indicates unfinished business. You are likely holding too closely to old ways of doing things and in turn, this is holding you back. Dreaming of an old job in this way is your psyche’s way of telling you that you need to let go and move forward in your thoughts. If you are offered your old job in a dream it is a good time to begin looking for a new job. It can also be an indication that things are not going as you hoped with your current job or that you would like to start over again.

What does it mean to dream of an old job that you were fired from?

Jobs are what I call "disposable commodities." Regardless of how long you have worked at a company the loyalty does not seem to work anymore. In our modern world, people are laid off, sacked, fired or made redundant. No job is totally secure and as human beings, we can be discharged without any notice. A termination of employment in a dream can indicate the need for new goals and objectives. To see yourself working in a job that you were fired from, or forced to leave in a dream indicates that you will encounter a definite period of a new phase at work (in real life). An offer of employment (in a job you were fired from in waking life) might replay several times in your mind. As a general rule, there is always a question of losing a job - why me? One way to think about a job loss is that it is simply practical and insightful. Think of it as an important phase in life is now coming forward.

How can I stop dreaming of my old boss or job?

I am going to take you through my work on this dream. If we turn to shamans there is focus on cleansing elements that will empower us. I think it is important to heal yourself. Our dream psyche indicates that we need to focus on mechanisms in life. For example, in life, we see old bosses that are not supportive. These people usually come into life and subsequently broadcast that inner battle with yourself. Some people “trigger” you. I will say that you might be envious of your old boss, maybe his or her wealth and you are finding it difficult to heal from the experience.

If you have envy for your old boss, or his or her wealth then you need to face this. If you are hurt by the practices of your boss you need to consciously embrace these elements, face them and let them go. This experience in life is always going to be part of you, these people are associated with your own energy and unfortunately in life sometimes we attract negative people. In this strange world, we meet all kinds of people. I will now urge you to meditate. Have a conversation with your old boss and ask why he or she is appearing in your dreams. Following this meditation to the end - asking them to leave your dreams and your subconscious mind and that you wish to understand the lesson he was supposed to bring to your life spiritually. I do hope this helps.

What does it mean to dream of your old desk?

Seeing yourself sitting at your old desk in your place of work indicates that you need to think about your inner values, habits and consider how you are approaching life. To sit at a desk that is unknown but in an old job is associated with your self-confidence.

What does it mean to dream of an old boss offering you your job back?

This is a weird dream for sure. If you are a former employer and you dream of being offered an old job back this dream is associated with your future behavior (in a new job) to past behavior. (of your old job) We sometimes in life put up with some negative attitudes, and old symbols of success appear in our dream. If your old boss was self-obsessed, narcissistic and restless it means that you will refuse something important in the future. And, that you need to focus on being less materialistic and more focused on having fun and enjoying your work.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life:

  • Wanting a new job.
  • Meeting someone at work. (romantic)
  • Thinking about growth and development regarding work.
  • Not like your current job.
  • Growing up / maturing in actions, deed, or viewpoints.

In this dream you may have:

  • Gone to work at an old job.
  • Seen someone you knew from an old job.
  • Been fired from an old job.
  • Met someone of interest at an old job. (romantic)
  • Wanted to go back to your old job.
  • Talked to a previous boss.
  • Thought about an old job.
  • Get offered your old job.

Positive changes are afoot if:

  • Meet someone at an old job.
  • Met or saw someone from an old job.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of an old job:

Happy. Shy. Wonderful. Sad. Reminiscent. Unhappy. Unsure. Confused. Quiet. Thoughtful. Depressed. Disapproving. Shocked. Loved. Attracted. Concerned. Secretive. Sexy. Seductive.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012