disk dream meaning

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A dream of a disk can feature a computer disk, a music disk, a plastic disk for outdoor games, or you playing with a rounded disk of any kind. It is a precise dream that reveals your spirituality.

It is a warning sign that you should be grateful for your life and you should appreciate whatever you are enjoying at the moment. It tells that you need to better use your knowledge and talents.

If your dream features a computer disk, this generally suggests that you will have access to a great range of information. It can also be a reminder that relaxation is important for you in order to function better, and therefore you should stop being a workaholic and spend some more time with family and friends.

Working with a computer disk in your dream represents a promotion in your waking life. If the disk breaks or stops working, you could be self-restrained in your ambitions. A CD or a DVD represents knowledge and access to valuable memories. It is a reminder of the great amount of knowledge you have access to, and therefore you should be able to solve any problems you are dealing with at the moment.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen a music disk.
  • Seen a computer disk.
  • Encountered a pile of disks.
  • Seen a yellow disk.
  • Seen a CD.
  • Seen a DVD.
  • Thrown a disk.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The disk played pleasant music.
  • The disk was used in a light-hearted game or activity.
  • The disk was thrown somewhere beautiful.
  • The disk was used for something important.

Detailed dream interpretation

If in your dream you find a computer disk, it means that you started remembering old stuff and you are paying attention to important memories from your past. If however the disk does not work in your dream, it means that you are probably resistant to old memories that have upset you in the past and you want to forget. A working computer disk could suggest that you are too worried at the moment and you will become overwhelmed with thoughts.

A music disk, such as CD playing in your dream, is a reminder that you have recently undergone stress, and this music is your way to reconnect and remember pleasant and happy times from your past. If the music on the disk is unpleasant, it means that you keep remembering stuff that you did not enjoy, and that you would prefer to forget. However this dream tells that you cannot forget stuff as easily as you think. You should probably leave the past alone and focus more on your present.

A disk within your dream can be a symbol of the sun and represent a perfect life. Spiritually, this dream means that anything is possible especially if you will be grateful for your life as it is. You may be in need of guidance, of a spiritual master that could be the sun in your life. Or it could refer to your need to follow your life partner on a more spiritual path.

Dreaming of throwing the disk means that you will be loved, and you will enjoy a wonderful and happy marriage. If in your dream the thrown disk is caught by a person of the opposite sex, you will be married soon. If nobody catches the disk it means you are confident, and you do not need help or guidance in regard to your romantic life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a disk

Happy. Alone. Exhausted. Distrustful. Amazed. Content. Jolly.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012