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To see a balaclava in your dream is associated with a secret.

A balaclava is a close-fitting head covering made from wool, and it covers from the head to the neck, leaving the face part open. It can be worn as a mask.

A balaclava is normally used in robberies or alternatively when riding a motorcycle. Balaclavas can be somewhat sinister due to the "use." To witness a robbery signifies hidden dangers and pitfalls, if the robbers were wearing balaclavas, this indicates that hidden danger will not be apparent. We normally balaclava appearing in TV shows and films in a negative way. The reason we find balaclavas sinister is simply because of the fact the face is masked. As you know, a mask is used to disguise the identity of the wearer. A balaclava on a motorcyclist in the dream suggests that you are in denial.

You need to accept change in life, and therefore you're not analyzing important situations in your life which will result in a much better approach and alternatively success.

To dream that you are wearing a balaclava suggests that you are finding difficulty in a relationship.

The balaclava is also associated with a situation but needs to be kept secret it is important to be discreet regarding all matters financially. To see somebody approach you in a balaclava indicates that you are going to feel oppressed by somebody else.

In the dream

  • You may be the one wearing the balaclava.
  • Someone you know might is wearing the balaclava.
  • You are worried about the balaclava.
  • You have a desire to wear a balaclava.
  • You carry
  • out a robbery wearing a balaclava.
  • Someone carries out a crime wearing a balaclava.
  • A rapist is dressed in a balaclava.
  • A strange person is wearing the balaclava.

Detailed Dream Interpretation

To be the one wearing a balaclava indicates there may be an alarming situation in the future. Please don’t take this literally. If you see yourself wearing a balaclava in your dream implies that you are worried about situations in life which are causing embarrassment. There may be many different reasons that things in life have fallen the way they have.

The secrecy in this context is positive. To see somebody you know wearing a balaclava indicates that we need to embrace change rather than fear it. The person wearing a balaclava may be a rapist, robber or someone who is showing signs of a “negative nature” within your dream.

When you dream of a person wearing a balaclava, it is an indication of transformation in the near future. Although the dream can be considered rather negative in nature causing many different correlations, seeing someone wearing a balaclava indicates a change in circumstances which are paramount. To be worried about wearing a balaclava signifies a blockage in your private life. This may be a relationship gone wrong or that you need to actually communicate with somebody close to you.

To conduct a robbery wearing a balaclava implies that you are in the midst of changing your life, but you're more worried about the consequences. Maybe you need to change something you can't bear to change.

If you dream of a rapist wearing a balaclava and this meaningless this dream is focused on control. Maybe you have been secretly worried about somebody else’s “control” on you. This indicates the end of an old cycle. The beginning of something fresh. It is high time that you accepted your life - and made sure that you are working hard to resolve problems so that your life can move forward.

If the balaclava comes off in the dream to reveal your identity or somebody else's indicates that you need to set your own plans and goals. Approach friends and family members and let them understand your situation and they might help you willingly. Things happen in life for a reason, and only the strongest people come out of it victorious. Be counted among the strong ones.

If you happen to see someone whom you know wearing a balaclava in your dream, it means that a friend or relative is facing a crisis in their life and you are the only person who can bail them out. They might approach you very soon to get your help or force you to prompt them into action! You have already won their trust to enable them to share their predicaments with you.

When they do, make sure that you handle it with the secrecy it requires. Also, the balaclava means you might let out a "secret, " and they might never forgive you. Once you have finished helping them - give them time so that they can put what they have learned into practice and this will mean they are stable.

A strange person appearing in your dream wearing a balaclava means that you are stable in your life and people take to you the way you are. You don’t have anything to hide because you are a proud, prosperous person. Share the secrets behind your freedom and openness with friends and relatives and let them learn from it. In life, when you work hard and attain wealth, you do not want to hide from those who know you. Your life is an open book which you can use to help others, understand what you need to know in order to progress.

Feelings that you may have encountered during this dream

Dilemma, secrecy, in a crisis, embarrassed, trust, prosperous, proud, happy

By Florance Saul
May 6, 2017