Deer dream meanings

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A deer is a noble symbol representing the spiritual aspect of your life. It is therefore a positive appearance in a dream.

It is usually the bearer of good news, good luck, new beginnings, or new love. Since the deer is an animal that likes to hide and comes out from its hiding place only when necessary, a deer in your dream can symbolize any type of awakening, but most probably a spiritual awakening. The pure symbol of a deer is always welcome in the dream life, since it can reflect heavily on your waking life.

A deer symbolize the awakening of your spiritual desires, but also that you must leave behind your shyness towards others and open your heart. Often, a deer portrays good news and good luck, but luck can be deceptive and can be shattered right away, so some thoughtfulness and attention is required.

In your dream you may have

  • Been hunting or killing a deer.
  • Seen a running deer or stag
  • Seen a deer with her fawn.
  • Seen many deer eating.
  • Driven or ridden a reindeer.
  • Seen Santa’s reindeer.

What this means to your life

  • You are procrastinating something important.
  • Good news, a big success.
  • Some type of wealth may come your way.
  • You will receive important guests.
  • You are going to be lucky in love.

Detailed dream interpretation

In Hindu mythology, the goddess Saraswati, the goddess of learning, takes the form of a red deer called Rohit. In Buddhism, the deer symbolizes the purity of Buddha’s first teachings to mankind. The deer is therefore a strong spiritual symbol. A deer in your dreams means good news and lots of good fortune, especially in your marriage and love life in general.

If you dream you are going to hunt deer and miss the target, in reality you should probably watch yourself to not make foolish statements. If you kill the deer, you should probably try not to procrastinate on anything important. You are most likely delaying something important in your waking life. Hunting deer in general symbolizes the existence of some intrigues around a person you love. A deer that has been hunted refers to your feeling of being a prisoner, even for real or mentally. You may find it difficult to cope with pressure and stress in this world. This dream also shows that your pride may be questioned in the future.

If in your dream you see a running deer, you will soon receive good news or you will encounter a big success in your waking life. If you have your own deer, you will have satisfaction and luck. If the deer appears with her fawn, you will gain some wealth. If the fawn is sucking milk, you will become rich.

If you dream many deer, your life will be peaceful. If the deer are eating, you will receive important guests. Many deer playing together in your dream symbolize a lucky marriage ahead, but it can also predict your victory over somebody more powerful than you, or maybe even over an institution.

From ancient times, the stag was a strong symbol in dreams. It warns you not to make hasty decisions. A stag can symbolize that you will not be able to accomplish whatever you decided to do, mainly because of your ego and pride. If the stag is dying, this is however a good sign. If you are killing the stag, you will receive an inheritance from far away. However, if you are hunting stags, you will encounter some unpleasant events. If the tag is shot, your enemies will be humiliated. A running stag in your dream usually foretells lots of luck in your family life.

A reindeer in your dream can be the symbol of some kind of freedom that you will gain soon. It can be a release from a commitment or duties. Driving deer in your dream can foretell some bitterness and suffering ahead, but you will not undergo this situation alone.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a reindeer

Worry. Uncomfortable. Reserved. Quiet. Bored. Tired. Reclusive. Uninterested.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012